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The Decision Making Exercise   Intro
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The Decision Making Exercise Intro


Introduction to what the DME exam is, what is expected and some tips.

Introduction to what the DME exam is, what is expected and some tips.

Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. The Sustainable Decision Making (SDM) Exam An Introduction S.Rackley (FEHS), updated Apr 2010
  • 2. What is the SDM?
    • An issue about sustainable developments
    • You have to learn about the issue, study the options to solve it, and then make the decision.
    • We are given a resource booklet which will be in the exam, but we can look at in advance.
    • It’s worth 25% of your final grade! Bad news: You have to work hard…! Good news: That’s 25% done and dusted!
  • 3. How do we do the SDM?
    • For 3 school weeks before the exam, we become experts on the contents of the resource booklet.
    • This will take 100% dedication with classwork and homework. You only get those 3 working weeks!
    • The exam, you have the booklet. And a set of questions to answer, totalling 40 marks.
  • 4. How is the booklet structured?
    • Three sections – the background , the options and the decision .
  • 5. The background
    • Usually contains photographs, facts, figures, graphs, maps etc.
    • What we have learnt in class so far will also help.
    • The information in the background should be used when making the decision.
  • 6. The options
    • Hints at the advantages and disadvantages of possible options to solve or develop the issue.
    • Will also contain the points of view of the stakeholders involved.
    • In the decision, you will explain which option is best, and why you didn’t chose the others.
  • 7. The decision
    • The exam will ask you to:
    • choose how you want to solve/develop the issue
    • state the advantages and disadvantages of your choice
    • say why you didn’t choose the other options.
  • 8. The exam
    • Not optional – The exam plus the 3 weeks teaching time are not skippable . Doing so jeopardises your GCSE. (You can’t help being ill, but try not to miss lessons!!!!)
    • 1 hour long, done under exam conditions with an invigilator in the hall/gym.
    • Worth 25% of your GCSE.
  • 9. Hints and Tips
    • Work hard! The next 3 school weeks can make the difference between setting yourself up to get a good grade or playing catch up for the rest of your GCSE .
    • Keep an eye on the news, the net and Fronter . SDMs are always about current issues. Do some light research on the net in your own time.
    • Keep up to date with homework. It is impossible to cover all the information in the SDM in class.
    • Have fun! The SDM mimics what real decision makers do in their jobs, and is up-to-date geography! You’re doing cutting-edge stuff!