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Safe Peak Technical Ppt W Product Publish

  1. 1. tm SafePeak: Reducing Latency and Bottlenecks to Micro Second Response Time Vladi Vexler Founder & COO DCF Technologies Ltd. January 5, 2010
  2. 2. Corporate Profile Company DCF Technologies Ltd. Founded in 2007 Management Team  Aki Ratner, Chairman - (President, Precise Software; CEO, Attunity)  David Leichner, CEO - (CMO, BluePhoenix; VP, Unipier; VP, Magic Software)  Vladi Vexler, Founder & COO - (R&D Manager, Scepia; MS Architecture Speaker)  Uri Margalit, Co-founder & CTO - (R&D Manager, Precise)  Alon Lubin, VP R&D - (R&D Manager, Precise; Exanet; Tabula) 2
  3. 3. What We Provide Plug & Play Software: No changes to database or app  Immediate resolution of data bottlenecks and latency  Significantly improved performance and throughput 100% data credibility and continuous high availability Unexpected Demand Does Not Have To Mean 3 Unexpected Downtime
  4. 4. Top Web Retailers: “88% of Transactions Suffer Availability Problems” Study by UK NCC Group : March ‘09 Effect Of Download Page Delay From 5 Seconds To 6 Sales 7% Page 11% Customer 16% Conversions Views Satisfaction Aberdeen: Dec. ‘08 Large Enterprises: “Suffer an Average of 61 Hours of Annual Downtime, Costs Exceeding $1 million per Hour” Enterprise Management Associates Analyst and Consulting Firm: March ‘09 4
  5. 5. Achieving Micro Second Response Time Real-Time Background Result Caching in Metadata Analysis High Speed RAM (binary) Traffic Queries Caching Patterns Response Identification of Returned in Real-time Data Caching & Eviction Repetitive Queries Micro Seconds Dashboard for Analytics & Tuning and Bottlenecks SafePeak Eviction of Cache Performance & upon DML / DDL Analytics Stats Measurements for Failover & H/A MS SQL MS SQL MS SQL Optimization SERVER SERVER SERVER 5
  6. 6. Flow Process – Query In Cache (C1) Query is found to exist; result set is retrieved from the Cache Manager (C2) Result is returned to the querying application 6
  7. 7. Flow Process – Query Not In Cache & Not Update (Q1) Query is processed on target database (Q2) Result set is returned (Q3) If repetitive query, result set is saved in RAM memory of the Cache Manager to be accessed upon the next instance of the identical query 7
  8. 8. Write Request (update, insert, delete) (U1) Request is parsed and all results stored in Cache that have any connection to the affected database tables are evicted (U2) Request is sent to target SQL Server database and executed (U3) Result set is sent back to the querying application 8
  9. 9. Background Processes 9
  10. 10. Ensuring High Availability (A1) Query is routed to Active SafePeak Query Active server, using MS NLB (VIP) technology (A1) (A4) Network Proxy (SafePeak Enterprise version), and then thru Network-Proxy SW to SafePeak (A2). (A2) (A3, A4) In the rare event of software failure, processing is automatically (A2) redirected to 2nd SafePeak (A3 - optional) SafePeak or directly to the database (A4). Cluster (P1) (A3) optional (P1) If a HW error occurs due to a Virtual IP malfunctioning server, processing is Passive automatically shifted into passive (P3) SafePeak, ensuring that the loss of the Network Proxy server will not impact continuous processing. (P2) (P2) Query is then routed to 2nd SafePeak. (P2) (P3) If error occurs, processing is SafePeak redirected to the SQL Server database 10
  11. 11. Let’s See SafePeak Live 11
  12. 12. SafePeak Implementation Configuration Day 1 Day 2 Day 7 2 Servers (2 for HA) Installation and Cache Pattern Performance 2-4 CPU Cores Routing of Traffic Activation Report 4-8G RAM via SafePeak & 2 Network Cards Automatic Meta Disks 150G X 2 Tuning Data Analysis Windows 2008 64B Remote Desktop Automatic Traffic Analysis Caching Pattern Definition 12
  13. 13. Sample of Results: Large Financial Portal Increase in Throughput: 378% at Peak; 110% on Average Improved Response Time: 371% at Peak; 126% for Read-only; 85% Overall! Queries One Week Snapshot Taken at 5 Minute Intervals 13 SafePeak Executions Database Only
  14. 14. tm Next Steps Give Us 72 Hours, We’ll Give You 100%! 14