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The IRA Rescue Plan


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The IRA Rescue Plan is designed to help you invest your IRA the way YOU WANT TO!

The IRA Rescue Plan is designed to help you invest your IRA the way YOU WANT TO!

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  • 1. The IRA Rescue Plan!
      • The Squire Organization, LLC
      • The IRA Rescue Plan
      • is designed to help you
      • invest your IRA
      • the way YOU WANT TO!
  • 2. Overview of The IRA Rescue Plan
    • Can free the funds in your IRA to be invested as you see fit!
    • Is designed to be in compliance with all US tax laws.
    • Comes with a valid Attorney Opinion Letter that offers additional protection.
    • Avoids Penalties and Taxes on withdrawal.
    • Is tax free as long as certain basic rules are followed.
    • Is flexible, affordable and easy to manage.
  • 3. Do you Need The IRA Rescue Plan?
    • Do you have money in an IRA that is causing more tax problems than solutions?
    • Do you want to get your money out of an IRA to invest it as you see fit?
    • Would you like to use your IRA to invest in Land, Gold, FOREX, Options, Offshore Business Opportunities, etc.?
    • Do you need to draw money out of your IRA and want to legally avoid the Penalties and Taxes?
  • 4. The IRA Rescue Plan Step One
    • Once you have agreed to establish the IRA Rescue Plan for yourself a new IRA account will be established with a licensed IRA Custodian that will allow you to invest the funds in your very own IRA Investment Company .
    • We will assist you with the process of establishing and transferring funds into this new IRA Account.
  • 5. The IRA Rescue Plan Step Two
    • Establish a specially structured IRA Investment Company that will be legally owned by your IRA fund.
    • You will be President and Secretary of the Company, and your IRA will be the sole shareholder.
    • Because the Company will be a “pass through” tax entity, and the IRA is tax exempt, there will be no taxes on income earned by the Company.
  • 6. The IRA Rescue Plan Step Three
    • The new Custodian of the new IRA Account is instructed to buy shares in the new IRA Investment Company .
    • Funds are transferred from the new IRA to the new Company.
    • You invest the funds in the new Company as you see fit (subject to basic rules of fraud – after all the IRS is not going to let you embezzle from the new Company!!!).
  • 7. The IRA Rescue Plan The Solution
    • The entire structure is legal and designed to comply with Tax Court Rulings, Appeals Court Rulings, and IRS rules and regulations.
    • As President of the IRA Investment Company you obtain total control of how the funds are invested.
    • The IRA Investment Company does not have to pay taxes on income earned by the Company.
  • 8. The IRA Rescue Plan!
      • For More Information:
      • The Squire Organization, LLC
      • 8 Marine Parade
      • Belize City, Belize
      • US Toll Free: 1-877-226-3205
      • email: