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Overfishing Assessment Example   Level 6

Overfishing Assessment Example Level 6



A level 6 student example of the overfishing assessment

A level 6 student example of the overfishing assessment



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    Overfishing Assessment Example   Level 6 Overfishing Assessment Example Level 6 Presentation Transcript

    • Over fishing in the north sea!
    • The north sea, also known as the German ocean is a sea of the Atlantic ocean you can find it in between Norway, Denmark, England, Scotland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France.
    • The cause of over fishing In 2003, widespread over fishing was one of the major findings of the final report from the Pew Oceans Commission, which noted that the numbers of fish within many prime species have been significantly reduced by the use of high-tech fishing practices that deplete fish stocks, degrade nursery areas, and produce wasteful by catch. This year, another study funded by Pew found that predatory fish populations, including shark, tuna, and North Atlantic cod, continue to spiral downward, with many species dropping 90% or more in the past 40-50 years. In 2004, the US Commission on Ocean Policy reported that "25% to 30% of the world's major fish stocks are overexploited and that US fisheries are experiencing similar difficulties. Of the nation's 267 major fish stocks ... roughly 20% are either already over fished, experiencing over fishing, or approaching an over fished condition." In 2005, a study by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations found that global stocks of most fish are stretched to their limits. Nearly a quarter of commercial species have already been over-exploited, with a total 70% of species now being fished close to, at, or beyond their capacity. There is 100 000 000 fish in the north sea how much do you think get court?
    • The poeple who are involved and their opinion Here is Carl Jurgnsen to tell me about how he feels. “ it is terrible I was once out for eight days and I had got nothing absolutely nothing! A few years ago I was earning up to £50 000 from my trawler Iysha and I invested heavy in new equipment I thought it would help me find more fish easier but there was a ban on cod fishing in most of the north sea . I new it was all over so I told my children not to go into the fishing industry because there is just no future there and that is quite a blow after 4 generations in the sea.” Gregor Kreuzhuber “ if we don’t implement drastic measures now there will be no fish left next year.” Fisheries minister Elliot Morley “ I welcome this convocation initative, this is most significant conversation measure since the common fisheries policy was set up in 1983. Other measures such as forcing fishermen to use a special meshed net, which allows juvenile cod to escape, are likely to be agreed shortly.”
    • The european union Who are they? These are the main people that are in charge of all fishing. They are in charge of? The rules for fishing The amount of fish you catch Anything to do with fishing. The EU fishing industry is a major source of employment and food. It is therefore important to prevent over-fishing by some to the detriment of all. The European Union has a common fisheries policy in order to manage the industry for the benefit of both fishing communities and consumers
    • What i think of over fishing? I think that over fishing is wrong and there should be rules to make sure that fish do reproduce and there is enough fish to last us through out the years so that generation onwards will have the pleasure of trying fish., Fish is one of the best foods for your body so if you think most people that eat fish (vegetarians) need most of the nutrients and fat from stuff like that because they cannot eat meat to get it from there so that means that one of the main foods we need will be gone and we might have to resort into eating or own goldfishes and breeding them?
    • What is over fishing? Over fishing is when to much fish is court and the stick is running short. What does sustainable mean? Being able to continue into the future. What is pollutant and pollution? Pollutant is any substance that causes harm to the environment when it mixes with soil, water, or air. Pollution is contamination of air, soil, or water with harmful substances. What are quotas? Quotas is a certain amount in this case of fish you are aloud to catch. What fish are effected in over fishing? The most fish that are effected in over fishing is Cod, Skate, Haddock, Whiting, Saithe, Plaice and Sole. Out of 100 000 000 how much fish gets court? The amount of fish that gets court is ¼ of 100 000 000. Questions
    • What are the conditions in the north sea at the moment and what will they be like in the future? At the moment At the moment the north sea is in a very bad start as most waste is going into the sea from sewers and tips and then the oil boats that crash and there will be massive oil spills that will kill loads of animals and ruin the sea as the sea is one of our drinking resources and we need the water to drink but most of the time the see is polluted and it is polluting the air. I think that in the future it will be better for fishing as they will have gave out fishing laws or they will ban fishing completely for 2 years just to let the fish reproduce and get the amount of fish in the sea rising.
    • If there are no quotas how will the north sea become? I think if there are no quota the sea will become empty because once they have run out of fish they will start to go onto other sea animals and fish for them for a few years then once they have ran out they will find another animal in the sea you can eat and once that is gone you will have to get another one to eat e.t.c as you can see this will go on for a decade at the most and then the sea will be empty then the oil tanks will come and pollute the water so eventually the north sea and other main seas will all just become a dead sea. Dead sea Dead sea Dead sea Dead sea Dead sea
    • Conclusion As you can sea the north sea is become on of the most nastiest places in the world but we can all stop that if we want. This evaluation has taught you that the north sea is becoming a dead sea and what is happening and what people think about it it is :- Running out of fish Running out of sea animals Become a pollutant Being polluted Becoming a dead sea By JC 8B (FEHS 2005-06)