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Research proposal

  1. 1. Research Proposal • Mater in Education
  2. 2. Research Area Research Area Reading Comprehension of English Learners at Secondary Level(S.L). Sub-Area Curriculum And Instruction
  3. 3. Research Topic An investigation into the difficulties of English learners in Reading Comprehension Skill (RCS) at Secondary Level in Punjab Schools
  4. 4. Research question • Aim of the Research • To Identify the comprehension level of new century literature published in different print media. • To investigate into the causes of learning difficulties i.e biological, psychological or social of English learners in reading comprehension at S.L. • To review the foundation in English for students at secondary level and enable them to understand in Reading Comprehension Skills(RCS). • To examine the existing role of Government and Private institution in development of motivation and interest in the English Learning at S.L • To detect/trace that our English textbook support the reading comprehension at Various international Exams. i.e IELTS,PTE,TOEIC ,ESOL, TOEFL etc.
  5. 5. Indentify Problem(s) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The Students in Pakistan learn English as Foreign language, and , Our Assumptions: The Excited level of RCS is low as compare to real required proficiency level of the secondary student . The heterogenic combination among educational streams make it simple to complex situation. English Practicing Teacher used unrecognized and outdated strategies to teach the English is in many area and make this Gap wider and wider day by day. The Exams of the candidate is to test the General English it doesn’t support the real RCS skill. The stereotype and specific study material make the comprehend ability to rote learning of the Candidate.
  6. 6. Subsidiary research questions The following sub questions are also formulated to explore various aspects of the main question: 1. The Exams design by the Assessment Committee compare with international Exam 2. The other Three(3) skills Of the English 3. The Candidate of Vocational and Technical Education. 4. The candidate of the Distance Learners 5. The Candidate of the Private assessment Board, (Agha Khan Education Board i.e AKU-EB) 6. The Candidate of Religious Institute i.e Madrasa School
  7. 7. Approach, Selected Paradigm & Methodology • Approach: 1. Quantitative 2. Qualitatively 3. Data analysis i.e printed media from the newspapers and 4. Printed matter taken form the Past Assessment Exams from the bodies as well as International Assessment orginazation
  8. 8. Population and Sample • • • • Population All pupil enrolled in the Punjab province at Secondary School Level in 2012 Sample Male and female Teachers(accessible population) approx:100 Male and female Students(accessible population) approx:300 Keeping in view the sensitivity of the issue, participants with reference to their education and background be selected.
  9. 9. Data Collection Tools 1. Questionnaire for the candidate. 2. Interviews with Specialized design Questionnaire. 3. The Examination of the Papers of different boards of Punjab. 4. The examination of the English paper of the technical board, AIOU ,AKU EB. 5. The Examination of the various international assessment Bodies papers. 6. The paragraph /literature taken for the various printed media i.e newspapers ,
  10. 10. 1.Questionnaire 2.Interviews with the Subject Specialist of English 3.Interviews with the English Curriculum Developers 4.Interviews with the member of Assessment committee of English at various Boards of Punjab as well as Internationally
  11. 11. Data Collection Plan Firstly, By Questioner(Male/female students of government and Private Secondary School Candidate) Secondly, By interview with the policy makers of The members of English curriculum committee in Punjab Thirdly, By interview with the international Exams authorities working in Pakistan Fourthly, By Exams the last one year English Papers Of eight (8) Boards of Punjab
  12. 12. Data Analysis The Collection of data from all three sources i.e general Questioner and specific design Questioner as well as Past papers of Punjab Boards and make comparison with the other internationally Papers .
  13. 13. Planned Outcomes • By the Investigative study of all the relevant material our are able to give some constructive and positive feed back to the policy maker to make the Curriculum and I Instruction System better. • By this Research our are able to make our Curriculum and Instruction, in accordance to the latest and modern methodology fashion.
  14. 14. Bibliography Writing Systems • The APA (American Psychological Association) Style • The footnote system.
  15. 15. Bibliography Use the appropriate and required format for listing references.