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SLC ASP.NET Framework and BPM (Eng)
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SLC ASP.NET Framework and BPM (Eng)


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  • 1. Copyright by 2003-2007 © Selçuk ÇELİK Software Architect : Selcuk CELIK MCSE, MCSD, MCDBA, Net + , CCNA [email_address] SmartControls for ASP.NET 2.0 SmartFlow for ASP.NET 2.0 SmartLib Application Framework for ASP.NET 2.0
  • 2. Base Page Classes SmartControls Library Data Access Layer Class Transaction Support Class Utility Classes SmartLib Data Grid Popup Lib 1 Data Grid Popup Lib 2 Calendar Popup Lib For ASP.NET 1.1 Exception Class
  • 3. Base Page Classes SmartControls Library Web Control Classes Data Access Layer Class Transaction Support Class Utility Classes SmartLib 2.0 Data Grid Popup Class 1 Data Grid Popup Class 2 Calendar Popup Class SmartLib Application Framework for ASP.NET 2.0 HttpCompression Library Exception Class
  • 4. SmartLib Application Framework for ASP.NET 2.0 General Features
    • It is an Application development library for web developers for creating web based and data centric app in a short time of period and Has been written by Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 technologies in a 2 years hard worked period.
    • The Codes Has been tested and controlled by private software company against the security considerations.
    • The Codes Has been checked by Microsoft software engineers.
    • Tested and approved by VeriTest in a 2 separete platform and has been approved by Veritest ( Windows Server 2003 and .NET Managed Code )
    • Multilanguage support .
    • Provides for working with different databases .
    • Able to optimize software capabilities .
    • Fast, easy and economical maintenance processes.
    • Open Architecture for developments and innovation in Software Technology
    • Besides the other functionalities ,Has on-the-fly capabilities and flexible than the other similar softwares.
    • In terms of the developer’ s point of view , provides more flexibility, simplicity, rapid app development , to be able to fix the problems easily and much more less code. Provides focusing the result rather than focusing the details.
  • 5. SmartFlow Database MS SQL Server 2000 or 2005 or ORACLE SmartLib 2.0 SmartFlow Engine Integrated Systems ERP or HR management software Active Directory Web users INTERNET SmartFlow Administration Web SmartFlow 2.0 SmartFlow Architecture
  • 6. SmartFlow 2.0
    • Full compatible for working together with SmartLib and SmartControls. SmartLib contains Engine method for running Nodes and Process Steps.
    • Business and data Flow management system which is Enhanced and Applicable to any sector and industry.
    • Supports both business and data flow management.
    • Able to set color feature to show Business Process Data on form more precisely .
    • Supports different types of voting and Time Out features .
    • To be able to design and define the Process Nodes and Steps by using web interface.
    • Dozens of overridable methods for changing the flow of Business Processes.
  • 7. Similar Products? (in Turkey)
    • SFS - BTIKernel.Net. But it has been written by using XML, ASP and Java. No .NET Coding includes.
    • TradeSoft. .NET but it requires .NET Framework for every machine which is running on !!.
    • BiziTek. NetFlow. Provides only the flow management. Data flow has been provided by coding separately. Has no support for web form process like in SmartLib.
  • 8. Similar Products? (out of Turkey)
    • A product named PersistenceObjects which is written by a company called Developer Express in USA. But the architecture is the same if compared to other products in USA as usual. it means that you should create a class for every DB table. The technics they are using are quite well but in terms of providing flexibility and development possibility for other developers are very difficult.
    • Nhibernate – .NET version of the Hibernate which is written on Java Platform. it has the same architecture and approach as mentioned above.
    • West-Wind – Runs the program which is written by Foxpro on Windows platform - on web platform . But you should fix a lot of code up and changes on it.
  • 9. Project Phases..(1)
    • Has been Selected as one of 3 designed prototype on November 2003. Then Started to develop.
    • Best features were taken from the original Windows based software.
    • First version completed by the end of the 2003 and approved by Veritest.
    • Started to develop web based Job Application and Performance Appraisal app at the end of the May 2004 in a bank in Turkey by using the product. Lots of developments has been continuously done on product on this period.
  • 10. Project Phases.. (cont..)
    • Started and completed the BPM web application project in one of the biggest manufacturing company in Turkey At the end of the summer 2004.
    • At another bank, 12 BPM applications have been rewritten and completed which is originally written by Java. In addition to this, a lot of web based applications such as Job Application, BPM, report management and payroll have completed in biggest banks in Turkey.
    • A security check has been done and control on product which is selected by a bank for its demand and then approved.
    • The Source Code Has been checked by Microsoft software engineers.
    • The Library code has been rewritten and fixed by using ASP.NET 2.0 version at the end of the 2005 just before the VS 2005 launching date.
  • 11. Runtime Results -1 (live)
    • S ystem      : 3 Windows Server 2003 Software     : SmartLib Application Framework for ASP.NET 2.0 Proje ct        : Web based Performance Appraisal . Database : on a separate machine and secure . MS SQL Server 2000 Number of web Forms : 40. Memory: each of having 2 GB Memory . Supports Load Balancing and installed .NET Framework 2.0 . have been using by 15.000 client.
  • 12. Runtime Results -2 (live)
    • S ystem : 1 Windows Server 2003 Software : SmartLib Application Framework for ASP.NET 2.0 Proje ct   : Web based job app and CV bank . Database : on a separate machine and secure . MS SQL Server 2000
    • Number of Web Forms : 12 Memory : 2 GB .NET Framework 2.0. Having more than 200 K CV . At the peak usage more than 800 users have been using the app at the same time.
  • 13. Demo. ..