Sprout Building Brands On Social Networks Feb 4th 2010

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The intro presentation to our Building Brands on Social Networks event in San Francisco, CA on February 4th, 2010 presented by Roland Smart.

The intro presentation to our Building Brands on Social Networks event in San Francisco, CA on February 4th, 2010 presented by Roland Smart.

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  • WelcomeSocial Media WeekSponsors Thank You
  • Help brand engage at various points in the engagement cycleAds, Fan Pages, Publishing, AppsWe work with BRANDS and AGENCIESI’ll talk about Fan Pages, Publishing & AppsCarnet will talk about ads
  • Sharing what we’ve learned with these companies.We’re a Facebook preferred developerPartners whose platforms are essential to the growth of social media
  • Technology perspectiveClose relationship with social platformsconsolidation in the eco-system
  • Maturity of the early adopters leads to greater expectationsGood news: this is possible with increased portability of social graph data through APIs Facebook Connect
  • The most effective tool, but also under utilized.Related Research“The most common marketing tactic used on Facebook was attempting to drive traffic to corporate materials through status updates, followed by friending customers. But the most effective tactic for consumer-oriented companies was creating a Facebook application, which was done by less than one-quarter of total respondents
  • To understand how to integrate your efforts you have to understand the relationship between ads (on and off social networks), fan pages, engagement apps and micro-sites.
  • It is possible to optimize display ads based on performance metrics and eventually to find ways to incorporate social graph data.
  • Best PracticesMake fan pages the default tabIncorporate social hooksDeliver on a clear value proposition
  • Best PracticesInclude links to appsFocus on interactive contentHighlight user generated contentRegularize schedule to set expectationsAnd, don’t over-saturate the stream!
  • Best PracticesAnticipate broad use Cross promote/messagePlace redirects to apps within page tabs
  • Clear valueBuild fan base
  • Not every campaign will go viral, but every campaign should be viral readyThe activity stream offers72% of content that is published to friends’ steam gets interacted with!


  • 1. Building brands on social networks
    A Half-Day Summit by Sprout
  • 2. improving the way brands connect with consumers online by delivering personally relevant content that drives engagement
    Display Ads
    Fan Pages
    Engagement Apps
  • 3. Who we work with
  • 4. How Sprout fits in
  • 5. Why are we here today
    Social networks are evolving rapidly, so we’re here to:
    1. Make sense of the complex landscape of social media.
    2. Share best practices, case studies and market trends.
    3. Inspire you to imagine what’s possible for your brand.
    4. Get a dialogue started about how to better leverage social networks.
  • 6. What’s happening Right now?
    A shift from: growth to engagement
  • 7. We read the writing on the wall
    Senior marketers prioritize apps, but may be missing the value of integration.
  • 8. Getting the most value from apps
    Integrated Approach = Greater ROI
    Fan Pages
    Display Ads
    Engagement Apps
  • 9. The integrated engagement engine
  • 10. Fan Pages
  • 11. IDENTIFY: Fan pages
    Relationship Management
    Community moderation
    Delivering value
    Coupons / deals
    Twitter feed
    Video feeds
    Plus, promote
    your engagement
  • 12. The importance of in stream messaging
    Fan pages and publishing work together
    Key Takeaway
    Greater fan page interaction leads to greater in-stream presence
    Cost Savings
    In stream messages can be as, if not more, effective than many online display ads.
  • 13. How many fan pages do I need?
    Consider your fan page strategy because you may have to live with it
    387,152 fans
    3,168,610 fans
    34,480 fans
    21,432 fans
  • 14. From Fan Pages to Engagement App
  • 15. The Engagement application
  • 16. The Engagement application
    Start with the value
    Define goals
    Include content strategy up front
    Include UX up front
    Viral Ready
    Aim for the activity stream
    Contests with network actions
    Moderation... in moderation
    Make it too complex
    Avoid in arduous pre-rolls
    Avoid barriers to entry
  • 17. Metrics & reporting
    Google Analytics
    Fan Pages
    In Steam Messages
    Display Ads
    Display Ads
  • 18. Unique Visitors: The number of visitors your campaign receives.
    Visits: The number of visits your campaign receives.
    Page Views: Page Views is the total number of page impressions rendered.
    Time in Campaign: Total time, video plays, on particular pages, etc.
    Actions: The number of times users completed an action (click, watch, etc)
    Posts To Wall: The number of users who posted and shared to a wall.
    Shares from Stream: Number of times a message is shared from a fan’s stream
    Total # of referrals: The number of links out of the experience to a landing page.
    Some of what you’ll want to track
  • 19. Disney Website
    xxx,xxx Clicks
    Grab an Alien
    xxx,xxx Clicks
    Get Tickets
    Visualize your data
  • 20. Entries
    Grab Again (xx,xxxEvents)
    Get Started
    Pick Alien
    xx %
    Grab an Alien
    Gift (self & friend)
    Post to Wall
    Create Engagement funnels
  • 21. 3 Predications for 2010
    Branded Content:
    Greater integration of user-generated
    content in the Activity Stream
    New rules will reward value
    Social Graph Data:
    Innovation in behavioral targeting
    Innovation integrating social graph data into content
    Increased connectivity
  • 22. Thanks!
    Roland Smart
    Marketing Samurai - Sprout
    Created with the Afro Samurai Engagement App