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IAB Forum Milano 2010 / Sylvain Querné / Social Media Ecosystem
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IAB Forum Milano 2010 / Sylvain Querné / Social Media Ecosystem


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Nokia's digital media strategy explained (very quickly)...

Nokia's digital media strategy explained (very quickly)...

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Head of Digital Marketing - Nokia Social Media Ecosystem SYLVAIN QUERNÉ 1
  • 2. Agenda – Changing context: conversation in the new conversion – The digital media trinity: constant impact model – Case: Nokia Italia 2
  • 3. Company Confidential Changing context
  • 4. The Crisis What is the problem of our marketing?
  • 5. Us Talking About Our Products Markets are not about us, but about conversation around products.
  • 6. Let’s Change Our Language We are not talking AT consumers but WITH customers.
  • 7. 81% of Online Sessions Start With a SEARCH Source: Google Study, Search Branding and offline 2009
  • 8. Yesterday’s Search
  • 9. Social networks Search Engines Images & video Bookmarking sitesPeople web Today’s Search
  • 10. Online Marketing Experimentation Display Advertising Contextual Keywords Age of Collaboration Digital Marketing Has Evolved 1994-1997 AD 1996-2000 AD 1999-current 2006 >>
  • 11. Conversation is the New Conversion Customers Participants Strangers
  • 12. Digital Media Trinity Strangers Participants Customers OWN MEDIA BOUGHT MEDIA EARNED MEDIA
  • 13. Our HQ – “Own Media” MyNokia OWN MEDIA
  • 14. WOM Viral Mobile Marketing Digital Media SEM/SEO Experiential Reaching Neighbors – ”Bought Media” Bought Media
  • 15. Nokia Online Cultivating Conversations – ”Earned Media” Earned Media
  • 16. Cyclical boosts short-term impact Campaign peak Bought media Own media
  • 17. = Constant impact Earned media Own media Bought media
  • 18. Yesterday Tomorrow EARNED MEDIA EARNED MEDIA OWN MEDIA OWN MEDIA BOUGHT MEDIA BOUGHT MEDIA Redefining Digital Marketing Optimization
  • 19. Case: Nokia Italia in Social Media This is how it could have started.... 19 Dilbert – Sept. 13 2010
  • 20. ...fortunately it didn’t go this way! – Define a humble social mission statement • We are the connecting people, PEOPLE. Yes. Let’s reflect that in EVERYTHING we do. – Translate organization complexity into consumer simplicity • Social Media has many masters @nokiaitalia: Marketing, PR, Care, Sales, HR, Consumer insights, Strategy... – Constantly monitor and optimize • The editorial calendar is built to create conversations, to drive traffice to own media and generate conversions – Test, Learn and Listen • Social media is not a broadcast channel, it’s a valuable consumer insight channel 20
  • 21. Build a single presence in the main online venues 21 1- Be where our customers are 2- Aggregate and publish the most valuable content
  • 22. How Facebook helps nurture the digital media trinity – In sept. 2010, 185k fans: • Generated over 5M “incremental” impressions • Exchanged 12k feedbacks (likes, comments, wall posts) • Drove over 50k visitors to own media (resulting in sales, registrations) 22Source: Facebook insights (oct’10)
  • 23. Beyond the fan page: Apps ecosystem 23 © 2008 Nokia V1-Filename.ppt / YYYY- MM-DD / Initials
  • 24. It’s all about participation... And speed! 24 Source: Nokia internal data (oct’10) 80% of interactions happen within 1 hour of posting Spontaneous consumer feedback
  • 25. Thank you! Keep the conversation going Questions, comments: @squerne