Net as an awesome startup platform
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Net as an awesome startup platform

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.Net is a great platform for startups

.Net is a great platform for startups

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  • 1. .Net as an Awesome Startup Platform Rudy Lacovara
  • 2. A Little Startup History 1998 - Web 1.0 A huge percentage of startups are built on classic ASP. 2008 – Web 2.0 Most startups are built on Ruby/Rails or PHP. ASP.Net is ignored (and often ridiculed). Today We’ll see but it’s looking good so far.
  • 3. What is a Startup? “A regular company executes on a known business model. A startup is a company searching for a business model.” - Unknown (but I’m sure I stole it from someone) “Are you ready to jump off a tall building and build your wings on the way down?” - Startup Lounge Podcast
  • 4. If you’re even considering launching a startup, Read this book first
  • 5. Launching Your Startup 1. Signup for BizSpark 2. Publish a Marketing Website 3. Design and Mockup 4. Build your Minimum Viable Product
  • 6. 1. Signup for BizSpark Go to and Microsoft will give you every software product they make for FREE for 3 years if your company meet these requirements: • You are developing software • You are less than 3 years old • You have less than $1,000,000 annual revenue • You have some type of website up (even 1 page) • You can get someone like this guys to nominate you. – Aaron Stannard, Microsoft Startup Developer Evangelist
  • 7. 2. Publish a Marketing Site • One pages that clearly describes your product and collects email addresses • You are testing your idea Cheap but good looking website design 99 designs ($400 - $1000) Cheap but solid hosting Discount ASP.Net ($20/month for web and DB)
  • 8. 3. Design and Mockup • Mockup every page in your app • Fix things • Show people your mockups The perfect tool for this is Balsamiq Mockups
  • 9. 4. Build Your Minimum Viable Product Customer data requires better hosting: ($118 - $250/month for cloud server)
  • 10. What I need in a Startup Architecture • Speed – If I’m heading toward the ground I want to build that parachute as fast as possible. • Flexibility – I assume that I’m going to make mistakes. Making big changes must be fast and easy.
  • 11. HireFlo Architecture • Asp.Net MVC, no webforms • jQuery + lots of AJAX • No Azure! • No Entity Framework • Lots of open source
  • 12. HireFlo Server Architecture • Everything lives on a single virtual server running Windows Server 2008 • Two webapps • One processor (console app that runs scheduled tasks) • Main SqlServer 2008 database • A MongoDB document datastore (in progress) HireFlo Direct Webapp HireFlo IPP Webapp Processor SqlServer 2008 Mongo DB Document Storage Single multitenant database Rackspace CloudServer
  • 13. HireFlo Code Architecture • Common – code needed across multiple layers • Core – contains both business logic and data access logic. Core is the only library that connects to a DB. • All application layer code, like the webapps and the processor, is built on top of Core. Common Web App Core SqlServer Database MongoDB Document store WebAPI Processor
  • 14. We are in a Startup Renaissance!! (and Boulder / Denver is a hot spot) • newtech Meetup – About 4 tech startups present in Denver and Boulder every month. The Denver meetup meets at Mapquest. The Boulder meetup has free beer! • Denver Founders Network – Best startup meetup in Denver. Takes place every month down at Uncubed, a pretty happening coworking space in a sketchy part of town. • TechStars – One of the first Y Combinator style accelerator programs for early stage startups. • Open Angel Forum – Angel Investors meet in Boulder about twice a year to hear pitches from early stage startups and possibly fund them. • StartupDigest – Weekly email digest by Tom Markiewicz ( that tracks startup related events in the Boulder / Denver area.
  • 15. We’re Done Get the slide deck at : Rudy Lacovara