The 4th Birth
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The 4th Birth



A story about a hypothetical evolution

A story about a hypothetical evolution



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The 4th Birth Document Transcript

  • 1. The Fourth Birth by S Spuzic 1
  • 2. All gods were immortal. (Stanislaw J Lec) This story is about the Lemurians, an ancient race which apparently existed prior to and during the time of the equally mysterious empire of Atlantis. Some authors believe that Lemurians developed their civilisation (also called Lapita and Mu - Motherland) some 70,000 to 80,000 years ago, largely in the South-West Pacific, between China and Australia. Other, equally disputed authors, place it as far away as Madagascar. While the existence of this ancient race is not scientifically proven, there remain a number of intriguing archaeological and geological findings in the region which point at a possibility of existence of such an advanced and lost empire. Exactly what has caused the disappearance of Lemuria, is not fully understood. However there is geological evidence of large-scale changes and the appearance of new oceans and landmasses. A cataclysm of enormous magnitude took place in that region some 70,000 years ago. Even the etymology of some ancient words such as amor, mare, l'amor, amon-ra, points to very old linguistic roots underlying the most ancient myths about the Sea, the Spirit and man's yearnings. These may well be linked with Amur, the name of one of the world's ten longest rivers, which forms the border between the Russian Far East and Manchuria in China. It is quite easy to imagine the Lemurians happily living through alternating periods of peace and prosperity, conflicts and crises over several millennia. During this time, they achieved considerable advances in culture, politics, sciences and technology causing only minor ecological catastrophes, yet unaware that the Indifferent Nature was leading their world towards the ultimate cataclysm. Fortunately, along with Lemurians and several neighbouring nations that worked hard to enslave one another, another civilisation, much older and hence more mature, was observing this course of events — if one is to believe to fragments that appear in certain legends. One way of summarising these myths is as follows: the Visitors who belonged with an entirely different phylogeny, the highly developed race of some system of evolution from the infinitely distant past, became aware of signs of the rarest phenomenon in the Universe: Intelligence. During a period of several centuries, the involvement of Visitors was in the role of observers. They did not intervene, or become involved with subjects of their study. But when the course of Planet Earth turned towards the catastrophe, They decided to step in, to help save at least some members of the Lemurian race. 2
  • 3. They taught these selected humans that our birth brings us only to a first stage: that advanced levels of life and existence are possible thereafter. Under Their guidance and influence, those chosen, rapidly advanced in mental growth. The enrichment of their minds with feelings of love and respect for those whom they felt to be infinitely wiser than themselves resulted in imitation, and so the necessary transformation was achieved. This process converted their higher mental state into life-strata capable of escaping the limitations of known matter forms; to human understanding they became immortal. 3
  • 4. The First Birth Real birthdays are not annual affairs. Real birthdays are the days when we have a new birth. (Ralph Parlette) The First Birth is one of the most familiar wonders known to our civilisation, as it was to the race of Lemurians. It was experienced by all mammals and many other branches of fauna, over the millennia of evolution. The survival of Mankind is unthinkable without conception, pregnancy and birth. Some even believe that human beings are not born once and for all on the days their mothers give birth to them — life obliges them over and over again to give birth to themselves. quot;No-Ja, I had again that strange dream,quot; said A-Eg-Le as they walked down the alley of junipers and cypresses. Birds were fluttering through the trees and in the grass, their twitter mingling with the ceaseless splash and gurgle of the nearby fountain, the voices of passers-by and the murmur of the distant city. quot;We were sitting on the beach and the sand was white, not like the sand on Toba lakeshore or any seaside I have seen...quot; No-Ja looked at her with his dark, smiling eyes. quot;I was on such strands while camping with my parents last year...quot; quot;But I've never seen such a shore!quot; quot;Maybe a picture or a painting.quot; said No-Ja gently pulling her towards him to avoid an excited group of schoolies dressed in blue-and-white uniforms. quot;The water was so clear and quiet, I still can picture that clean, balmy sand. And then...quot; quot;Shall we go camping again this weekend while your parents are still on holiday?quot; She didn't answer, just followed, musing on the sensation sparkled in her fingers by his hand. As they made their way back towards the bus station, she decided not to go on with her story about the eruption in the middle of a quiet lagoon she had dreamt of. A full understanding of the maternity phenomenon, so fundamental for reproduction, was achieved by the Lemurians only at the sunset of their civilisation. After centuries of misconceptions, they learned not only how to increase the success-rate of natural delivery, conception and pregnancy, but also how to incite semi-artificial pregnancy, with fascinating acceptance of the results by the remaining merits of the Mother Nature. They also understood that the first birth, the instant of child delivery, was not the beginning, but just a developmental transition. Meticulous care was devoted to all stages of pregnancy. Even the very instant of conceiving could not take place without both rational hope and sincere intention of bringing a healthy and happy child was created within a very special relation. 4
  • 5. Gradually the problems such as complications at birth, prenatal and postnatal depression were reduced to the level of rare incidents. The miracle of human life generation was expertly and safely guided not only during the delivery but also over an extended period both before and after the delivery. One of 'peripheral' consequences was a real sexual revolution and definite liberation of both young Lemurians, and those who felt young enough, from undesired pregnancy. Lovers were free to enjoy their love. They could choose the date of conception as and when they wished. quot;You are right, you conceived at least one month ago,quot; the Health Adviser pronounced in her modulated voice quot;and you'll be pleased to hear that your medical checkups confirm you're in perfect order...quot; A-Eg-Le was not completely sure whether that confirmation has stirred her fears or raised her spirits. Her heart was trembling whenever she remembered No-Ja's words of comfort and his determination to have their baby. quot;... have you already thought about a session with the Antenatal Counselor? This would help you to prepare yourself for the next period.quot; quot;Oh, yes I'd like to make an appointment, is it possible to make it by the end of the month?quot; A-Eg-Le left the Health Suite still overwhelmed by mixed emotions, the intensity of which surprised her, because No-Ja and she had already used the pregnancy probe kit, and were almost certain that she had conceived. The atmosphere of directing her and the Health Advisor's attitude implying that she already has decided to keep the baby, all initiated an unfamiliar feeling. The sense of being entrapped into something that would change her life so fundamentally filled her with such strong emotions that she felt ready to burst into tears. She was almost running downstairs, because she didn't want to use the vertical platform, and almost ran into No-Ja who grasped her shoulders. The smile lines around his eyes were still there, but his eyes were gently and grave as he took her into his arms. Gradually, almost imperceptibly, a feeling of contentedness welled up through her body as she relaxed in his strength and calm. Lemurians started experimenting with clones relatively early and the initial success promised an unprecedented development of humanoid-class robotoid creatures of impressive attributes and learning abilities. However, while physiologically the Humanoid clones were as near to perfect in any sense demanded by the fashion of the day, while their intellectual performance continued to amaze even the designers of non-genic artificial intelligence, there were psychological, social and ethical problems. The humans of Lemuria could not accept the production of versions of themselves which were superior physically and, in many cases mentally, but deprived of and deficient in certain senses and feelings. The sight of a clone walking into the fire to 5
  • 6. save some precious item caused such widespread distress that similar applications were immediately forbidden. Public aversion to the use of clones continued to grow and their use became increasingly limited. The last resistance that persisted in using clones in spite of enormous public pressure, was the Lemurian Military. They resorted to the use of clones for ground operations in resolving conflicts with neighbouring nations. Although the Lemurian race was the most advanced civilisation in the region, the rapidly growing populations of their neighbours, the chronic instability of their societies, food shortages and epidemics, proved to be a continuous source of friction. However, with the advances of methods for producing energy, and with the development of automated airborne resources equipped with electromagnetic weapons and controlled by means of artificial intelligence, the need for deployment of ground or sea forces gradually diminished. Officially this put the final nail in the coffin that buried the last clone. In fact, military experts, together with some scientists and scholars in the fields of bioengineering and cybernetics never really stopped theoretical and laboratory research. Nobody in the whole of Lemuria, and the least Mo-Ne-Ve herself, could guess at that moment, that she would become, thousands of years later, known throughout the Earth through an oil painting on a wooden surface. Everybody was busy, washing the blood from the tiny, slippery body, cutting the umbilical cord. A-Eg-Le was fighting to remain conscious, still anticipating the next contraction; she used all her remaining strength to lift her head to see her baby. Mo-Ne-Ve was fighting for her breath, kicking her legs and trying to cry. She could not see No-Ja, because the Health Adviser decided to keep him away when realised his great worry would be just a nuisance during the delivery. But A-Eg-Le was certain that he was, right now, trembling and forcefully wishing, just like she wanted, to nourish and help their little fragile human being in overcoming the invisible line between life and death. As though he could hear their thoughts, the Adviser grasped No-Ja's arm, quot;The child is well, it breathes, all is good...quot; quot;And the mother, A-Eg-Le? quot; quot;Oh my gosh, those fathers are all the same,quot; thought the Advisor while maintaining the reassuring smile on his face. quot;You'd expect such an educated, intelligent young man to be aware this is just another delivery... One cute baby came just an hour ago, another cute baby will arrive in an hour or two...“ His voice was calm and confident. quot;She is doing well, there is nothing to worry about... Everything on Earth is just in a perfect order.quot; 6
  • 7. Even without taking into account that next baby was born just 10 minutes later, Advisor was hugely mistaken. How, however, could he know that at that very moment, immense forces, hundreds kilometers beneath them, had cracked the tectonic plate and freed the molten magma from its thousand-year entombment? The earth dampened this underground roar and flexed its mighty muscles to generate pressure that could flatten a mountain chain. Reluctantly and slowly, millions of tons of lava retreated again to the depths. Very soon it would return. Hundreds of kilometers above them, the Visitors monitored holographic ellipsoid and decoded the messages fed by precise sensors. quot;The statistical likelihood is over 90% that the next super-eruption will be somewhere in the region of Lemuria. It's pity that another century or two is not given to them. We have just started understanding the principles of their aesthetics”. The paradox of an exponential birth-rate growth in the surrounding undeveloped nations, set against the higher life expectancy and stagnating natality in the highly developed Lemurian Federation, was never completely resolved. The simplest explanation was that a natural instinct guided primitive societies to compensate for high mortality due to poor medical, nutritional and all other factors. These conditions, combined with the absence of alternative sources of entertainment and pleasure, resulted in a series of population explosions in the undeveloped regions along the borders of Lemurian Civilisation. For the Lemurian scientists, it was unconceivable that Mother Nature could have exhausted its lures that were supposed to motivate the leaders in the Evolution Race for the reproduction of its own kind. Yet as the educated, sophisticated, civilised and gentle young Lemurians learned how to enjoy their social life, art, science, sex and love, they were apparently losing an interest in having children. Was this a sign that the primitive nations were more vital? Had Lemurians overlooked some biological fundamentals during their race for improving technology and standards? It was not too long before more serious dilemmas surfaced, while searching for answers to these questions. With an increase in education and standard, Lemurians became more than ever concerned with a long-delayed question: why each individual had to be sentenced to a merciless aging process, a decline that inevitably converged to a tragic ending — death. Without a solution to this distressing enigma, young Lemurians perhaps intuitively attempted to delay entering the post-adolescent stage. They were refusing to accept the responsibilities of adults, because they knew this was the last phase before being dragged into an irreversible aging process. 7
  • 8. The Second Birth I know myself, but that's all. (F S Fitzgerald) The Second Birth was, at a first glance, rather less spectacular in its kinetics, and the associated processes did not culminate into any dramatic and final event. This Second Birth was a continuous development of consciousness, which stimulated the growth of a network of synapses and neurons. The Young Mind was forming its personality out of a multitude of somewhat random impressions, information and conclusions; features of a new and unique character were initially rather chaotic but they became more structured and organised with comprehension of more knowledge and experience. This was a 'foetus' of an increasing awareness, an ability to comprehend, grasp and communicate first the simple perceptions and then more complex knowledge. Gradually the Child become capable of understanding its ambient and itself, and still further, to apply this knowledge and bring about desired changes. The joy and fruits of this growth were best recognized as advances in Sciences, Arts and Sports. Lemurians understood that their Children did already inherit curiosity at the instant of their First Birth, the curiosity that was an inexhaustible source of energy and motivation for learning. Centuries of meticulous observation, trials and errors, resulted in developing the principles of education that brought to the fore the importance of Learning How To Learn. At the advanced stage of their Civilisation, the Lemurian Education adopted the principles of Voluntary Education with a Freedom of Choice of Subjects. In contrast to The First Birth, where the newborn Child had no say in deciding about its creation, the Second Birth was impossible unless a substantial freedom of choice was left to the Learner. The first steps had to be nourished and helped of course. However, as soon as the Child became capable of making rational decisions, restrictions and guidance were removed. Only those who went astray, heading into harmful situations, were held back and the circumstances and potentially unfavourable outcomes were explained to them. The sources of Known Knowledge were free and accessible, and soon the new generations were reaching some of the boundaries of the Unknown where real learning would begin. At the point where a student became capable of designing and directing his own education, and constructively sharing and applying this knowledge, a new member of educated society was born. Mystery of learning is mystery of growing. 8
  • 9. The Educator was sitting comfortably near the window and playing with her coral necklace. She was quite old but her glance was swift and sharp-eyed, her comments were brisk and her composure seemed unshakeable. In the meantime, Mo-Ne-Ve was enthusiastically attempting to turn over an aquarium about twice her size. quot;We apologise for the damage occurred in the Centre, and we certainly shall contribute to refurbishing the toilet,quot; A-Eg-Le wished No-Ja was there; she felt that just now a very cautious consideration is needed to understand Mo's attitude. No-Ja's engagement in the Academe Council was certainly taking him away from his family much too frequently. quot;But I hope you understand our concern and eagerness to learn what motivates our daughter to do things like this. It is certainly alarming when a 7-year-old girl experiments with ways of how to break a toilet casing.” quot;In fact, we do not share this viewquot; replied the Educator in her calm voice. quot;But her grades are all below average, in spite of Mo-Ne-Ve spending hours in the front of computer. She even reads some textbooks on mathematics...quot; quot;We think she is just bored,quot; continued Educator, still twiddling with her necklace. quot;Let me show you some of our recently developed Experimental Education Department's facilities.quot; A-Eg-Le, somewhat disconcerted, glanced towards Mo-Ne-Ve. Her daughter had just abandoned her attempts to climb, turn over, or break the walls of the colourful aquarium whose gathered inhabitants appeared disappointed in Mo turning her attention towards the Educator's computer. quot;Do you think Mo-Ne-Ve should join us?quot; quot;Oh there is no need for that, my assistant will entertain her with computer games, right here. We only will be away fro two hours.” You can’t learn less. (Buckminster Fuller) Over the centuries, a massive stock of information had been accumulated by Lemurians. During the fourth quarter of their era, the body of knowledge records was growing faster than the substance of knowledge itself. It had become increasingly difficult to search, communicate and transfer this voluminous structure. Academic efforts to categorize sub-domains and fragments of knowledge into specialist disciplines, each with their differing nomenclatures, had certainly brought in the tides of progress. However, mental enclosure within formal domains, and exaggerated priority given to certain disciplines while neglecting some other topics had also raised undesired barriers. Lemurians understood that Knowledge is a model, a replica of some relations that enables realisation of planned changes. A specific piece of Knowledge has a context; this framework relates to when and where it can be reliably applied. Actual verification of certain Knowledge was meaningful only when it had enabled premeditated outcome, irrespective of facts that were not included in formulation of 9
  • 10. that knowledge. The rest were hypotheses. Understanding this fact has significantly decreased the time needed for learning, and the volumes used to record and communicate knowledge. More importantly, this revealed the knowledge’s core, as opposed to only observing its shell. Gradually, Lemurian Educators realised that motivation is an irreplaceable precondition for learning. Although the norms for measuring attractiveness were quite diverse, there were certain commonly accepted criteria e.g. clear, colourful presentations quot;touched with humourquot; created curiosity and similar phenomena, all of which radically improved the efficiency of knowledge transfer. It was clear that the urge of situation and the seriousness of circumstances increased attention and focus on the problem. Yet, the Educators turned to other driving forces, more challenging and visionary, more powerful, and more successful. Dead ends still existed, and in spite the thorough labour, there were occasional cases of failure. The random game of Mother Nature was, as always, producing accidental mutations such as those who did not want to learn. For some reason, they were just mentally vegetating, or to be more precise, dying already. However, the overall results were fascinating. Mo-Ne-Ve had the impression that the Teachers didn't really know the answers to her questions. But they didn't seem to be annoyed by that fact, unlike her previous Educator. On the contrary, they were encouraging her to clarify what had prompted her to wonder about the magnetic field, or whatever else she started to explore. They would bring to her various models and devices, and tried to predict together with her the consequences of some modification. Mo-Ne-Ve was now 13 years old, and her Elementary Education of Core Sciences was accomplished. She was now attending the Third Stage — Unrestrained Curiosity Learning. 10
  • 11. quot;I think that electrons must look like whirlpoolsquot; she said one afternoon to Le-On-Ad. He was much, much older than she and Mo-Ne-Ve was always under the impression that Le-On was thinking of something else, in parallel to whatever they were talking about. He was visiting another group, but there were no restrictions on changing the Studios, and Mo-Ne-Ve often visited his class. quot;They certainly rotate or follow some closed trajectoryquot; replied Le-On-Ad in all his wisdom of a 15 years old, interested actually in painting. quot;Electrons must be some kind of vertices or rotary forms, there is no other way of moving in a completely full space.quot; Mo-Ne-Ve was seated on the table, half a way between Le-On-Ad's palette and the flower he was trying to paint. quot;And how do you think they are attracted to the protons?quot; quot;Protons are opposite vertices, like hurricanes are opposite to whirlpools. So that the substance emitted out by the protons is sacked in by the electrons.quot; quot;The electrons can't be always sacking in the stuff, they would just explode.quot; Le-On- Ad was annoyed for being disturbed in his effort to paint the read, blue and yellow petals of a flower placed in the front of his palette. quot;But they can radiate the matter at the same time. Once I have seen a lamp placed in a water fountain — the downstream water didn't prevent the light penetrating upwards... Who says that the light spectrum must have limits?quot; quot;Tell you what. Why you don't make a sketch of such an electron? I can’t follow what you have pictured in your mind.quot; “That's not a bed idea, you know,quot; replied Mo jumping from the table, and in a while she disappeared in her fluttering skirt, leaving Le-On to realise that now, he was missing her disruptions. Although he was unyielding and he focused on his work, his glance kept somehow slipping towards the door, hoping to see her returning. What is passion? It is surely the becoming of a person. (John Boorman) The majority of the Lemurian Youth progressed through the adolescent stages with an unprecedented speed; they matured intellectually, morally and ethically. The occurrences of momentous achievements in arts, break-throughs in science or, increasingly, both at the same time, became a standard, rather than an exception. Lemurian Youth did not waste their time. They aimed to free themselves from the restraints of ignorance with the same energy a child generated to free itself from the womb and from the cradle. They knew, they felt and they let it be known that the prolonged stay in the safety of the uterus, the delay in accepting the responsibility and initiative, meant the opposite of life. 11
  • 12. The Third Birth Who never loved, never lived. (paraphrased, John Gay) The Third Birth, glorified by all cultures and civilisations, and broadly felt to be something simultaneously physical and spiritual, was in health sciences described as achieving sexual maturity and a capability, not only to inseminate and conceive, but also to bring on the world and sustain the growth of a newborn child. Many people remember the discovery of their sexuality and accompanying joy as an event they refer to as being quot;born againquot;. However the full accomplishment was to come only when young Lemurians become capable of being responsible parents. Sexual and parenthood maturity was by and large recognised as a miracle of the regeneration. Parents projected forward their own genome branch by means of giving the life and the support to the next generation and guiding them towards achievement of their own intellectual, emotional, educational and creative maturity. quot;We don't know who or what they are, but the Military experts assured us that none of our, or neighbouring technologies are capable of such an intrusion over the whole communication system. So far, we have not seen any physical appearance of these Senders, but we do have electronic records, all sorts of phonetic evidence, and printed pages of their messages.“ The Coordinator was looking through the large glass wall at the two million population city, 17 floors below. No-Ja was sitting in an armchair on the opposite side of the room, one of some thirty Council advisors and executives, who were listening with undivided attention. Nobody interrupted the Coordinator for almost ten minutes, an unprecedented event at the Council meetings. No-Ja spoke only because he felt the total absence of questions was inhibiting the speaker: quot;Have there been any previous reports of unexplained communications, unofficial or official?quot; quot;None that I would be aware of. But the Senders themselves claim to have nourished, and discreetly protected some cases of exceptionally talented and gifted individuals, with the main aim of further enhancing their mental and intellectual growth. According to the Senders, those selected, although all progressed in their fields of interests and occupation, may not necessarily be aware of any external influence.” The Council of Advisors and Executives was the highest political institution in Lemuria. One or two of its members were replaced each year based on the national pool, and the Council elected the new Coordinator every five years. Major task of this Council was defined as overseeing that the freedom of Lemurians to explore within, and in special occasions beyond, the boundaries defined by the edges of chaos. 12
  • 13. For that purpose, the Council was entitled to order the services from any institution, and to form the expert bodies whose tasks were to manage and govern realisation of specific decisions. quot;Messages point at a kind of strongly emphasised invitation. They wish us to select an official body of three persons to whom they would communicate certain 'urgent matters of extraordinary importance'. That triumvirate would act as translators and conveyers of their advice. We can select two members, but we are asked to accept the third one — as chosen by the Senders.“ A murmur ran through the room. No-Ja shared the mixed feelings of astonishment with the rest of audience. Then, for some reason, he suddenly remembered a seven- year-old Mo-Ne-Ve telling A-Eg-Le and him about her nightmares. She dreamt of a lake being destroyed by a volcanic eruption. Most curiously, this was a dream similar to those experienced by A-Eg-Le before Mo was born. Health Advisors suggested that was just another invention of a child desiring more time with parents, and was no reason to worry, especially because her progress was otherwise distinctive in all regards. Mo-Ne-Ve was, at just about that time, invited to join the experimental school for exceptionally talented students. But, although Mo-Ne-Ve's progress continued to be brilliant, the dreams continued too, more or less unchanged through her teens, and just recently, their 23-year-old daughter had told them that they still recurred, unchanged. This totally occupied No-Ja's attention until he suddenly realised that Coordinator was staring at him. And so was everyone else in the room. Over Lemurian history, there were certain periods of suppression of sexual instincts and accompanying gifts awarded to humans by generous Mother Nature. Love, Sex and similar phenomena were considered to be immoral, sinful, or even unlawful. This was associated with certain religious and social misinterpretations. At some stages during their history, such repressions went so far that the Lemurian civilisation became endangered because its most attractive regeneration branches were deprived of growth. Fortunately, common sense and advances in science and technology gradually prevailed and eliminated such superstitions and ignorance. During the fourth quarter of the Lemurian civilisation, it was generally accepted that Third Birth was something like a merciful third stroke of the Nature Engine that awarded to Lemurian parents a kind of immortality-substitute by means of a generation iteration. Tremendous efforts made to increase the stroke-cycle periods and radii, to perfect the quality of each of its stages, brought in impressive results. Advances in Sciences enabled the Lemurians to live longer: average life expectancy was about 90 years. Their knowledge, awareness and understanding of their ambient had grown, and their own age and the number of descendants was controlled almost to the level of certainty as to how long they would live, and how many children they would send onto the same high-leaving-standard loop. 13
  • 14. To see coming toward you the face that will mean an end of oneness is — far more than birth itself — the beginning of new life. (Holly Roth) quot;Le-On, is that you!?quot; Mo-Ne-Ve's voice was as vibrant as he always remembered it, but her body and her face have taken on some new curves. quot;Hey, when did you arrive? I was looking for you yesterday, and I thought you'ld never make it in time.quot; It was the first official anniversary, five years after the first generation of Experimental Education School had graduated. It was a rather unusual reunion, because the term 'generation' did not imply equal age, but equal accomplishments, ambitions and determination to enroll in a focused stream of courses conducted at expert institutions. quot;Oh my father got transferred to South Island at rather short notice, and I had to help the family in arranging everything.quot; quot;But I heard this was quite a promotion. Not everybody's father gets an invitation to become the Chair of the Science Senate.quot; quot;It wasn't really an invitation, he has been appointed for a limited time by the Executive Secretary. But, how are you doing in the Civil Design Institute? We all expected you'd choose the Art Academy.quot; quot;Oh you'd be surprised how much art is needed when designing roads and towers. A bridge without beauty is like a woman without a smile.quot; quot;You rotten male chauvinist! What does your wisdom say about a man without a smile?quot; quot;But Mo, I'm smiling now, I see you again.quot; How are drawn those lines and shades So your face is bright and shining So that light is caught and fades And your smile is right and wining? Why I fly and sail like swallow When you call me with your whisper? Why the alps are looking shallow And my heart is stirred and crisper? How you stand and move so easy Like a swan and like a daisy When your lips, so soft and rosy Make my soul and mind so dizzy? And my wish and all my dreaming As my touch and words of lure See just you and you affirming That our love is still secure. 14
  • 15. The fulfillment of the Third Birth required more advanced conditions and states of the mind and body to be met. There is no doubt about the significance of sexual attraction and enjoyment in reproduction. Nearly all kinds of fauna undergo some form of sexual reproduction. However not in all instances this sexual attraction has evolved into something that involved more intricate phenomena such as tenderness, fidelity, love and a desire to grow better. Making just plain sex without the spiritual commitment to the partner was like hitting a drum, without a melody and a song. No matter how subtle the membrane was or how profound the rhythm; without the music and without a song, the result was blunt. Moreover, there was usually a good risk of unplanned conception present in such endeavours — a meticulous lure so well planned by the Mother Nature. However, an unwanted pregnancy and an accidental bringing into the World of a newborn baby would prove to be a futile act, as far as The Third Birth is concerned. Only a mature couple bonded by an unreserved love was capable of the all-embracing care, unselfish devotion and conscientious guardianship necessary for the successful upbringing of a new life. Not only wisdom, but the warning against the parents' follies, the mistakes suffered by predecessors, had to be patiently conveyed to the descendant whose only real option, if he or she was to survive, was to grow stronger and better than the parents. There were many generations of Oedipuses and Hamlets until the Lemurian parents learned how to sustain the Third Birth with the requisite care. It's love... that makes the world go 'round. (George V. Hobart) quot;We knew that such scale eruptions were likely to occur every 80,000 - 90,000 thousand years, and in fact, an explosion of the super-volcano somewhere on Earth is long overdue. However, it is not possible to predict with certainty where and when one of dozens of potential eruptions will take place. A this moment, the probability of the cataclysm taking place right here is over 85 %.“ 15
  • 16. No-Ja was looking at a full size humanoid clone sitting comfortably in the armchair in the front of him. The only peculiarities, apparent to a common observer, were the clone's perfect figure, his flawless skin and hair. But No-Ja knew better: this was the Visitor that inhabited the clone's physical structure. The best guess hypothesised by Lemurian scientists was that the Visitors were some form of crystals consisting of magnetic waves only. These highly organised wave-tangles were resistant to gravity, background radiation and other forms of electromagnetic waves. Vast memory and knowledge was stored in the nodes and links of these super-crystals, capable of relocating at will across large distances, free of temperature and pressure variations. No-Ja suspected that they could occupy any human body and mind to an extent equal to substituting a complete person. But it seemed that they respected naturally-evolved forms of life, and when they really needed it, they used a humanoid clone as a vehicle to communicate with human society. quot;How much time we actually do have? With our means of transport and the techniques available, we can re-locate over one million people beyond a radius of 5,000 km within a week. In fact, we can safely re-locate many species of flora and fauna as well....quot; quot;This certainly should be done, and we shall provide our help in this regard. But the immediate danger and the explosion itself is not what concerns us most. There are consequences that are impossible to predict.quot; quot;Is your presence endangered as well?quot; quot;We are not endangered, unless we transfer ourselves to the very centre of eruption at the time. The energies there will be of astronomical magnitudes, and even our structure would disintegrate at such level of temperature and pressure. From here, we can make an easy escape. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of your race.quot; quot;What is the actual size of the land to be destroyed by this forthcoming explosion?quot; Unlike the exact date of the First Birth, Mo-Ne-Ve and Le-On-Ad never knew when their love was born, and it was well after all the others noted their mutual affection, that they themselves became conscious of it. For some of their friends this was a pleasant surprise, for others it wasn't a surprise at all, and for a few, it wasn't pleasant after all. But the lovers do not think that they made a decision; they think they are chosen. They feel themselves subject to such an overall preoccupation that the others become just casual passersby if not total strangers. For Mo-Ne-Ve and Le-On-Ad, falling in love was like an arrival to a final destination, where everything was just about to begin. 16
  • 17. Insemination Common sense is a form of instinct, and common thinking is a form of life. The history of methods used by those who grasped power, provide numerous examples of the use, abuse and misuse of all kinds of resources in an effort to intensify and prolong the three known phases of life. Yet, the overindulging in any of these three states proved to be waste of the opportunity for further growth. The answer to the question whereabouts to search to extend life was to be found nowhere else but in the minds and souls of the searchers. Common to each of the three births was an accompanying spectacular increase in the sense of a fulfillment and a relief, followed by a dramatic increase in energy, enthusiasm and in an apprehension of the purpose of Life itself. But, as the Wheel of Nature continued its rotations, even the most ardent individuals were ultimately caught up by the ageing process. In spite of spectacular improvements in nutrition, health and safety standards, in spite an impressive extension of civilisation, the circle of human constraints continued to lead towards the inevitable end of the glamorous route of life. The secret of reaching the higher level of freedom, the fruitful seed planted by Evolution, remained hidden until the Lemurians began looking more carefully in a direction they had previously looked only superficially. Only when they started to listen with a greater attention to the signals that had been received for ages, did the meaning embedded in the fruits of the three births start to reveal itself. Eppur si muove. (And yet it does move.) (Galileo Galilei) That meeting was the last occasion for No-Ja to see a physical embodiment of a Sender. quot;This eruption will destroy anything between a mountain and a moderate-size island; if it occurs close to a seashore, the resulting tidal wave will almost certainly hit the surrounding coasts with a speed of over 700 km/h within a radius of several thousand kilometers. But these are only the initial and relatively minor consequences...quot; No-Ja realised that he had subconsciously moved his hand closer to a communicator button engraved with Mo-Ne-Ve's initials. quot;Minor consequences? It's not that we really owe it to our neighbours on the other coast, but they should be warned that their coastal villages are just about to be wiped out...quot; quot;We shall warn them. But we do not have too much time... The consequences I refer to are of a magnitude of geo-astronomical change. Worldwide temperatures will drop significantly during a long period of volcanic ash winter...quot; 17
  • 18. quot;Our energy sources have significantly improved over last decades. The permanent magnet rotors can produce...quot; quot;... the sea will freeze, which will affect both fauna and flora, up to a level of extinction of some species. This is not all.quot; quot;Well, I'm starting to wonder whether we should worry about what else can break after that...quot; “Rather than worrying, we should understand and act.quot; quot;You said 'this is not all...'quot; No-Ja believed nothing could shake him any more. quot;An explosion of that magnitude may alter the Earth's axis.quot; No-Ja could no longer resist his impulse to activate the link with Mo's home. The Visitor sat motionless. Mo appeared on the screen. She was in the kitchen, both hands busy loading vegetables into a steaming pot. quot;Yes Dada, what can I do for the Scientific Board here, behind the oven?quot; Mo-Ne-Ve did not look at the screen, being focused on hot water pouring out of the over-packed pot. No-Ja felt as though his whole face had started to shrink but he managed to control his voice. The Visitor remained immobile but his eyes, or was No-Ja just imagining it, assumed a shade that almost gave his face a tinge of sorrow. This almost undetectable change had a sobering effect on No-Ja. quot;Mo, Mum and I would like to have a dinner with Le-On-Ad and you. Could you make enough food for two self-invited visitors?quot; quot;Sure. When are you coming? In fact, Le-On wanted to show you his recent drawing of a bridge...quot; quot;Good, we'll chat about it over dinner. Seven sharp?quot; quot;Done.quot; The kitchen scene disappeared. quot;The Earth's axis may change its angle if the explosion magnitude exceeds a certain level.quot; continued the Visitor as though there had been no interruption, turning towards the model of the Globe, gracefully inclined in its acrylic frame. quot;It may not be shattered to an extent that would propel the surface inhabitants into space, but the poles and ice caps may change their positions. Under these conditions, tectonic plate shifts and aftermath earthquakes are almost certain.quot; If you ask a scientist what he associates with a circular process, most likely he will reply: life. (Stanislaw Lem) The three phases of life each brought man to a new departing point. In a way, the first and the third stage were alike: both brought creation and cessation, life and death, close together, a narrow gap almost invisible and imperceptible. Chance, instinct, spasm or rational help, made the difference between the two. 18
  • 19. The fires, lit at a birth, shone and flared for years, sometimes for many decades, and then they would weaken and wane, until they became just warm spots in memories. Was there hidden, somewhere in the circle of life, yet another spark? Did there exist a possible secret trajectory waiting ready to lead to an upper and advanced level? I know that we don't have time. It doesn't exist. The signs of such trajectories were long known and many thinkers and strategists pointed to the enhancing effects of team spirit, sympathy, unselfish collaboration and similar social attitudes. The Lemurians long recognised that the spirit of troops, gangs or crews made a critical difference. Of two, otherwise equal, competing teams in any given game, the winner was the one with players able to anticipate each others' thoughts, who accepted the common goal and selflessly supported each others' efforts; a synchronized crew was able to achieve miraculous results. Although everybody agreed that the key for such achievements was in harmonious, concordant and coordinated cooperation, centuries passed before the first serious attempts were made to study and understand this common spirit. If the Universe was indeed a boundless Chaos inseminated by rare domains of decreased entropy where, for some unknown reasons, Intelligence emerged out of an infinite abyss, survived the friction and radiation and regenerated itself on any scale of imaginary time, what was the cause, the initial stimulus, the agent that ignited the first spark and started this nucleation? Could it be that the pure Chance, out of immense variations and mutations of eternal matter, was also ejecting organised structures that would vanish into eternal space and disappear never to happen again? Unless, by yet another chance, a favorable ambient was met, a catalyst and incubator that enhanced growth and further evolution. The universe seemed to be timeless, passionless and endless. Matter forms existed and pervaded all observable space as interference patterns of primordial radiation and vibrations in this ceaseless variety. The Visitors came out of that abyss attracted by the signs indicating that Life was born on a blue planet, separated by galactic distances from their constellations. Their instruments detected emissions of radiation and filtered textures of intelligence. They overcame the traps and perils of that immense journey relying on their knowledge and in some instances on sheer luck. They found what they were looking for: a precious spring of life set on a yet unknown course offering a treasure of new evolution codes. 19
  • 20. They watched for a long time and from a distance, carefully studying the creations of the Mother Nature, cautiously taking care not to disturb these rare forms of life. New solutions and unheard-of phenomena were discovered daily during their meticulous explorations. The value of their findings increased with their ability to understand it, while the hope of multiplying this capability by means of communication with the new civilisation was becoming a quite real expectation. However, turns in the processes of the universe exposed both Chaos and Life to dramatic changes. The cataclysmic magma threatened to erupt and annihilate the civilisation that was built by Lemurians over the millennia; this would destroy or downgrade most if not all achievements of that race. The Visitors were facing a development that challenged the limits of their own capabilities. quot;We cannot squeeze within several years, not even within several hundreds of years, all that Evolution needed millions of years to accomplish. Remember that we were looking for the germs of the Fourth Birth for over 200 years. This couple could be the first of their kind to carry the nucleus of a Fourth Birth.quot; quot;We shall have to isolate them from their race, at least for some period. As soon as their countrymen realise that the Chosen are different, they will feel jealousy and envy, and start looking at the Chosen as some kind of outcast.quot; quot;The Chosen themselves wouldn't agree to accept a privileged status while their people are dying.quot; quot;We should arrange for their return in three separate stages. First, to ensure the spreading of the First Birth phenomena, and then — in one or two millennia intervals — they may return to ensure dispersion of the Second and Third birth.quot; ''They cannot be told all that at once. Who would believe that their race was so close to the Fourth Birth and now they have to return to the lower levels.quot; quot;A convenient location should be chosen for their return. Some kind of an isolated island with a moderate climate... The best would be an inland sea surrounded by highland, to minimise temperature and pressure variations. But I am more concerned with something else: their psychology does not tolerate restrictions and bans.quot; quot;I believe a small trick will do the job. We shall create ideal conditions for learning, access to knowledge and free love, but pretend that all this is forbidden fruit during the First Return.quot; quot;What are the coordinates for the Transition Station?quot; quot;We can use the installations in the pentagon of the constellation Ara. Before we depart, there are many things we should do for the Lemurians. I shall remain in contact with No-Ja ...quot; quot;We cannot predict the shift in the inclination of Earth's axis. The formation of a new ocean may also influence the gyroscopic effect...quot; 20
  • 21. Foetus As for me, I know of nothing else but miracles. (Walt Whitman) Over history, the leaders of religious movements have perfected methods of igniting the joint feelings of belonging to a faction, a sect and a mob. Mass media, newspapers, TV, have industrialised the manipulation of people's opinions, and political factions have taken advantage of this to drive whole nations to abysses such as rampant nationalism and wars. These are cases of engaging the right tools for wrong purposes. Both leaders and followers were misguided. For what they were striving for was missed; at the best, the aging process of the ''winners'' was just slowed down, and the known phases of the life circle were endowed and decorated on their downhill route; not rarely such enterprises led just to an ornamented scaffold. Life was a commonwealth that could not be stolen nor seized. Another, seemingly peripheral phenomenon has always been a social focal point for human society, yet it has been classified as a somewhat casual, not really serious levitation of the public moods and spirit: the so called show-performances that bring the audience to a point of ecstasy and euphoria, propels actors, athletes and singers to pedestals of glory and fame. Many people have identified themselves with show- personalities, indulged in adoring their paradigms, mimicking their hair-styles and consuming at all costs ideas promoted by their idols. In not-rare cases of an unfortunate and abrupt ending of these careers (such as premature death due to a drug overdose) these images and ideas continued to live with startling intensity for decades. In exceptional cases, they were conveyed through several generations. The progress of the human race has established a small corner of order in an infinitely disordered space. (Stephen Hawking, paraphrased) But, the least popularised, while the most respectable, work of scientists in the loneliness of their laboratories and the quietness of libraries, outshines all the above examples. For they have taken, over the centuries, the crystallised knowledge, strenuously building new cells, adding to its sophisticated structure and passing it on to the next generations. Why did they work so enthusiastically in creating something that would be used long after they vanish; why did they establish something that will last longer than themselves? The simplest answer is that this was the only way to overcome mortality. The nucleation of thought and understanding in the depths of the mind and in the midst of feelings dictated by the spirit, the shaping and translating of it into signals, and above all, the transference and communication to others, this process is in fact equal to the miracle of a birth. The Lemurian Civilisation was approaching the closure of its last quarter when their scientists started to understand the true meaning of the term Common Knowledge. 21
  • 22. Some politicians suggested that, taking the possibility of a catastrophe of continental proportions seriously, the whole Affair should be kept confidential as long as possible. The rationale for this suppression of information included preventing a state-wide panic because it was obviously impossible to evacuate the whole nation in the case of a cataclysm of geo-astronomic magnitude. When reports of geologists and seismologists began to confirm the most pessimistic prognoses delivered regularly by the Visitors, the promoters of secrecy recommended the publishing of these facts to be postponed, or at least to tailor their content to mask their actual significance. However, No-Ja's team, with some help from the Visitors, organised a series of presentations on national TV networks that provided complete and updated information. Twice per day and seven days per week a competent presentation of seismological findings and discussions of experts had become the most popular programme both on TV and on Radio stations. At one stage this popularity sparked a bitter dispute amongst several leading advertising agencies who fought for direct connections to relevant broadcasting times. Experts were systematically providing prognoses and explanations of factual significance of the overall development. At the same time, a National Programme of strategic evacuation of Southern Urban centres had become a reality. quot;We are not here to harm you, but we have to tell you that your omen-dream will unfortunately become a reality. The volcano beneath Lake Toba will erupt and the whole Southern Island will collapse. Your countrymen have already started evacuation, but it is impossible to predict the course of events. We are unable to take your people with us, they are not ready for transformation included in such displacement... with some exceptions.'' Mo-Ne-Ve looked at the clock: it was half past two in the morning. She could not decide from which direction the voice was coming, nor was she aware how long she had been listening to it. However, one thing she was sure of: this time it was not a dream. ''You should concentrate on your hopes, desires and longings. We'll give you access to our database and the knowledge strata. You'll be guided how to orient yourself and understand the contents you choose. However, your ambitions, hopes and desires are entirely yours; this is something nobody can give you.quot; ''You will fall asleep now, and we'll take your spirit, memories, feelings, beliefs and hopes with us. And when you return, you will not remember this trip, nor this conversation. The landscape where you'll find yourself will be new, but safe and friendly, and you'll recognise your body and skills. You will be not alone there, and one day you may recall the time spent with us.quot; A tangle of numerous questions started to form in Mo-Ne-Ve's brain. But she felt that one, out of that maze, was emerging irresistibly on the top of her mind: quot;What will happen to Le-On?“ She did not manage to either suppress, or to voice this before sleep overwhelmed her. She slept long and safe like the foetus in a mother's womb. 22
  • 23. The Fourth Birth Fire, Water and Emotions are good servants, but bed masters. The landscape above the waterfront of Lake Toba was waiting patiently for the first rays of light before dawn. The surface of the lagoons rippled in the breeze, as though affronted by the dying of the dark. But that morning the light that shone onto the deserted city on the lakeshore slopes, did not come from the east, nor from anywhere else around the perimeter of the line connecting the sky and the land. It came out of the lake depths, soaring upwards from an unstoppable stream of lava that annihilated megatons of water mass. The southern Island trembled for the last time in its eonic life. Less than an hour later, the sun rose above the clouds of dust and steam, as strong and hot as ever. But its rays were unable to reach the surface of the land below. Even if they could break thorough the dense clouds of ash, they would never again shine on the Southern Island; where it had been was a muddy, boiling mass of newborn sea that had just poured into its new cradle. The resounding crash of thunderstorms and waves seemed to have extinguished all signs of life in the crushing darkness. However, nothing was more untrue: millions of bacterias, archaeas, eucaryas and other forms of life multiplied in the warm depths and rushed to dispatch their descendants across the corridors of evolution. Only very few of them would meet the intelligence — thousands of years later. Le-On-Ad had resisted turning his sight away from the boiling crater where the turbulent water streams were swallowing everything he had known. The continent was disappearing in slow motion, transforming itself into a mixture of smoke, dust, boiling water and lava. Layers of steam and ash spread above the surface but, with the powerful invert periscope that could penetrate deeply below the clouds at his disposal, he was able to observe the whole scene at various magnifications. He didn’t understand how this was possible, but he has been lifted above the clouds, above the stratosphere and above his despair with a speed that seemed to him to be faster than his own thoughts. 23
  • 24. Hundreds of Lemurian flying machines departed for the last time from their stations, and turned in the direction of the distant landmasses. They carried aboard stocks of food, tools, materials, volumes of knowledge records and even several clones. They all were aware of the enormous value of their cargo, but none of them would hesitate one second to exchange it for a new homeland. No-Ja would awake every morning bitterly astonished when he realised that his brain still operated rationally. Over the weeks since the catastrophe he had seen too many people suffer a mental collapse. After two months of steady navigation towards the west, he followed the advice given by the Visitors and anchored his small fleet behind an elongated archipelago to take the passengers and crew to the top of the highest island on the western side. They watched the sparks of light on the eastern horizon for a long time. The land was heavily shaken and soon they could make out gray-black clouds of ash rising in the east. In few minutes later they heard the reverberation, and, in the early hours of the following morning a giant wave raced across the sea and drove over the eastern islands at a speed of 600 kilometers per hour. In the backwash the sea retreated until they could see the seabed around the archipelago. Several flying machines were observed passing towards the north. No-Ja had chosen the ships, because they could carry large numbers of passengers and other precious resources. Ultimately they did not depend on the fuel reserves, and if the worst came to the worst, they would be floating on the largest reservoir of food on the whole planet. ''I agree with you. We shall keep sailing towards the west, this is the easiest direction to follow,quot; he said to the Navigator who was standing with him on the command bridge. Asa-Se-Ja, the Navigator he had selected for their small fleet consisting of only three ships, was perhaps rather old for this kind of adventure, but he didn't seem to be bothered by his age. Nobody really knew how old he actually was, because Asa-Se-Ja had spent the last decade or two sailing on his own across the southern ocean in his catamaran. However, his reputation — while he was active as a marine navigator — in a series of rescue operations during the cyclone seasons, had made him a legend in the naval academy. They preserved all sources of energy, using the light sources and motors only when absolutely necessary. Asa-Se-Ja installed the sondes — narrow containers attached to chains for checking the seabed depth — at the stern of each ship. They were constantly checked for traces of algae, shells, mud or anything that could indicate contact with the seabed. Watchmen observed the horizon during the daytime, and during night they would slow down as much as the winds and sea current would allow. On the fourth day on the sea, the waves became lower and wind force diminished, but the sky remained obscured by the dark grey clouds that merged with the blue line of a horizon. 24
  • 25. Numerous groups of refugees departed in differing directions as suggested by the Evacuation Instructions. Initially several groups maintained communication, but after several months, some lost contact while others abandoned their efforts to get a response. Unpredictable chance was merciful towards some and indifferently cruel towards others. Over the following years, the continental ice sheets expanded starting from newborn poles and stretching out towards the newly formed Equator. All forms of animal life and vegetation were devastated by long-time decreases in temperature and constant precipitation. Only isolated islands of flora and fauna, and even more sporadic groups of humans survived. Several light years away, Mo-Ne-Ve was experiencing a journey which was, despite the feelings of desperation, hopelessness and sadness stirred by memories of her lost world, renewing her whole being. She was undergoing a transformation that gave her independence from her body, limbs, blood vessels and everything that represented the physical and organic form of her being. At the same time, she realised she had acquired an ability to see her body in intense detail, with all its arteries and veins and nerves, including a comprehension of all bodily functions, permanently recorded in her memory and available for reviewing at will. Her perception of her surroundings had increased manifoldly. She slowly realised that she now had access to a vast range of knowledge of the phenomena observed in her ambient. ''How did I become capable of doing these things?“ ''Only a few people from your race have come close to a shift towards this level which, in terms of your evolution we denote the Fourth Birth. Unfortunately, these rare cases reached this stage very late, at the closure of your life cycle, when they were much too old for transformation. A chance decided that on the eve of titanic natural catastrophe, we have discovered several individuals that have reached the Second Birth very early. In all probability, this meant that they could reach the Third Stage and approach the Fourth Birth well in time.quot; Mo-Ne-Ve could not explain this yet, but somehow she was now able of using immense database, descriptions and models of whatever her mind turned to. It did not matter how far, how large, or how miniature the object of her concern was. When she thought of her body, its model appeared in a kind of transparent ellipsoid, as a complete three-dimensional reproduction. She had only to concentrate on the inner organs to make the model become transparent, and she now observed her heart pulsing within her chest. Some organs or their parts were all crystal clear while the other were vague and not clearly defined. She soon realised that this depended on her knowledge about the particular detail. When she focused on the tissue of arteries, an indicator pointed to relevant topics, and she could choose what to learn about. Her mind was able to generate a pertinent model, systematically presenting its structure and relevant facts in the form of alphanumeric and graphic explanations. Diagrams, replicas and 25
  • 26. definitions were available almost instantaneously as she began thinking about some object or notion. At first this stirred a vertigo in her mind as the whirl of information could be initiated at any point. However she had unlimited time to become accustomed to controlling the process and gradually she was able to direct the flow of information in a selected direction thus establishing an organised structure of knowledge. The experience and training gained during the Unrestrained Curiosity Driven Studies had helped her greatly in constructing a rational grid of questions and widening her cognition of this new and amazing ambient. What concerns us is not your speed, it's when you may stop. (a Mandarin phrase) ''Your race is following an evolution completely differing from ours. However, in principle, this is a process where one kind of matter is maintained within chaos of a certain degree. Space around us is occupied by an infinite variety of motion patterns. The forms, which by some chance develop a certain level of integrity and sustain it in such an ambient, have an opportunity to adjust to it by virtue of mutating. Evolution on the earth has permuted the clusters of molecules for millions of years, until favourable combinations have enabled oxygenic photosynthesis, aerobic cellular respiration and the subsequent development of living organisms. Millions of years were needed before life progressed on the grounds established by eukaryote, fungi and phyla, to reach the complex forms of animal life such as your kind.” ''Evolution does not guarantees survival of new forms. Many mutations have reached dead ends and the whole classes of species have disappeared, such as all kinds of non- avian dinosaurs. Your race is very advanced in terms of life forms on the Earth; however in order to survive you must continue developing. Any stagnation and delay are nothing but the waiting for the strike of disaster.“ ''We do not know where your evolution would have led if it had not been disrupted by this catastrophe. However, we are able to extrapolate possible immediate developments, on the basis of our long term observations. Your race was at a stage when it prolonged its existence by the destruction of other organised forms, such as various animals and plants, and moreover it was disrupting other well established processes important for the balance of your planet. This approach to your ambient is deeply embedded in your psychology, your feelings, instincts and reactions. Your social structures further mirror that psychology. Social habits, communication, norms, technology and expectations reflect such survival instincts, including an impetus for destroying everything that can be consumed. With an increase in your knowledge and understanding of your ambient, including your own kind, you have started developing more advanced codes, ethics and norms. This new spirit and advanced civilisation were a necessary counterbalance to the mentality of aggression and willful damage to your environment.“ 26
  • 27. quot;Why you are doing all this... helping us?'‘ quot;We also have learned from our errors. We would not have become what we are now without understanding that ours is not the only possible avenue for advancement. We do not have any universal solution to all problems, but we do know that a harmonious coexistence can be established only by studying and understanding the phenomena around us. Life is very rare phenomenon in the Universe, and the number of intelligent forms we have discovered thus far is smaller than the number of protons in a water molecule.'' quot;Why did you choose me?“ ''You appear to be an extreme case in your culture. The Lemurian social structure is very diverse, as is the nature that surrounds you. It includes many shades of psychological and social fabric, models of behaviour and the states of mind. The formation of moral and ethical values, an ability to understand other forms of life and the flow of natural processes, all this could be achieved only by systematic education and a constructive upbringing. Not all layers nor individuals in your society had the same conditions for this development. Therefore, other routes were sought, and some of them did lead to an apparent increase in safety, powers and prosperity. However a high standard of living, and well-being do not alone present a real solution. Awareness of the approaching end of life, and the ultimate loss of all possessions becomes sharper with an increase in holdings. Desperate efforts to compensate for this by means of intensifying the joys of life are merely a personal response which leads only to widening the gulf between individuals. Instead of collaborating, society allows mistrust, disappointment and misunderstanding to grow, inciting hatred, arrogance and greed. It's a deadly loop in which those left behind in the race for power and wealth, those ignored, robbed or deceived, feel defeat, alienation and fear. A spirit overwhelmed by these negative emotions is impeded; a mind deprived of positive aspirations cannot grow towards higher levels of existence.“ ''Your ambitions, desires and expectations can become true only if they are in harmony with your ambient. If they are destructive, if they intensify the chaos, they will sooner or later destroy their own origin as well. The structures of higher order cannot sustain their existence if they increase friction, decay and obstruction. This can be achieved only by some way of harmonious transformation, without rupturing the environment and in particular without destroying other forms of life. Unfortunately, the most influential circles in your society do not understand this yet. They are able to see only the superficial effects. Assaults on Nature, and abuse of those of your own kind in an attempt to take a selfish advantage, lead only to greater antagonism, dissatisfaction, confrontation and disorder. A psychosis loaded with negative emotions spreads like a malign cancer and instigates a decay, which even we are unable to prevent. Under 27
  • 28. such circumstances, far from our home settlement, we are capable of improvising only: we can set up the isolated conditions for transformation of only few of your race, those who have been looking for new paths.“ quot;How old is your civilisation?“ ''This cannot be expressed in terms of your concept of time. In fact, a phenomenon such as time does not really exist. There are only relations occurring among the differing processes. The surviving forms permute and amalgamate with the ambient along the scales of surrounding motions.” “You do not have terms to describe us, so we shall use an analogy: life differs from non-living processes by its ability to exchange matter forms and information. Only those life forms capable of memorising and controlling those interchanges survive. Higher life forms use more advanced, more complex information and processes. Knowledge is typical for such an advanced level, and the ability of commuting and distributing it grows with the learning process. But knowledge serves life only if it is led by lucid intentions, amicable feelings and edifying hopes. Hope is the seed of new life, just like an embryo is the nucleus that leads to the growth of a foetus. You hoped to comprehend the whole world when you asked, as a little girl, what the stars and electrons were. Remember how your education has helped you to reach your goals? When you fell in love with Le-On-Ad, you hoped this feeling will be returned, and now, when you know this love is mutual, you are hoping it's eternal.quot; ''Your scientists were correct in that our existence is based on a crystal network of magnetic waves. But this is still only a psychosomatic base for our functions. Nor can human beings be described by the anatomy only. One has to understand how the nervous system operates, and how perceptions, will and commands are stored and transferred from the brain. You should realise that electromagnetic waves are not the limiting level of motion. In an analogy to your nervous system, where the neural ensemble employs bio-electrical and chemical processes, our crystal cells communicate by virtue of a sub-photonic substance that vibrates beyond the electromagnetic wavelengths known to Lemurian science.“ 28
  • 29. quot;We can adjust our sensory system to refine the frequency of perceptions to what corresponds to nanoseconds of your time. Or we can change resolution to a 'higher magnification' thus observing processes on large scales and over long periods. Our beings transform with the nature of processes that dominate in the particular surrounding we have entered. Some of these modifications occur faster than the light rays refract in a lens. Other started before your Sun made its first spiral in the Milky Way.“ ''Your race is bound to the surface of the Blue Planet, and in terms of its revolutions about the Sun, our conversation has taken several thousand years. It's time for your first return to the Earth. You shall meet over there somebody you have never forgotten. Le-On-Ad's fate is the same as yours.“ God created man in his own image. (Hebrew/Christian Creation Myth) Many centuries passed, and the ice sheets, which expanded, threatening to cover the whole planet after the catastrophe of Lemuria, started to retreat, revealing the land and sea and filling the river beds and lakes. Plants, encouraged by the warm sun, rushed to cover the bare surfaces. The remnants of surviving groups of the animal kingdom spread in the wake of the vegetation. Tribes of Homo Sapiens that survived in the regions we today call China and India, conveyed for generations the legends about unknown beings who came from the sky. They never understood why and where the Strangers were going, nor what they were looking for, but they did all they could to attract their return. Because the Strangers brought many novel and useful tools and means. In the heart of former Lemuria, the tips of the highest mountains can still be seen: this island arc formed by a shift of plate tectonics, called the Mariana Islands stretch along the deepest crevasse, over 10,000 meters below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. Most of the islands in the surrounding area still exhibit seismic activity and, on occasion, volcanic eruptions. Nations that have recovered in the regions of China, Japan and Australasia display cultural and anthropological characteristics, as well as technical artifacts, the roots and not rarely, the meaning of which science cannot explain sufficiently. Further towards the West, in the centre of the African continent, descendent of Lemurians emerged bringing tools and knowledge that contributed to the momentous acceleration in progress of Homo Sapiens. On the other side of the Atlantic, a group of spacecraft reached the highlands of the Andes, and their crews merged with the tribes populating Central America and the adjacent regions. 29
  • 30. Another wave of glacial ice came and retreated without succeeding in extinguishing the more advanced forms of life. Many tribes had already acquired skills in igniting and preserving a new source of heat — fire — even during the wildest storms. People had learned how to manufacture tools, and if, along their hunting routes there were no caves or other natural shelters, they were able to raise artificial coverts where they could retreat, rest and convey knowledge to their offspring. Visits by Strangers continued over millennia in all parts of world, unexplained but always bringing help and advances to Mankind. People used differing names for Strangers, but all myths agreed that these mysterious beings possessed exceptional capabilities and knowledge; translations of their names from numerous languages can be summed into one single word: Creators. Initially this was connected with the notion of a large number of Creators, but as the millennia passed, the visits by Creators were less frequent, and their numbers seemed to be decreasing. Finally, most people believed that there existed one single Creator only. Differing nations used names such as God, Ra, Allah, Deus, Lord, and a number of other names, and for some reason most people associated him with a human appearance, as they longed, deep in their souls, to believe that he was also — a Man. The End 30