Fair&LovelyFair & Lovely, Fairness Cream: A crisis for Unilever Bangladesh


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Fair & Lovely, Fairness Cream: A crisis for Unilever Bangladesh

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Fair&LovelyFair & Lovely, Fairness Cream: A crisis for Unilever Bangladesh

  1. 1. Fair & Lovely, Fairness Cream: A crisis for Unilever Bangladesh Author:Shahina Perveen
  2. 2. Fair & Lovely, Fairness Cream: A crisis for Unilever Bangladesh March 28, 06 April 20, 06 Started Allegation & Accusation Continue Still Continuing……................................................................... Harmful for Health Causes Skin Cancer Lungs Cancer Allegation & Accusation Racist advertisement Humiliation for women Author:Shahina Perveen
  3. 3. The objective of the study Objective Measures the company can take to protect its brand image Factors Playing role in Crisis Developing tactical strategy to prevent future problems Recommending a Action Plan Author:Shahina Perveen
  4. 4. The Birth of Fair & Lovely A crisis for Unilever Bangladesh: Fairness as an Asset The Profile of Unilever Bangladesh The Profile of Bangladesh Situational Analysis Macro Environmental Analysis Marketing Mix Audit Unilever SWOT Analysis Future Steps of Unilever Benefits of the Steps Conclusion Agenda Author:Shahina Perveen
  5. 5. Developed 1975 Launched 1978 Fair & Lovely Successful & Leading Skin Care Cream 28 Years 40 Countries Impacted on the lives of 250 million women worldwide Author:Shahina Perveen
  6. 6. Unilever Bangladesh Mission Add Vitality to life Type of Biz Fast moving Consumer Goods Operation Home & Personal Care Product Constituation Unilever 60.75% Govtment of Bd 39.25% Brand Author:Shahina Perveen
  7. 7. Born on 1971 Densely populated Population: 152.6 million (UN, 2005) Capital: Dhaka Area: 143,998 sq km (55,598 sq miles) Major language: Bengali Major religions: Islam, Hinduism GNI per capita: US $440 (World Bank, 2006) Life expectancy: 62 years (men), 63 years (women) (UN) Bangladesh Author:Shahina Perveen
  8. 8. Situational Analysis Negative publicity Negative brand image Reduction in sales Author:Shahina Perveen Negative Publicity Negative Brand Image Reduction sales The chain effect of negative publicity
  9. 9. High rate of inflation High interest rate Poverty High tax payment Macro Environment Analysis Political Economical Instability Corruption Bribery of higher official Author:Shahina Perveen
  10. 10. Human development Increased life expectancy Gender discrimination Rise in educational level Religion Family structure Ethical behavior Macro Environment Analysis Social Author:Shahina Perveen
  11. 11. Traditional technology Agricultural advancement Corruption High Tax Free market Good relation with neighbor Bribery and lubrication of money Longer decision making Macro Environment Analysis Technological Legal Author:Shahina Perveen
  12. 12. Competitive Environment Analysis Market Position Competitive Strategy Leading Position Rivalry Monopolistic High Image Brand Popularity Launch of New product Competitive ad Fierce strategy Upper Hand in market Market Leader Competition with local brand Sustaining tough Competition Author:Shahina Perveen
  13. 13. Product strategy Quality Packaging Brand Differentiation Price Target market - women from all class Average price Penetration price Available -family, small packs Current Marketing Strategy Author:Shahina Perveen
  14. 14. Place indirect distribution channel 700,000 retails shop all around the BD Regional territory Promotion Advertisement Sales promotion Public relation Sponsorship Current Marketing Strategy Author:Shahina Perveen
  15. 15. Strength Specialist marketing expertise Innovation Quality Other strong Brand Weakness The theme of advertisements Racist Ad SWOT Analysis Author:Shahina Perveen
  16. 16. Opportunity Renowned brand name Charitable work Threat Rumors Government action Women’s Right Protection’s procession SWOT Analysis Author:Shahina Perveen
  17. 17. Recommendation Positive publicity Certification from specialists Certification from specialists Social welfare Author:Shahina Perveen
  18. 18. Benefits of the Steps Change in perception Boost up the reputation of brand Strong bonding with social welfare Lessen NOM Quality assurance Author:Shahina Perveen
  19. 19. Multinational company rethink marketing strategy and promotional theme in Bangladesh Consider the controllable and uncontrollable factor Study detail Macro Environment Carry out cultural assessment Develop strategy based on local marketing Conclusion Author:Shahina Perveen
  20. 20. Thank you Author:Shahina Perveen