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Blog Project

  1. 1. ProjectShawn Quait, RN | E-Marketing Sponsored by HIT com
  2. 2. Purpose of BlogProvide a forum to share health IT • Concepts • Research • Ideas • Innovations • Career Information
  3. 3. Target MarketTarget Group of Blog Health informatics professionals from any combination of business, healthcare, and technology backgrounds in North America
  4. 4. HITenlightenment Strategy Platform Mashup HITenlightenmentGoogle Analytics LinkedIn Slideshare
  5. 5. HITenlightenment Strategy Why WordPress?• 40% market share of all blogs1• Easy to setup and use• Plug-ins available to easily integrate with major social media platforms (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc.)• Low cost (Basic version is free use)• Other major social media platforms have WordPress plugins (e.g. LinkedIn) 1.
  6. 6. HITenlightenment Strategy Features About Me/Banner Share post plug-ins Customdomain for SEO Subscribe to blog RSS or Email plug-in Connect to LinkedIn personal profile
  7. 7. HITenlightenment Strategy Platform Mashup HITenlightenmentGoogle Analytics LinkedIn Slideshare
  8. 8. Linked In Strategy (1 of 2) Integrated blogwith LinkedIn using WordPress plugin Anything posted also displays on LinkedIn profile
  9. 9. Linked In Strategy (2 of 2) Identified keyLinkedIn groups to promote in I am in Phase 1 75 members Phase 2: Phase 2 478 members Segmented LinkedIn groupsbased on number of members Posted to groups Phase 4 Phase 3 starting with the 125,680 members 1630 memberssmallest number of members first to refine blog design
  10. 10. Linked In Results Before HIT After HITenlightenment enlightenment
  11. 11. HITenlightenment Strategy Platform Mashup HITenlightenmentGoogle Analytics LinkedIn Slideshare
  12. 12. Slideshare Profile
  13. 13. Slideshare and HITenlightenmentSlideshow posted to Slideshare is viewable directly from blog
  14. 14. SlideShare and LinkedIn Slideshow from Slideshare is viewable directly from LinkedIn profile
  15. 15. Slideshare Strategies Positioned HITenlightement as content sponsor Links embedded and LinkedIn
  16. 16. Slideshare ResultsOne Presentation 46 views in 2 weeks
  17. 17. HITenlightenment Strategy Platform Mashup HITenlightenmentGoogle Analytics LinkedIn Slideshare
  18. 18. Google Analytics Results (1 of 2) A C B Week Promotion Strategy Response (Conversion rate)A 1 First post. Sent out email to 20 people in my office. 85% (17/20) over 1 dayB 2 Promoted first post through to two LinkedIn groups 8% (16 /75) over 2 days • RNAO ehealth Champions – 52 members • ONIG – 23 membersC 3 Promoted second post through two LinkedIn groups 3% (15/ 478) over 2 days • HIMMS Ontario Chapter -219 Members • COACH - 259 Members
  19. 19. Google Analytics Results (2 of 2) D E Date Promotion Strategy Response (Conversion rate)D Week 4 Podcast presentation to MBA class. Embeded 24 visits on first day presentation in blog using Slideshare. 7 visits on second dayE Week 5 Guest post from health informatics key influencer. No 4 visits over 2 days other promotion except post to blog
  20. 20. Google Analytics Results Promotion Market Size: Conversion Rate:Approximately 600 people 14% (84/600)
  21. 21. Learning (1 of 2)• Do not discount the power of email (high conversion rate)• Smaller niche LinkedIn groups may offer more engagement on your blog than larger groups• Monitoring your blog analytics can really help you understand what is working and what is not• There are lots of blog spammers out there (Be sure to moderate posts carefully and use a spam blocking plug- in)
  22. 22. Learning (2 of 2)• Use an SEO plug-in to help your blog better index in search engines like Google• New blogs require a promotion strategy for any traffic to occur• WordPress is awesome (Click here to start your WP blog today)• Blogging is fun!
  23. 23. Further QuestionsConnect with me via LinkedIn > Click here
  24. 24. Helpful Links•• or••• Subscribe to my blog at