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Tourism Assessment Example - Level 5+

Tourism Assessment Example - Level 5+



A level 5/6 student example on the assessment "Tourism: Good or Bad?"

A level 5/6 student example on the assessment "Tourism: Good or Bad?"



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    Tourism Assessment Example - Level 5+ Tourism Assessment Example - Level 5+ Presentation Transcript

    • My Tourism geography assessment Tourism is travel for mainly family or enjoyment purposes (FEHS 2006-07) GOOD OR Bad ?
    • Section One What is Tourism?????
    • Jobs in the Tourist Industry
      • Air Hostess
      • Pilot
      • Hotel Manager
      • Tour Guides
      • Park Ranger
      • Driver
      • Restaurant Manager
      • Waiter/Waitress
      • Innkeeper
      • Souvenir seller
      • Warden
      • Chef
      • Lifeguard
      • Tourism is when People visit other countries generally for entertainment or work reasons.
      • As this graph shows, leisure is the most popular reason.
      • Eco-tourism is
      • When tourists go to
      • A place to see the
      • Wildlife or habitats.
    • Fussy Tourists?!
      • Tourists like………
      • Warm climates
      • Activities to do
      • A New culture
      • Or a Similar culture
      • Comfort
      • To be understood
      • Places of interest
      • Information…
      • A Place to stay
      • People to talk to
      • Somewhere to eat
      • Wildlife
      • Somewhere to relax
      • A sense of adventure
      • Fun!!!
      • Family safe areas
      • Safety
      • The list goes on!!!!!!!!
    • Tourists like to go in August because it is warmer.
    • Where do people like? This graph shows the top ten most visited countries in the world for 2001, with the amount of visitors in millions. This graph shows that in 2001 France had the most visitors with 76.5 million. Exact Visitors in millions Top ten Countries Visitors in millions
    • The graph shows that…… The most popular destination was France with 76.5 million visitors. The most popular countries are the ones with Famous attractions, activities or a warm climate. Some of The main countries with lots of visitors are the main powers. The countries with lots of money. There is a range of 58.3 million visitors between France , the most popular on the graph and Austria, the least popular on the graph. There are very few popular LEDC countries in the Top ten.
    • Section Two How can Tourism effect a country?
    • Good Points of Tourism for the country
      • Brings in money to the country…
      • Raises awareness about a countries difficulties…
      • And It brings knowledge of the outside world to the country…
    • Good points of Tourism for the Locals
      • It brings in Job opportunities…
      • The facilities that are built for Tourists, locals can use too…
      • It gains money that can be spent on education and other facilities…
    • Good points of Tourism for the Tourists.
      • They get cheap food and beer in some places…
      • The country may be warmer than their own…
      • They can take advantage of the locals hospitality, they think…
      • Things may be cheaper there so they may be able to get more for their money…
    • Some of the bad points 
      • Tourists often are ignorant of the natives religions and are unintentionally rude…
      • Tourists may bring violence and child prostitution to a peaceful country…
      • They often drop litter causing harm to wildlife…
      • Tourists may camp in odd places spoiling the looks of the countryside…
      • The facilities for the tourists are often ugly…
      • The facilities needed for tourists travel are increasingly bad for the environment …
    • Section Three Comparing countries
    • England an MEDC St Ives in Cornwall
    • Some info
      • St Ives is more open to seasonal jobs which means they will be there at one point in the year…
      • There are several beaches at St Ives…
      • All the Beaches at St Ives are surrounded by built up areas…
      • And there is a railway line running from Port Minster point.
    • Good points of Tourism in St Ives
      • The locals gain money to enhance the surrounding area…
      • They can upgrade the surrounding area with the money they gain…
      • The locals can take advantage of the facilities and equipment brought in for the Tourists for example, bed and breakfast’s and Ice cream vans…
    • Bad Points of Tourism for St Ives
      • Tourists trample plants and vegetation destroying animal habitats…
      • They drop litter which can cause harm to animals and Humans alike…
      • They carry away sand on their feet slowly eroding the beaches…
      • And it is an unreliable source of money as it is seasonal…
    • Spain Benidorm in Costa Blanca
    • Some info
      • In August it can get up to 25 degrees Celsius with 9.3 mm of rain…
      • It is a highly built up area with lots of high rise skyscrapers…
      • They get on average about 4 million Tourists a year. 1 million of them are British…
    • Good points of Tourism in Benidorm
      • They have boosted economically because of the Tourists…
      • Tourism is worth 10 percent of Spain’s GDP …
      • The health and looks of the Beaches in Benidorm have Increased as the Government can afford to spend more time and money on them…
    • Bad points of Tourism in Benidorm
      • The beaches are being worn away by Tourists feet…
      • The government in Benidorm are spending £700,000 on the upkeep of the beaches…
      • Benidorm relies on their tourist industry if that collapses so does their economy…
      • The culture in Benidorm is changing and becoming more English…
    • Time to sum it all up…
      • I think that Tourism is bad because
      • It has an increasingly bad effect on the Environment through CO2 emissions…
      • Quite often it is the representatives from the MEDC’s that get the money from the souveniers…
      • Interesting local cultures are often destroyed through violence and disrespect…
      • And many stocks of Natural resources, such as wood are depleted to build Facilities