Short Stories for Teenagers
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Short Stories for Teenagers



Six stories about six different teenagers: ...

Six stories about six different teenagers:

Pamela - Will she survive her date with a stranger?

Rachel - She won't let anything stop her from going to the prom, not even a baby.

Ryan - He finally got a date with one of the most popular girls in school, but will she give him what he's expecting to get from her?

Andrea - People keep talking about her and Jerry which is making her feel very uncomfortable. Should she sacrifice her friendship to end the gossip?

Judy - Bob bosses her around and treats her like dirt. Should she stay with him or find someone new?

Whitney - Jerome has been taking her for granted and she's sick of it. She found someone else who treats her better, but will it last?

Find out what happens to these six teenagers in these amazing short stories.



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Short Stories for Teenagers Short Stories for Teenagers Document Transcript

  • Copyright © 2013 by Christine John. All rights reserved.
  • Short Stories for TeenagersBy Christine JohnCopyright © 2013. All rights reserved.
  • Short Stories for TeenagersCopyright © 2013 by Christine JohnThis book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoeverwithout the express written permission of the author.Email: cjohn@ebookwindow.comWebsite: www.ebookwindow.comDisclaimer:This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents areeither the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Anyresemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.Other Books Written by Christine JohnHow to Start and Run an Online BusinessThe Runaway Bride
  • Table of ContentsProm Date from HellA Baby’s CryMaking Out or Making Friends?Best Friend or Boyfriend?Get Another BoyfriendThe Other GuyOther Books Written by Christine John
  • Prom Date from HellIt was only a couple of days left till the prom and I still did not have a date. Everywhere Iwent the students kept talking about what they were going to wear, whom they were goingwith, and what they were going to do at the prom. I was just as excited but I still did not havea date. The last thing I wanted to do was go to the prom alone.My name is Pamela and I am seventeen years old. It was near the end of the school year and Iwas in my fifth year of high school. All of us students had just completed our exams and wewere busy talking about the prom. Mostly all of the girls had dates and I was the only onewho did not have one. The prom was the most important event in my life and I could notbelieve that I might end up going alone. I just could not let that happen. I would behumiliated!I walked slowly home from school one afternoon. I was so preoccupied with my thoughts ofnot having a date to go the prom that I barely noticed another car parked in the driveway ofmy parents’ home. I sighed heavily as I entered the house and paused in the doorway with apuzzled expression on my face when I saw my parents sitting in the living room withstrangers. I stared blankly at each of the faces until my gaze rested on a really, really cute guysitting on one of the chairs.“Pamela, I’m so glad you made it home early today,” said Mom as she stood up and came tostand by my side. She draped her arm around my shoulder and gave me a gentle squeeze.“Pam, this is Mr. and Mrs. Brown and their son Ben.”I glanced briefly at the couple and gave a slight nod in greeting, not that I meant to be rude oranything, but Ben was so cute that I could not take my eyes off him. He gave me a lopsidedgrin and I could see his dark brown eyes examining my slender figure from head to toe. Isuddenly felt shy and self-conscious and I wished I had ran a comb through my hair andmade sure that my uniform did not have any ketchup stains before leaving school. I ran myhand through my short dark hair and decided that it probably did not look bad. At least I didnot feel any stray strands of hair sticking up out of place.
  • “The Browns just moved in across the street. Their son Ben just graduated from his schoolabout a week ago but was unable to attend his prom,” Mom explained. “So I thought it wouldbe nice if you could take Ben to your prom, especially since you were having so much troublefinding a date…”“Mom!” I cried, covering my face in embarrassment. I groaned softly and wished desperatelythat the floor would open and swallow me up. I love my mother very much but she has thetendency to embarrass me at the worst possible times, like, for example, in front of a reallygorgeous guy sitting in my living room.Ben chuckled softly and I could feel the heat rising up into my cheeks. I thought I would dieof embarrassment.“Well I think that’s a wonderful idea, Marie,” Mrs. Brown spoke up. She poked her son withher index finger and asked, “Don’t you think so Ben?” The boy shrugged his shouldersnoncommittally.“How about you, Pam?” Mom asked me hopefully. “Would you like to take Ben to theprom?”I sighed wearily. I was trapped. There was absolutely so way I could get out of this. Yes, Benwas cute but I did not want to take someone I barely knew to the prom and I could sense thathe did not want to go either. But what could we do? This was obviously what our parentswanted and there was absolutely nothing either of us could do about it. The only thing I coulddo was to agree to her idea. “Yeah, sure, Mom… Whatever. May I be excused now?”Without waiting for her to reply I ran upstairs to my room and shut the door.On the night of the prom I stood in front of the mirror and applied the finishing touches to mymakeup. I looked at my reflection from head to toe and I smiled in satisfaction. I looked likea million bucks! All of a sudden I was looking forward to going to the prom with Ben. Maybeit wouldn’t be so bad after all.I heard a car pull up to the driveway and mom called me to come downstairs. Ben had arrivedon time, surprisingly, and he was waiting for me. Butterflies danced around in my stomach as
  • I made my way down the stairs. I could hear my father warning Ben that he better not drinkand drive and to make sure he brought me home safely at midnight and not a minute later. Ohman, how embarrassing!The room suddenly grew quiet and they turned their heads as I made what I hoped was agrand entrance. Mom had tears in her eyes. “Look at my baby. She’s so beautiful.” Dad tookhis camera and started taking pictures.“Your Mom’s right, honey. You do look beautiful,” said Dad.“Thanks Dad,” I replied suddenly feeling very shy. I had to get out of there as fast as possiblebefore my mom really starts to cry her eyes out. “Hi Ben,” I smiled shyly. He looked sohandsome in his rented tuxedo.“Hey Pamela. You look incredible,” he said looking me up and down with interest.“Thanks. We should get going now. Mom, Dad, see you later.”“Remember what I said, Ben. I want my daughter home by midnight,” my Dad said firmly.The prom was being held at a hotel. On our way there Ben put on some music and turned upthe volume so high that the music was pounding in my ears. He was playing a heavy metalCD and I was not pleased at all. “Ben!” I yelled. “Turn it down!”“What?” he yelled.“The music! It’s too loud! Turn it down!” I yelled back.He slowed down the car and parked in front of a convenience store. He turned off the engineand I gave a loud sigh of relief when the music stopped. I’m pretty sure I lost about 30% ofmy hearing that night. “Thank you.”
  • “Wait here. I’ll be right back.” He stepped out of the car and went inside the store. A fewminutes later he came back out carrying a paper bag. I had a sneaky suspicion what he hadbought and my stomach filled with dread.“Ben, that’s not what I think it is, is it?” I asked suspiciously.In reply he opened the bag and took out a bottle of wine. “Hey, we can’t have fun withoutsomething to drink.” He popped the cork and held the bottle to his lips and took a large gulpof wine. He held the bottle out to me and said, “Here. Try it. I promise you’ll love it.”I crossed my arms and looked at him sternly. “Ben, were you listening to my father at all? Hesaid he doesn’t want you to drink and drive.”“I’m not drunk, Pam. I just had a little sip of wine. I just thought it would lighten the mood alittle. Why don’t you live a little.” He gave me that lopsided grin and he really looked so cute.He ran a lazy finger up and down my arm. “You know, you really look hot in that dress.We’re going to be the best looking couple at the prom. I promised my mom that we wouldhave a good time at the prom and we will. Just trust me.”He caressed my cheek with the tip of his thumb. Just to feel his touch made shivers run upand down my spine. I looked into those amazing brown eyes and he seemed so sincere. Howcould I say no to those sexy brown eyes? I smiled at him and relaxed in my seat. “Okay, butplease don’t play that horrible noise. It hurts my ears.”“Yeah, okay,” he agreed. He started the car and turned off that terrible heavy metal CD andput on the radio instead. Then we were on our way to the prom.At the hotel there were already a lot of people and we had to elbow our way through thecrowd to get in. The music was hot and everybody was having a great time. People weredancing, some were lined up at the buffet table, and others were separated into their owncliques just sitting around talking and laughing. I craned my neck trying to find my friendsbut there were so many people that I just could not find any of them.
  • “Come on, baby, let’s dance,” said Ben as he pulled me onto the dance floor. The band wasplaying one of my favourite songs and I moved my body to the rhythm of the music.I discovered that Ben was a great dancer and boy did we look good. We were the centre ofattention and we had a really great time…at first. When the song ended we found an emptytable and we sat down to take a rest.“You’re a great dancer, Ben,” I commented.“Great? Hell, Pam, I was the best dancer at my school!” he bragged. “I haven’t met anybodywho can dance better than me.”“Oh, right,” I replied, not knowing what to say to that. Ben may be really cute but I wasbeginning to see how conceited he was.“You know, Pam, you dance all right, but if you ever want to learn some new moves you canalways give me a call.”I wasn’t sure if that was a compliment, or an insult, or both. All I knew was that Ben wasreally starting to get on my nerves and I wanted our date to end as soon as possible.“I need a refill. Be right back, baby.” He stood up and walked away.I hated the way he was acting. He was acting like a big jerk and I did not like it at all. Ithought I was going to have fun with Ben but the more I got to know him the more I dislikedhim. I could not wait for the evening to end.
  • Sample Chapter of Short Stories for Teenagers by Christine JohnSix stories about six different teenagers:Pamela - Will she survive her date with a stranger?Rachel - She wont let anything stop her from going to the prom, not even a baby.Ryan - He finally got a date with one of the most popular girls in school, but will she givehim what hes expecting to get from her?Andrea - People keep talking about her and Jerry which is making her feel veryuncomfortable. Should she sacrifice her friendship to end the gossip?Judy - Bob bosses her around and treats her like dirt. Should she stay with him or findsomeone new?Whitney - Jerome has been taking her for granted and shes sick of it. She found someoneelse who treats her better, but will it last?Find out what happens to these six teenagers in these amazing short stories.If you enjoyed this chapter from my book Short Stories for Teenagers you can buy it nowfrom Amazon. It is also available for download from my website inPDF format.Buy Now From Amazon