Foo yearbook!.


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Foo yearbook!.

  1. 1. FooYearbook Some of the people from
  2. 2. Doggie-Daycare I’ve had a blast this year! Even with all the new changes!
  3. 3. -Cynder-And-Draco- HI.
  5. 5. Tyhan-Fosterer With all the fun and memories this year my most favorite were on FooPets! :D
  6. 6. shinystuff96 had and awesome time on foopets!
  7. 7. ELW42 That even though foopets has made lots of changes you can still find ways to have fun!
  8. 8. GiaXP Thanks so much FooPets for adding fun to my life and online friends <33
  9. 9. Renonce Deesses Ive really liked foopets and i have alot of fun with it, like making friends and talking to people like you.
  10. 10. pinkbloo I’ve only been on Foopets since January 25, 2010, but, I have had a great time with the forums, fashionshows, and pictures, and well, everything.
  11. 11. —-JuStIn-BiEbEr—— xoxo to Foopets :)
  12. 12. —madhawaiian— Thanks to FooPets I’m glad I don’t have a life=]
  13. 13. Rocky71 even though all the stupid changes have done we still sticked togeher threw the year
  14. 14. Kittenclawz “My FooPets friends make FooPets fun. Thanks guys! <3 ~iKittenclawz”
  15. 15. Cutie-Pup12 I love FooPets and over the last year I have made so many close friends!
  16. 16. qtpie773 I am so happy I discovered foo! I love playing with my puppy and talking to friends! Yay Foo!
  17. 17. Redcat5 I iz MEGA KITTY! Mega Kitty Iz has written this, and Mega Kitty is watching you read it…
  18. 18. Helping-Out-FooPets I love FooPets. Nothing can be more exciting then coming on everyday
  19. 19. Crystalsapphire1
  20. 20. onyx325 I ♥ FooPets!
  21. 21. Maine98 Love ya’ll! :D
  22. 22. JesusandPuppyLuVer82 Even though FooPets has changed since I first joined I still love it and it the same awesome place to hang out and have fun with other members! :)
  23. 23. 092096 You can’t get rid of me :)
  24. 24. —-reaper—- I ♥ FooPets! And i love everything about it;] And i Love god;]
  25. 25. beverlybeauty I love Foopets!
  26. 26. DeeDeeLuver Hey cool! You`re reading this!
  27. 27. FooKaitlyn I`ve had an awesome time on FooPets this year.
  28. 28. NONAME010 I am so glad I found FooPets!! I am having a blast on this website even though there are some changes on here!!
  29. 29. M40 Rock on, M40 :)
  30. 30. DntmessWithVampires Foopets is great!
  31. 31. vany3 This year was my first time on FooPets and I loved it :)
  32. 32. natvv Almost two years now, still goin’ strong !! Go Foo !!
  33. 33. iLOVEcats3344 i LOVE foopets!
  34. 34. ChibbyChonga This year on FooPet™ has been very fun, & enjoyable! There has been some trouble here because of trolls, but that passed by!
  35. 35. 0420Bekka :D
  36. 36. Tootiefruitie Hi,I’m Tammy!I’m a lab breeder and I love labs.I have a collie in real life,he’s all mine!
  37. 37. EasterKitten I’ve been on Foo for almost a year!
  38. 38. User-10000092504982 I want to thank the foo crew for working so hard. Also i want to thank all the wonderful users for being nice and funny. I haven’t been on FooPets that long but I know I’m going to stay here and have fun! FooPets Furever!
  39. 39. -x-Nikkie-x- :DDD
  40. 40. ReiXchan Some day i’m going to be the next foo guru.
  41. 41. Lizzykitty I like bananas.
  42. 42. EmmyR23 Foopets is the most realistic virtual pets site I have ever heard of! Thank you very much FooMojo for all the hard work you put in to make this even better for us!
  43. 43. NewMoon135
  44. 44. Labradork I am a FooAddict and proud of it! Love Ya’ll.
  45. 45. Icecuberosea I Love Foopets :)
  46. 46. BrookeX31 I’ve Had A Blast On FooPets!
  47. 47. I-kitakikikodikmo Big cheese brown bottom will always be in Foo :)
  48. 48. Boniekk Pokey lover!
  49. 49. Corpse-Bride “Remember:Scream for Ice Cream When in Shoke”
  50. 50. 7carlie77 Foopets is awesome. I am on it hours every day
  51. 51. user-100000498513726 This year wasnt so great but that will change.
  52. 52. Rain-DaNcE " The changes were fine, Foopets will Always be fun! Hope ya have a blasted summer, my FooFriends! A Little Reminder: White Tigers.. They may be beautifull, but understand.. They are in pain. Every secound of their life. { P.S: Mind telling me if you see somone claiming/using/stealing any of my art? Including poems, Thankies! } ~Rain "
  53. 53. teddybearz90 i <3 foopets
  54. 54. claudeboycats Foopets Is so fun!
  55. 55. AngelbladeEX Supa Ninja Monkeh :D
  56. 56. MustLuvEdwardCullen I will miss you guys when I leave… If I leave. I have met so many kind people, they treat me like they actually know me! I know it’s all the same with everyone here, but I KNOW I am an ADDICT! So I just want to say I love you guys and make the best of Foo! ~MustLuv
  57. 57. Twayla-The-Happy 2009/2010 Forever in my <3
  58. 58. PetPalaceRescue
  59. 59. Neko-Neesan Thanks to the people who made my foo life great you know who you are ~~ Neko-Neesan
  60. 60. phillies321
  61. 61. tdlab I like chihuahuas 2009-2010♥☺
  62. 62. LexiRox98 I’ve had such a great time on this site since I joined! Thanks to everyone who made it wonderful!
  63. 63. Torterratort2 I love my foopets and my foopet friends, you helped me out so much! GO FOOPETS ~Torteh
  64. 64. JasmineGurl Remember..I await you Jet-Alpa. Anyway, I want to say thanks to all the users who supported me through-out all my days visiting this site. bows you are very good people.
  65. 65. paidplayer I have found a home on Foopets, thanks for being great!
  66. 66. NCIS-Agent-Mira882 Its been a fun year with great suprises.
  67. 67. Sposey Erf
  68. 68. potsandpans wow evan though we made some changes i still love Foopets so much
  69. 69. LightningDragon22916 Foopets has been a great and fun site even with all the changes. (it still is.) I take pride in my accomplishments here. XP I moved up to a FooCadet, I made an awesome thread that is still up, and I received praise from shorti. I hope next year will be even better and maybe with all the changes people can get used to them and they might be better! So let’s all just wait and see. :P (Yeah yeah…long speech there…)
  70. 70. Mistywolf27 foopets has been so much fun! I can’t wait to see what’s next! They should make little hampsters, horses, bunnies, etc. Rawr! -Mistywolf27