How Zillow Connected Thousands of Homeowners With President Obama


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Since 2008, the U.S. housing market has been volatile. Current and aspiring homeowners across the country need advice. This case study highlights how Zillow, the leading online real estate marketplace, was able to create a citizen-generated discussion with President Obama.

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How Zillow Connected Thousands of Homeowners With President Obama

  1. 1. share with a colleague ENABLING LARGE ORGANIZATIONS TO BE SOCIAL@SCALE © SPRINKLR, 2013 How Zillow Connected Thousands of Homeowners with President Obama Objective: Conversation Management Solutions: Social Feedback App, Monitoring & Reporting Dashboards Read more... WHAT HAPPENED? Zillow received a unique and exclusive opportunity to facilitate a citizen-generated discussion with President Obama. Knowing that time was of the essence, Zillow approached Sprinklr with the need to quickly create a solution to solicit and effectively manage large volumes of questions from the public. Emphasis on “quickly.” With determination (and a ridiculous amount of caffeine), the Development Team and Success Team worked with Zillow over the weekend to create and launch a custom Facebook App. The Support Team also stayed on call during the event to make sure the App could handle heavy surges in traffic. After all, we are talking about the #POTUS. “Through a collaborative effort with Sprinklr, Zillow was able to strategically process and engage with thousands of Americans across the country, acting as a valuable conduit between homeowners and the White House” said Zillow Senior Marketing Manager Whitney Curry. “The event went off without a hitch. It was definitely a team effort.” THE RESULTS While the event was successful in terms of audience participation — with thousands of submissions flooding in via social channels during the three-day THE STORY Since 2008, the housing market has been volatile. Even with the economy steadily improving, many homeowners still find themselves requiring assistance to keep their properties. Aspiring homeowners and renters struggle to even enter the market. They need advice. Zillow, the leading online real estate marketplace, wanted to help. time frame — it also garnered media attention from major publications like The Wall Street Journal, USA TODAY, Yahoo! News, The Washington Post, CNBC, CNN and more. Even more importantly, the event showed that Zillow cares — reinforcing their mission to provide consumers with information and tools to make smart decisions about homes, real estate and mortgages. By giving citizens this extraordinary opportunity to voice their concerns, Zillow demonstrated how a brand can BE Social and do it at Scale. The message is clear: everyone should be empowered and educated when making their home purchasing decisions…and Zillow is the source of that empowerment.
  2. 2. ENABLING LARGE ORGANIZATIONS TO BE SOCIAL@SCALE © SPRINKLR, 2013 share with a colleague Are you social at scale? multi-division multi-channel multi-function WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU THE TECHNOLOGY: • Sprinklr’s Social Feedback App enables brands to effectively manage and centralize large volumes of social activity. • Sprinklr’s Monitoring Dashboards give you a complete understanding of your social presence by tracking audience engagement, and allowing you to escalate, route, and respond to messages in an efficient way. • Once your campaign wraps up, the Reporting Dashboards outline the data most relevant to your brand — actionable insights you can apply toward future campaigns. THE SERVICE: Sprinklr’s Development, Success, and Support Teams work alongside clients to help them achieve their social goals, so that they can fully benefit from the technology. AUDIENCE GROWTH*: 2,200+ New fans on Facebook 1,600+ New followers on Twitter TOTAL REACH: 55,000,000+ *Figures from 8/5/13-8/11/13. A BREAKDOWN OF THE NUMBERS: SUBMISSIONS: 400+ via Zillow White House Facebook App 6,900+ via #AskObamaHousing TWITTER & FACEBOOK ENGAGEMENT: 950+ Likes/Favorites 2,700+ Comments/@replies 950+ Shares/RTs