Why Accountants Should Blog
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Why Accountants Should Blog



Barnes Dennig lunch-n-learn

Barnes Dennig lunch-n-learn



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  • Old adage: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Media technology is turning that on its head. Referrals are still immensely valuable, but now a prospect can easily research you online to get a sense of your expertise. Do a quick Google search on your name and see what comes up. What message does that send to a prospective client or referral source?
  • Inbound lead = someone found you/firm online. Chances are, they had a pain point and knew they needed help. They researched the issue, and something on our website drew them to us. So the prospect has problem and has reason to believe Barnes Dennig can solve it. Should be easy sell.
  • Ghost-wrote first e-blast in March 2010 on HIRE Act. Coincidentally, our web host has been tracking our traffic since around the same time. For the first few months, averaged around 940 visitors per month. Increased steadily when we re-launched the blog. Now, nearly double.
  • Follow-up to Tom’s presentation at State of the Firm. If you are paying attention to news and trends within the accounting industry and news and trends within your niche, you should be able to find topics worth writing about. And you’ve already completed the first step in the writing process: the research.
  • Pinterest blog post = Season’s knowledge of NFP sector + insightGoering Center article = Reid initially suggested a blog post b/c he thought the gift tax exemption was relevant to our client base; Scott expanded on itR&E Tax Credit = recap of a roundtable, with insight from John and CherylIT Controls = Robert pays attention to news in IT industry, made connection b/w survey results and IT Controls serviceFraud = Chad gathered material for a presentation and we repackaged it as a whitepaper and website contentLease accounting = Chris Hartle suggested it after the exposure draft in late 2010; he understood what the accounting change meant for his niche

Why Accountants Should Blog Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Why Accountants*Should Blog** * Applies to other industries, as wellBy Scott Priestle ** Applies to other media, as well
  • 2. Because it’s aneffective, efficient way to reach prospective clients andgenerate revenue
  • 3. Agenda• Why you should write• What/how you should write• What to do with the content once it’s published
  • 4. Why You Should Write• Thought leadership = improves your reputation and that of the firm• Inexpensive form of lead generation• Search Engine Optimization = more fresh content improves our chances of showing up in Google search
  • 5. Why You Should Write: Thought Leadership “The new mantra for today’s partners is: it’s not who you know, but who knows you; and it’s not what you know, but how quickly you share your knowledge, observations and insights.”
  • 6. Why You Should Write: Lead Generation According to HubSpot’s 2012 “State of Inbound Marketing” report: • Organizations that rely more on inbound marketing than outbound marketing pay 61% less per lead generated • Inbound leads are 5 times more likely to become customers than outbound leads
  • 7. Why You Should Write:Search Engine Optimization• Search engines give additional weight to fresh content vs. old content • assume fresher = more accurate• The more topics we address on our website, the wider pool of Internet surfers we will attract
  • 8. Why You Should Write:Search Engine Optimization • Prior to re-launching our blog in July 2010, we averaged around 940 visitors per month to barnesdennig.com • Through the first four months of 2012, we are averaging more than 1,800 visitors per month
  • 9. Why You Should Write:Search Engine Optimization• 12 opportunities in 2011 via website lead• 5 new clients from website lead• From 2000-10, only 3 clients from website lead * Information taken from business development report
  • 10. What You Should Write• News • Accounting news, tax news or news from your industry niche • Summarize and add insight when possible• Trends within the industry• Opinion
  • 11. What You Should Write• Tell. Don’t sell. • The audience is more likely to ignore your content (and future content) if it comes across as “too salesy” or “too pushy.”• Be insightful • Opportunity to show how much you know.• Make it accessible. • Write as if you are talking to an executive with a non-finance background. Be informative but not technical (unless you are writing for a technical publication).
  • 12. What to do with What You Wrote• LinkedIn = status update + post to groups • HubSpot survey: traffic from LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, almost 3 times higher than both Twitter (.69%) and Facebook (.77%)• Twitter = build your personal brand• E-mail clients, prospects, referrals • Add a personal touch to e-blasts
  • 13. Need moreguidance?I am always happy tohelp you turn an ideainto an article.Scott Priestlespriestle@barnesdennig.com(513) 241-8313 x1271