mini u8 operation user guide


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mini u8 operation user guide

  1. 1. HD video recording, U disk (mini U8) operating manual (The worlds first high-definition U disk storage miniU8 homesecurity to high-definition cameras)First, you use the companys products, thank you! Please read this manualcarefully before use. In order to better service, the contents of this manualmay change with the performance and functionality of the product change willbe without notice.Product appearance, buttons:(Photo for reference only, to prevail in kind)Key to the K2, K1, switch machine alone recording, camera, motion detectioncamera key, camera key K3 K4 status indicatorK5, the K6 lens, microphone K7, TF card K8, the USB interface Product Description This product is the first U-disk storage. High-definition digital cameramotion detection camera. Separate recording while charging camera andautomatically cycle the camera. Memory support 32GB. U disk miniU8security cameras connected to the computer camera to direct storage ofcomputer functions, TF card memory, also known as the "home securityminiU8 cameras, photographs and high-quality screen, this product is easy tooperate, compact, beautiful and practical, easy to carry, home security,education, life essential utility well received by all users of all ages.Before using:This product is precision electronic components within the touch you Do not
  2. 2. vigorously operation to avoid damage to the button operation,PC CAMERA (video camera) function, please install the random distributionwith the driver.Keys for use: K1.K2 key is used to reset when the machine encountered noresponse, K1.K2 key. K1: for switching machine, a separate recording. K2: for photographs. Camera. K3: for motion detection cameraOperating InstructionsSpecial features of this product: shock prompts can be directly connected tothe computer video camera, the camera photographed documents can bestored directly to the computer.Special function operations: state of the network camera (6) Click on thedriver disk file (CCYCR camera video assistant) Click to select the path, setthe location of the file stored in the camera. Camera: click to start the cameravideo into the video. Click Stop camera video camera to stop and save.1, switch machines: K1, long press the power button, the red and blue dual-lamp light, at the same time machine vibration, vibration stop initialization afterthe blue light off, red light into standby mode, the boot state, long press K1key machine vibration and red lights flash 3 times to shut down.Camera operation: In the standby mode, press the K2 key, blue light, red lightoff, began to take pictures and save time and blue lights out of the finishedaccording to machine vibration red light, re-enter standby mode.3, camera operation: In the standby mode, press and K2 key, the machinevibration twice, three times after the red light flashes off, start the camera,which the camera, press K1 or K3 key, red light flashes six times off,indicating When the state for the camera state. Camera, press the K2 keymachine vibration time to stop recording and save the red light to enterstandby mode.4, a separate recording operation: in the standby mode. Press K1 key,machine vibration and the first red light off the blue light flashes 3 times afterthe destruction, at this time recording, and then short press K1 key, machinevibration and save the recording out blue light, red light and go into standby., Motion detection camera: In the standby mode, press the K3 key, machinevibration 3 times, and red and blue dual lamps to flash simultaneously destroyboth 4 under to enter the motion detection recording standby, the front of theobject moving blue flashed into the motion detection camera, and then a shortK3 key, machine vibration, stop motion detection recording is automaticallysaved and enter standby mode. In motion detection camera state, press K1 orK2 key, red and blue lights flash simultaneously six times off, have beeninstructed in the state.6, PC CAMERA: PC CAMERA (video camera) function, please install the
  3. 3. random distribution with the driver. In shutdown mode, pressing the K2 buttonand hold to connect the computer to enter the PC CAMERA.7, charging: connect computer USB connected products or charger to thecamera for charging when the battery is charging, the blue light flashes whenthe battery is fully charged, the blue light off. Note: The camera built-in high-capacity polymer lithium battery, no memory effect, can be used with thecharge, but was originally used in the previous five, remove the batteries runout before charging to saturation, to start the battery maximum capacity,access to the standard work time.8, while charging camera operation: charging, the blue light state, long pressK3 key 6 seconds to stop, and then short press K3 key look, the red light toenter the standby state, then you can take pictures, video, audio, mobiledetection operation.9, set the recording time: The camcorder offers a function of recording timedisplayed in a video file format: year - month - day hours: minutes: seconds,set the time method is as follows:Table via the USB cable from the computer a good connection, "Removablehard disk" drive in My Computer. Open WordPad or Notepad in Windowssoftware in the annex (* txt format), enter:[Date]2010/05/0512:59:30Take the file name: time.txtSave the file in the root directory of the removable hard drive, disconnect theUSB cable and then boot the video, the time of the video and take pictures ofthe bottom right corner is the new modified time and date. You can also usethe native stored WriteTime.exe file to update the recording time, and candouble-click WriteTime.exe the midpoint of the jump out of the update windowupdate update.10 exception handling: The camera batteries are low, the green light flashes quickly for about 3seconds, automatically save the current image file and shut down, if youcontinue to use the camera, please charge. Camera due to accidental improper operation or other special reasons to stopresponding, press the keys K1 and K2, re-boot again. Can not boot: the batteries are charged, please charge; K1 and 2 key, turnthe power off, reboot.Associated computer: Make sure your operating system, drivers, USBinterface cable is a normal thing. Disk space capacity, the TF card is plugged or damaged.11 parametersThe relevant parameters of the project
  4. 4. AVI video formatM-JPEG video encodingVideo Resolution 1280 * 960 1280 * 720 720 * 480 640 * 480 VGAVideo frame rate 30fpsPlayback software operating system or Mainstream audio and video playbacksoftwarePicture format JPG 1280 * 1024Pictures 5M PixImage ratio of 4:3Support system for Windows me/2000 the xp 2003/vista: M-Battery capacity 300mAhWorking time of approximately 120 minutesCharging voltage DC-5VMINI 4pin the USB interface typeStorage support micro the TF card.High-capacity lithium polymer battery type Specifications may be upgraded, the update willchange, please prevail in kind12 Noteλ set the scene: Please strictly abide by relevant laws, this product may notbe used for any illegal purposes, or peril.λ about the battery: With the growth in the use of time, the battery workingtime has been shortened, long unused, a fully charged before use.λ player, the actual capacity of slightly less than the nominal capacity isnormal!λ File Security: This product is non-professional storage devices, does notguarantee the integrity and security of internal storage files, immediately backup your important files on the computer or other storage device.λ video recording quality: This product is non-professional video equipment,does not guarantee that the effect of recording documents up to yourexpectations.Operating temperature :0-40λ ℃λ Operating Humidity: 20% -80%, do not place a wet working environment,the product is not waterproof.λ shooting illumination: in well-lit environment, do not please the cameradirectly to the sun or other strong light source, optical parts injured.λ Cleaning: Do not use the dust density environment, in order to avoid dustcontamination of lens and other parts, affecting the camera effects, the lenscan be used to rub the paper or glass cloth and gently wipe to keep clean.λ Other matters: The product is precision electronic products, do not make astrong impact, vibration: Do not use a strong magnetic field, under the strongelectric field.λ disposal: Please pay attention to environmental protection, not free to
  5. 5. discard this product. Prohibit the throwing of this product in a fire to avoidexplosion.Additional information: other unknown issues, please contact your local dealer