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Car key camera
Car key camera
Car key camera
Car key camera
Car key camera
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Car key camera


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  • 1. S818 Use Introduction First of all, you use the companys products thanks! Please readbefore using this manual, the proper use of sub-products. In order tobetter service, the contents of this manual may change, because theproduct performance and functionality of a change, will not do furthernotice. 1. Form, button 1: USB Interface 2: TF card 3: Status Indicator 4: Camera 5: lanyard clip 6: Key 7: The key to open during the K1: Reset K2: Switch machine key, K3 camera, video button K4 motion detection key 2. Introduction This product is the first detection of a mobile high-definition digital cameras and camera functions MINIDV, TF card memory, you can take photos and high-definition screen, this product is simple, small and exquisite, beautiful and practical, easy to carry, is a family place , education, life and other fields necessary utility, well all the customers. 3. Instructions 1. Description of parts
  • 2. 1.1 The indicator shows the status light (Exhibit 3) public a transparent hole. Power: dual-lamp light, blue light off after initialization, long red light. Shutdown: dual-lamp flashes 3 times. USB Status: U disk read and write is a red light flash. USB Battery Charging: flashing blue light, red light long battery fully charged, blue lamp, a long bright red Video mode: Start Recording: red light flashes six times, and so destroyed. Video pause, a long bright red Photo: take a picture of a red light flashes every time. Long wait for red light camera 5 Super model making. Insert the TF card (Figure 2 2), boot, system initialization iscomplete, the unit is in the default camera mode, camera mode, motiondetection mode state, short press K2 key, a red light flashes a photoand save back to the default shooting mode, photo mode, motiondetection standby mode state. 6. Motion Detection The machine has a touch of home placement functions, motiondetection recording, when there are objects in the plane of theshooting range of moves, the machine instantly into the video, the FullRecord of moving objects every move down, when the object left theshooting range, the unit will automatically shut down video, can befully Province disk with the machine, insert the TF card (Figure 2 2),boot the system initialization is completed, press K4 key, dual-lampstarts blinking. For energy saving, a total of six flash, dual-lampoff, this time the plane entered the motion detection recordingfunction, to detect moving objects, the blue lights flash once, andstart the recording function, motion detection in , press K4 key tocheck the current working status, dual-lamp flashing off six times,pressing the K2 key, long red light at this time to save the file andstop recording, return to vision mode, photo mode, motion detectionmode, In order to better save the file, the video motion detection,
  • 3. each about 3 minutes to save a file, save the file to a videorecording to the next, until the mobile camera to detect objects fromthe scope of the machine will stop recording. Note! In the motion detection time, the machine features a videoloop. 7, Removable Disk In the off state, insert the TF card (Figure 2 2) the use of thismachine is equipped with a USB data cable, connect the machines USBinterface, (Figure 1), the other end and then connect to your PC USBinterface, then the computer eject the removable disk ID, you can findon my computer the removable disk drive. Play the machines connectedto the computer, the machine as a removable disk computer has startedwork, you can very easily through the computer, see , Transmit, copy,delete files, the machine affect the save directory as * disk DCIM 101DSCIM. Need to uninstall the unit, please click on the bottom rightcorner of the taskbar icon for the removable disk device in which touninstall the removable storage device, to be safe to unplug the systemrecognizes the hardware, then disconnect the machine and the computer. Note: According to the computers configuration or system ofdifferences, recognition time can be a removable disk are slightlydifferent, please be patient during this period is better not to SheXiangji operation, an impact on the face of the computer identificationGuan Jian, if a long Wei recognition to removable disk, try to re-insert, if still does not recognize the hardware, make sure youroperating system, drivers, USB interface cable is normal, PC Webcam Features: First you must install on your computer then the CD-ROM included inthe camera driver, to install the driver disk in the driver. After thedriver installed, the machine turned on to connect the computer toautomatically enter the state of the network camera, users can videochat. Charge: Use of this machine is equipped with a USB extension cable to connectyour computer or USB charger on the button, you can charge thismachine, when the battery is charging state, blue lights flashing, along bright red when the battery is fully charged, the blue light out,
  • 4. long red light, the camera built-in high-capacity polymer lithiumbattery, no memory effect, can be used with with the charge, but thefirst five times before use, after use the battery charged tosaturation in order to activate the battery maximum capacity. To keepthe machine working hours, please continue during the full power 30minutes after the saturation charge, Time changes Time format for the year, month, day Hours, minutes, seconds. Setting method After the machine connected to the computer therecan also have a removable disk, open the disk inside the disk to deletefiles, empty all disk files on the computer to create a new textdocument, open the new play named after time after time, in whichediting time format, such as at 13:50:55 on the April 11, 2010, At thetime of the document inside the editor is as follows 2010.04.11 13:50:55 Note the date and time separated the middle of space,space 2010.04.11 13:50:55 time must be lowercase After the completion of text editing changessaved After the file copy to move the disk inside the machine,unplug the USB cable, start the machine from the new video Time hasbeen changed to the time you have to change. Note the time change from the completion of a new start after acertain time machine to change. Exception handling. Red light has been flash. Card is properlyconnected. Or card damage. Camera battery is low Fast flashing red light about 3 seconds,automatically save the current video recording files, and shutdown. Ifyou continue recording, please continue after charging, if theoperation process, not caused by normal use, press K1 key reset, resetafter the video camera in operation, motion detection can be. Pleasesee the memory card is stored in full, TF card, good or bad. Otheranomalies over electricity, TF is still room, no video, and can beconnected to the computers case to see if TF virus infection, orremovable disk to format the machine after the reduction in theoperational use. Parameters
  • 5. Video format: AVIVideo Coding: M-JPEGVideo Resolution: 1280 * 960 VGAVideo frame rate: 30 frames per secondPhoto format: JPG 1280 * 960Photo: 5M pixImpact ratio: 4: 3Operating System: windowsme 2000 xp 2003 vista: mBattery Capacity: 300mAhWorking time: 90 minutesCharging Voltage: DC-5V