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Squash Ontario AGM - Squash at the pan am games toronto 2015 sq can
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Squash Ontario AGM - Squash at the pan am games toronto 2015 sq can


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  • 1. Squash at the Pan Am Games Toronto 2015 Report by Barb Cooper Co Chair with Dr Anne Smith The goal of Toronto 2015 is to ignite the spirit through a celebration of sport and culture. Known as the “People’s Games” Toronto 2015 intends to be intimate, authentic, affordable and financially responsible. This World-Class Event will be the largest international multi-sport Games ever hosted in Canada with 41 participating Pan American countries and territories. The Pan am Games will run from July 10th - 26th 2015, and the Parapan Am Games from August 7th -15th 2015. In Comparison to other games Winnipeg 1999 Pan Am Games had 5,000 athletes, coaches and officials, 30 + venues, 35 sports, 390 staff and 18,700 volunteers. Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games had 4,500 athletes, coaches and officials, 14 venues, 17 sports, 1,150 staff and 15,000 volunteers. Toronto 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games has 10,000 + athletes, coaches and officials, 31 venues, 51 sports, 439 staff and 20,000 volunteers. In comparison to recent Olympic Games London 2012 had 15,000 athletes, coaches and officials, 40 venues, 46 sports, 6000 staff and 70,000 volunteers, Vancouver 2010 had 7,000 athletes, coaches and officials, 9 venues, 20 sports, 4,348 staff and 18,800 volunteers. The footprint of the games has 5 zones stretching from Niagara in the West Region through downtown Toronto CIBC Pan Am Park where squash is to be staged through to the East and North regions. The legacy of the games is economic with 26,000 jobs created, $674 million Toronto 2015 venue projects as well as other projects spurred into development by the games such as the West Don Lands, Union Station and the Union to Pearson Express. The social legacy is obvious with 20,000 volunteers but more importantly bringing communities together expecting a celebration of 41 “hometown crowds”. Toronto 2015 is promoting diversity in workforce, volunteers and
  • 2. business as well as promoting accessibility and a new generation of fully accessible facilities with the sports leaving 10 new builds and 15 renovations allowing athletes to live and train in Toronto. Squash will be run from July 11-16th 2015 housed in CIBC Pan Am Park along with 17 other sports we know the grounds at present as Exhibition Place. Our building is the Direct Energy building where we will have seating capacity for 1,000. There will be one all glass show court with all 4 sides galleried and 3 regular glass backed courts with galleries at the back. We will have two courts capable of converting to softball doubles which is one of the components of the competition. The squash competition has 3 different events, a men’s and women’s individual singles event, followed by a men’s and women’s team doubles event and closing with a team singles event. This is obviously a great deal of squash for 48 athletes to play in a week particularly when the team event has pool play and then draw play down event. Linda Macphail is our technical Delegate and Crystal Peiris is our Sport manager. Qualification for Toronto 2015 is from the Pan American Championship held in Mexico City September 7-13 2014 where the top 8 NOC’s in the Men’s Competition will qualify for TO 2015, the top 6NOC’s in the Women’s Competition will qualify for TO 2015. 3 NOC’s will qualify for a Men’s Wildcard and 3 NOC’s will qualify for a Women’s Wildcard. As host country Canada is automatically qualified to compete in all squash events. 27 athletes will be in the men’s competition, 21 qualifiers, 3 wildcards and 3 host NOC’s. The women will have a total of 21 athletes in the competition, 15 qualifiers, 3 wildcards and 3 host NOC’s making a grand total of 48. The Women’s World Team Event at White Oaks Conference Centre December 1- 6 2014 will be the test event for Toronto 2015 where 120 athletes from up to 32 countries will compete. All qualifications for this event are through the WSF.
  • 3. ATOS and its affiliate MSL are the Games wide timing, scoring and results provider (TSR). MSL has been a TSR provider at every Pan American Games since 1999 and ATOS at every Olympic Games since 2002. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is the host broadcaster and Canadian rights holder and will provide English and French broadcast and digital media coverage in Canada. International Americas (North and South) rights held by Rede Record (Brazil) sublicensing to other international broadcasters. International broadcast Centre (IBC) and Main press Centre (MPC) are located in the CIBC Pan AM Park in the hall directly adjacent to squash Athletes and team personnel will stay at the CIBC Pan Am/Parapan Am Athletes village which is already 705 completed. The community programs associated with the games are designed to bring the games to the classroom, through “Kids ’N Play” and “Ignite”. There is a mobile tour that brings the Games to the community. PANAMANIA will run for 5 weeks starting July 10th and running until August 15th 2015 with Nathan Phillips Square being ‘Celebration Central’ get involved, volunteer registration is ongoing, tickets will go on sale Fall 2014 and the torch relay begins May 2015. See you there!