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Mongol PP


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Published in: Travel

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  • 1. The Mongols: Master Warriors A Boring Educational Children’s Book for Readers Ages 5-8 By Sam Railey
  • 2. Who Are The Mongols?
    • The Mongols were a group of nomadic, or moving, people.
    • They were best known and most successful in the 13 th century: especially under Genghis Khan.
    Genghis Khan
  • 3. Mongol Success
    • The Mongols were some of the most successful nomads in terms of land: they made the empire with the largest amount of land in history.
    • It stretched from Europe to China.
  • 4. Way of Life
    • The Mongols roamed around Central Asia, never having permanent cities. There are still nomads living in Mongolia today!
    • This was why they needed to conquer other- so they could get food and possessions.
    • They conquered by force, but did not torture their captives.
  • 5. Mongol Tactics
    • To take land and battle the well equipped armies of the time, the Mongols had to have good tactics, or plans.
    • They also needed organization where soldiers were happy and knew what to do.
    • The Mongols were masters at pretending to run away, then swooping in on the attacking enemy
  • 6. More Tactics
    • The Mongols also knew how to scare their enemies by using what is called psychological warfare
    • They let some victims escape and tell stories, and even threw the bodies of plaque victims over city walls to spread disease(biological warfare)
  • 7. ?????????????????????????
    • So we have seen that the Mongols were not stupid fighters who killed for fun. So what did they battle with again?
  • 8. Mongol Warrior
    • The Mongol warrior was well-equipped and usually mounted. Their two main hand weapons were their sword and bow, in addition to the siege weapons they used on cities.
  • 9. The Mongol Sword
    • This sword was shorter in comparison to many others, which made it easy to use on horseback.
  • 10. The Mongol Bow
    • The Mongols main weapon was their composite bows, which were both accurate, powerful, and small enough to fire from horseback
  • 11. Mongol Siege Weapons
    • The Mongols targeted enemy cities, many of which were heavily guarded. The defenders had an advantage, but the Mongols made catapults and war machines to breach walls and gates .
  • 12. Mongol Conquest
    • The Mongols captured as varied lands as China, Persia, the Middle East, India, and Southeast Asia!!
  • 13. The Good Mongol
    • The Mongols had a large impact from being successful fighters. They encouraged trade and spread ideas. They also encouraged diversity and allowed most religions.
  • 14. The Bad Mongol
    • The Mongols were by no means a well meaning people. They were must concerned with money and land, and killed to get this when they met resistance. While their brutality was exaggerated some times, they were still feared and horrible fighters to behold.
  • 15. So What Is It?
    • The Mongols were very bad, and you should not do what they did. But you should also not deny their importance or how powerful they were. You must respect them without following their example.
  • 16. The End