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Metro is published in more than 100 major cities across Europe, North & South America and Asia . Metro has a unique global reach — attracting a young, active, well-educated Metropolitan audience of more than 20 million daily readers.

Metro is a free daily newspaper written and designed for young and ambitious professionals. Designed for a 20-minute read, the paper gives metropolitans all they need to know, Monday through Friday, during their morning commutes.

Local, national and international news and colorful features are presented without any bias, but showcase a proudly urban attitude and style.

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Metro Philadelphia Presentation

  2. 2. Metro Model CirCulation Position • Target Audience #1 in PhiladelPhia Designed for young, active professionals within an engaging platform – News not views – Clear, concise, unbiased editorial 12 24 Minute read • Quick and Informative Read Designed to be read within a time slot and made available free at 9 3 during Your available tiMe slot places where consumers have a media consumption time slot. 6 PhiladelPhia, • Award-winning format, crisp design and local news CoMMunitY-based Content Metro’s focus on delivering Philadelphians their news makes us a on issues that Matter Most preferred community news source.Source: CAC Q3 2010 average daily circulation period ending 9/30/10 (#1 position Philadelphia Center City)
  3. 3. Metro Philadelphia Launch Date 2000 The MeTRo ReADeR Daily Circulation 118,725 Average hhI $71,307 Daily Readership 272,411 Median Age 43 yrs Distribution 800 Metro Boxes Male / Female 44 / 56% Metropolitan Philadelphia Area: Philadelphia, the Philadelphia suburbs and South Jersey areaSource: Scarborough R2 2010; CAC Q3 2010 average daily circulation period ending 9/30/10
  4. 4. Metro is a cover to cover read Metro provides 24 hours in 24 minutes; the competition is just too lengthy. HOW TO AVOID HAIR LIKE THIS TOMATO SOUP: 45,000 new WELLBEING {page 13} COMFORT FOOD healthcare UNCOVERING ‘UNDERCOVERS’ FOR YOU jobs in Philly TELEVISION {page 11} {page 14} by 2020? Why wait to find yours? PHILADELPHIA Wednesday, September 22, 2010 Get the whole story. Max 89° Min 67° See the education guide inside. The Sex Issue The whos, hows and whys of sex Make love, not war to celebrate World Peace Day How US sex lives compare to rest of the world {pages 20-23} NO. 1 QB Disruptive Red Man a teenager Neither superhero or TV star, just a guy from Northeast {page 02} textpoll WIN A FREE NAIL MAT Are you comfortable talking about sex, or is it a taboo subject? A: Bring it on B: Shhh Michael Vick named permanent Eagles starter just one day after 89800 coach Andy Reid backed Kevin Kolb Move is not injury-related {page 24} Text your answer, A or B, to for a chance to win. Winners chosen at random from text poll entries. Winners will be notified by text LEON HALIP/GETTY IMAGES See our games page for poll results and terms and conditions 24 pages / 24 pages 24 pages / 60 pages 16 pages / 54 pages 100% read through 40% read through 30% read throughSource: Average Commute Time – U.S. Census Bureau; Percentage based off of average page count of newspaper
  5. 5. The Metro Time SlotEvery morning readers make Metro part of their morning routine: WoRk hoMe 7:00 7:07 7:52 8:10 8:11 8:46Metro delivers its newspaper right where our readers begin and end theirmorning commute: at major commuter hubs via hand promotion andnewspaper boxes.
  6. 6. Metro’s Circulation Strength # 92,509 1 NEWSPAPER IN PHILADELPHIA Philadelphia 86,000 Philadelphia Weekly 6,509 more 70,996 Philadelphia Inquirer 21,513 more 67,200 Philadelphia City Paper 25,309 more 37,635 54,874 Philadelphia Daily News moreSource: ABC 2009; Verified Audit Circulation 2009; CAC Q3 2010 net press run one day zip code report 9/24/10 (Philadelphia County)
  7. 7. Controlled Circulation Distribution Metro Philadelphia delivers its newspaper to the highest concentrated metropolitan markets BUCKS COUNTY 2% 119,333 2,199 ToTAL MONTGOMERY COUNTY 9% 10,861 PHILADELPHIA 77% DELAWARE / CHESTER 6% 92,509 6,895 NJ / MISC 6% 6,869Source: CAC Q3 2010 period ending 9/30/10 net press run one day zip code report 9/24/10
  8. 8. Add Metro Philadelphia to your newspaper plan and reach an Read only Read only Read only Read only DEALING WITH THE DEALING WITH EWITH THE DEALING WITH THE DEALINGTHER NEWS N WS NEWS NEWS G Y R VIE MONSTER . R YO WS R GREEN-EYED MONSTER GREEN-EYEDWS VIEWS YOU R VIE.U R VIEWS ... GREEN-EYEDGREEN-EYEDURG YOU R MONSTEROUMONSTER 62% 78% 85% 95% G G G YO {pageMU E COMM .. U .. U ... WELLBEING {page 10} WELLBEING G OO UR NT10}@ ENTSR@YO URECOMMENTS @ WELLBEING {page 10} WELLBEING {page S G YO U GCOMM NTS @ Y 10} OU R C O M O O GY GY GY GY EIGHT WAYS TO EIGHT WAYSEIGHT EIGHT TO TO WAYS WAYS TO EXPRESS ‘YUM’ ‘YUM’ EXPRESS ‘YUM’ EXPRESS EXPRESS ‘YUM’ FOOD {page 12} {page 12} FOOD {page 12} {page 12} FOOD FOOD WITH OVER 8 OVER 8 MILLION 8 MILLION WITH MILLION WITH OVER OVER 8 MILLION WITH PEOPLE IN NYC, YOU NYC,PEOPLE PEOPLE YOU NEVER NEVER PEOPLE IN NEVER YOU NEVER IN NYC, IN NYC, YOU NEW YORK YORK NEW NEW YORKYORKHAS THEHAS THEWHO HAS THE FLU. FLU. NEW WHO WHO FLU. FLU. WHO HAS THE KNOW KNOW KNOW KNOW Wednesday, October 13, 2010 13, 2010October 13, 2010 AVAILABLE AT FLU SHOTS AVAILABLE ATAVAILABLE AT EVERY DUANE READE Wednesday, October Wednesday, FLU SHOTS AVAILABLE AT EVERY DUANE READE DUANE FLU SHOTS EVERY DUANE READE Wednesday, October 13, 2010 EVERY FLU SHOTS READE Max 65° Max 65° Max 65° Max 65° Min 49° Min 49° Min 49° Min 49° JudgeJudge halts Judge halts Judge halts halts © ESTATE OF JOHN VACHON © ESTATE OF JOHN VACHON © ESTATE OF JOHN VACHON © ESTATE OF JOHN VACHON Marilyn. Lost pictures Marilyn. Lost pictures Marilyn. Lost pictures pictures Marilyn. 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Security. way the airport. 22% untapped audience AmericanAirlines, Priority AAccess and We know why and fly are marks ofyou fly are marksWeAmericanand We know of theof American Airlines,oneworldAirlines, a LLC.Airlines,oneworld Alliance, LLC.All rights American Airlines, Inc. All rights reserved. rights reserved. AmericanAirlines, Priority AAccess you We know AmericanAirlines, and ofInc. oneworld is flymarkoneworld fly a mark of the American Alliance, mark© 2010Inc. All rightsthe oneworld 2010 reserved. 2010 American Airlines, Inc. All AmericanAirlines, why American Airlines, AAccess Airlines, Inc. marks you is are marks of LLC. oneworld is Inc. oneworld is a mark of reserved. © Alliance, LLC. © Priority AAccess Priority know why you a are why oneworld Alliance, Inc. © 2010 American of the American Airlines, Inc. 15% Source: Scarborough R2 2010; Base Philadelphia DMA 5% Read Philadelphia Daily News + Metro Read Philadelphia Inquirer+ Metro Read City Paper + Metro Read Philadelphia Weekly + Metro
  9. 9. Metro Philadelphia has a unique demographic 73% of our readers are 92% choose Philadelphia for 70% are tech savvy 91% of our readers are working 59% of traditional newspaper ages 25-54 shopping and entertainment or studying readers are age 55+Source: Scarborough R2 2010, Base: 50K+, 35K-