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  • Rather than the services being installed on the organisation's own servers (known as "on-premise"), with Microsoft Online Services the services are installed on Microsoft's servers which users access across the Internet. This makes Microsoft the service provider which hosts and manages the software on behalf of the customer. Less IT cost – no hardware costsOrganisations benefit from all services being backed by a 99.9% scheduled uptime SLA, and a premium disaster recovery service that allows a fast switchover to a geographically separated data centre in case of primary data centre failure.
  • Corresponding Exam Question (Q14):Q: What products make up Office 365?A: Office Professional Plus; Exchange Online; SharePoint Online; Lync OnlineNotes: Each USL covers the management and protection of up to 5 devices for the licensed user. These devices can be running the Windows operating system, Windows RT, Windows Phone, Mac OS, iOS or Android The Windows Intune with SA for Windows subscription allows Windows 8 Enterprise edition to be installed on the licensed user’s primary PC In order to purchase Windows Intune with SA for Windows, the user must have one of the following business editions of Windows: Business, Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise
  • In short, Office 365 is your complete office in the cloud, providing you anywhere access to your information and team so you can better deliver on your mission.Let’s drill down now on the specifics of Office 365 to help you understand why it’s the right technology for your organization. The first area we talked about is “Cost Effective”…
  • Midsize business: std functionality with officeE1: std functionality without officeE3: ent functionality with officeE4: with added voice
  • Unified MessagingIn-Place Archive In-Place Holds (Indefinite, Query-based, and Time-based)Advanced Mobile Policies Information Protection and Compliance Custom Retention Policies Per User/Distribution List JournalingSite Mailboxes – Compliance Data Loss Prevention
  • One of the biggest challenges for nonprofits with remote staff or staff across different offices is to hold productive meetings together. Lync Online in Office 365 has solved this problem by adding multiparty high-definition video conferencing, allowing every participant to interact with everyone else in the meeting with lively, face-to-face contact. Plus, with the ability to share your screen, may it be a specific document, presentation, or your entire desktop, users can convey their point clearly to the audience. [Click to show screenshot of shared note taking in Lync Online]The new Lync Online in Office 365 now also supports creating a shared OneNote meeting notes during the meeting. This means with one click, you create a OneNote that everyone in the call has access to and can start typing at the same time. Everyone can see and verify the list of action items as they are being discussed to prevent confusion and ensure everyone is on the same page. Since it’s a shared OneNote, it also means the organizer of the meeting can delegate the responsibility of note-taking to someone else in the call if need be.
  • Plan 1: standard search functionality, dynamics websites, Plan 2: BI, E Discovery. Search access to Lync SharePoint, and Exchange Ent search: allows for preview, search through documents and search through all drives
  • In addition to making it easy to share documents and emails with a pre-set team structure, you also want to do ad-hoc sharing and also sharing with external partners or beneficiaries.With SkyDrive Pro or any other document library within SharePoint Online, you can easily share documents from the preview pane. This preview pane helps ensure it is the right file you want to share.[Click to show screenshot of preview pane]Or, you can also easily share documents from within each of the Office applications by clicking share.
  • Basic Integration – This summer we’ll update the Office 365 service and allow customers to replace the SharePoint newsfeed with Yammer.Yammer link in Office 365Ability to choose Yammer or SharePoint Online social features Yammer app for SharePoint in the SharePoint Store to easily embed Yammer groups into SharePoint sites
  • Before the click (showing laptop image with calendar features in screenshot):As part of the discounted upgrade, you can get the latest version of all the familiar Office applications – including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook – for you to use on your PCs and Macs. After the Click (showing mobile devices):In addition, it also provides access to certain Office applications that are optimized for tablets and smartphones. For example, Outlook for Windows tablets is optimized for touch experience and makes it easier for users to interact, compose and manage their email on the go. Lync and OneNote for Windows Phones as well as iOS and Android operating system provide a rich user experience on the mobile phones. Each Office 365 licenseduser can use Office on up to 5 PCs, Macs, or mobile devices. With simple configuration on your devices, you can work on a grant proposal from your central office, at home, or on the road, then continue working on and share that proposal from your tablet from different locations as needed. You can also review colleagues feedback and changes to shared documents from your mobile devices. With Office tools available across your devices, you can do more in less time.
  • Key Message:Office 365 enables you to focus on your mission rather than technology.Talking PointsOffice 365 includes: Step by step guidance to help you get up and running quicklyEasy web-based management of all the services for you to add or delete users, define settings, etc.Protection from malicious malware, spam, phishing attacks, and other email threatsAutomatic data backup to servers around the world so you are never fully exposedFinancially-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee24x7 IT level phone support for critical issues (service impacting incidents), business hours for non-critical issuesWith Office 365, you have Microsoft as your extended IT department. To make sure you have access to your information, Office 365 delivers continuous data back-up to multiple servers worldwide to protectagainst data center-wide failures, loss, accidental deletion, or corruption. Microsoft data centers are built from the ground up to be environmentally sustainableLocations around the world in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia help optimize performanceMicrosoft data centers use state-of-the-art hardware and redundant power supplies[Click]Office 365 comes with a 99.9 percent availability guarantee. This means you can count on accessing your information.This helps nonprofits: Focus on their mission and not IT with easy-to-use services that keep their data secure and availableSave money with one service for all their productivity needsHave a suite of professional-grade tools that grows with their organizational needs
  • Not only is the new Office quick to install, it can also run side-by-side with older versions of Office. [Click] Here you have an example of a single machine running both Word 2013 and Word 2003.This is great for many reasons. It means you can deploy the new Office and standardize use across everyone in your organization but still allow, say Finance, to open and use a budgeting Excel file with macros built in that they have been using for years. This will give them time to test the new Excel before completely moving off of Office 2003, which is coming end of support by April 2014.
  • To make it easy for our customers to learn about these details, we recently refreshed our Trust Center site to make it easy to consume. It is written in plain English and simple terms. Not nuanced legal wording. This is where we outline our trust principles. Links to videos and whitepapers as well as very detail information that your security experts would appreciate. It is located on Office365.com.
  • Overview of Office 365 - Presentation By Sajid

    1. 1. Microsoft Hosted Office Home Remote working
    2. 2. BusinessClass Email File Sharing HD Video Conferencing Plus Anywhere Access Simple IT Management Technical Support 99.9% Uptime SLA
    3. 3. Midsize Business E1 E3 E4 <250 users >250 users >250 users >250 users Exchange Online Plan 1   SharePoint Online Plan 1   Lync Online Plan 2    Exchange Online Plan 2   SharePoint Online Plan 2         Office Web Applications (Microsoft Hosted)  Office 365 ProPlus Windows Azure Active Directory Rights Management  Lync Online Plan 3  
    4. 4. Plan 1 Plan 1 Plan 1 Plan 2
    5. 5. Instant Messaging Presence Integration Plan 1 Plan 1 Plan 3 Plan 2 Audio, Video and Web Conferencing Enterprise Voice and Telephony
    6. 6. Connect with participants through the high-definition video gallery Conduct effective meetings Host and participate in online meetings with multiparty HD video conferencing, screen sharing, and real-time note taking.
    7. 7. Instant Messaging Presence Integration Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 1 Plan 2 Audio, Video and Web Conferencing Enterprise Voice and Telephony
    8. 8. Share with colleagues, partners, and beneficiaries Share documents from SkyDrive Pro or SharePoint team sites with controlled access. Share directly from Office applications Easily share documents with others
    9. 9. Option to replace SharePoint newsfeed with Yammer Yammer app for SharePoint
    10. 10. Use Office on your devices* Access your calendar, documents, email, and contacts with Office applications optimized for your PC or Mac…as well as your tablet and smartphone. *Included with discounted upgrade, not with donation offer
    11. 11. Simplify your IT Set up quickly with easy-to-use services One portal to manage users and settings Built-in spam and malware protection Continuous data backup 99.9% uptime service level agreement 24/7 IT-level phone support for critical issues
    12. 12. Run side-byside with older versions* Deploy the new Office without uninstalling previous versions. Eliminate compatibility concerns. *Included with discounted upgrade, not with donation offer
    13. 13. No advertising We don’t build advertising products out of customer data No data mining We don’t scan the contents of customer email or documents for analytics or data mining No co-mingling Business data and consumer data are stored separately Data is portable Customers own the data and can remove their data whenever they choose Data Maps Customers know where their data is stored Role based Access Customers know who can access their data and why Compliance Notifications Customers can stay in the know by choosing to receive updates regarding changes to security, privacy, and audit information Independently Verified ISO 27001 EU Model Clauses HIPAA-HITECH FERPA FISMA U.K. G-Cloud IL2 CJIS Relentless on Security Service Continuity 24 hour monitored physical datacenters 99.9% uptime Logical isolation of data between tenants Segregation of internal datacenter network from the external networks Encryption at rest and in transit (AD-RMS) Securing access to services via identity Data loss prevention Anti-virus/anti spam Financial guarantees on uptime Redundancy in both functionality as well as data Automated monitoring and recovery systems 24x7 on-call engineering team available to handle issues
    14. 14. Clear messaging in plain English Details for security experts Links videos, whitepapers http://trust.office365.com