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Ians presentation


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peace camp of orange county by ian russell

peace camp of orange county by ian russell

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Peace camp
    Founded in 1993
    By Chris Lamb,
    Susan Hopkins.
    Has now been
    around for
    18 years, helping
    children and
    spreading peace.
  • 2.
    • 1993 by Susan Hopkins and Chris Lamm, under the Women's League for Peace and Freedom and OCAEYC.
    • 3. Chris Lamm just recently passes down the job as director over to Ana Page who has been leading now for 3 years and before that she was a councilor and a camper for 11 years.
    H O P C I F E A S A MT C P O E R Y
    Peace camp started out as an all girls camp but later changed to coed when more people wanted to join.
    Peace camp also started out as a camp for younger children, but as the young children got older they wanted to come back, so they raised the ages.
    Peace camp has been spreading words of peace to young children and as they grew up, those same children are back and helping to run the camp.
  • 4. Our peace camp mission
    Our mission statement is simple, but effective. “fosters an understanding of peace, justice, and environmental awareness appropriate to the needs of the children/ youth involved. ”
  • 5. My personal connection
    I have been helping with the OC Peace Camp for two years now. I had dichotomous reasons for going my first year, but as I witnessed what peace camp taught the children, I was hooked. I believe in this organization and I have seen their qualitative effort and strong willed goals spread the word of peace. One child at a time.
  • 6. programs
    Building A Village We separate the entire camp into groups of 4-6 campers, with one staff member per group. Then the activity leader gives old newspapers that we’ve collected along with a few rolls of masking tape. Each group has to use only those supplies in building a hut that will provide shelter (albeit temporary) for their group. The purpose of the activity is not competition, but cooperation as once a group completes their hut, they spread into the other groups who are struggling to help them build a strong, sturdy shelter; thus, together we build a village!
    At Peace Camp we develop our own curriculum and activities, as well as learning from the curriculum others have done.Here are some examples of activities we have at Camp.
    Circle of Friends
    At the beginning and end of each day at Peace Camp, and each Peace Camp event, all staff, campers, family members and guests join hands to form a large circle around a sculpture of the same image, with a candle in the middle. The candle is lit each morning of camp, as the Circle of Friends represents the bonds of friendship we share, and the love and support that each of us possesses for one another.
  • 7. Funding and management
    Our organization is run by donations and a minimal fee to allow us to pay for equipment that will be used during the camp.
    Peace camp is run by it’s staff. We all have a say in what we will teach and what we will do for our activities.
    There are usually around five senior that oversee the camps activities.
  • 8. outputs of camp
    We set our focus on teaching kids, We allow 5-16 year olds
    We allow those wishing to be staff to learn
    We encourage children to strive to be volunteers.
  • 9. Processes
    We go to cultural fairs all over orange county and the neighboring county’s to spread the knowledge of our camp.
    We help at other charity events.
    We advertise and pass out flyers.
  • 10. Outcomes
    Every year we teach our campers to be peaceful and to have reasoned judgment.
    Every year we hear back from the parent about how their children are using what we taught them at camp and how much of a happy disposition their kids are in when they are at camp.
    We have encouraged campers to take leadership roles and often they ending up coming back as staff leaders (Ana Page, leader of Peace Camp)
    We have given the campers the information needed to better themselves
    We have taught them to spread their own message of peace
  • 11. Our purpose
    We are here to teach, to show, to give examples. We are here to spread peace to every boy and girl so they may do the same to some one new.
    We show the effect of negativity and neglect and we show we can do better, how we can change to stop that treatment
    We’re here to make peace
  • 12. Why we are needed
    We are a small, community based organization. We focus on the growth of the children’s social and emotional skills by teaching them in a carefree environment were kids can be themselves
    Most people cant afford to send their kids to big, week long camps so we allow for cheaper admission. Allowing everyone to participate if they choose.
    We teach those who would have never had the chance to learn the knowledge of peace and community.
  • 13. Why we need Shuttleworth
    the Shuttleworthfoundation believes in The idea that it is people who change the world for the better
    That if we are rigorously open about ideas and practices, more people will copy them and make the world a better place in a shorter period of time.
  • 14. Why we need Shuttleworth (continued.)
    That is why we are perfect for your grant. We are a small group wishing to better our future by teaching our youth
    We strive for inventive ideas to spread the word of peace
    We work hard in making every year great for the kids so they can routinely practice and teach everyone else what they learned at camp, thus spreading the word a little more.
  • 15. Our critical thoughts and ideas
    The Peace camp staff have to organize our schedules and plan out all our activities so they are all related to the topic of peace.
    We have to find new and creative ways to explicate peace to the children so they better understand what it is and how it effects them
  • 16. Our critical actions and activities
    We are very hands on in demonstrating the use of making decisions and whether their decisions are positive or negative.
    We always try to get the children to apply what they have learned in games or plays or other activities.
  • 17. With hope I can say that this camp will be around for a long time. Teaching children and adult alike the meaning of peace and spreading that care and love as far as the arms of our camp can reach.You to can join this camp as a counsler or by just telling a family member who has children. Help this camp grow, help make our arms reach.