Nuts and bolts of IT agility


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I did this presentation entirely using cartoons drawn by me. The message is that agility comes not just by technology alone. There are other dimensions to it.

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  • Think about what you think you know Golden Hammer Anti Pattern !
  • Nuts and bolts of IT agility

    1. 1. SP Raja Nuts and Bolts of IT Agility Software IT Architect
    2. 2. Just What is Agility? IT Agility saves ‘Time’ & ‘Cost’ for Business ! Thanks to IBM ***, we were able to launch our first new service offering in two and half weeks, instead of the usual six months . What’s more, the cost of each new product development project has been slashed by upto 90% - ***, Head of Product Design & Creation, Product & Service Delivery Group
    3. 3. How did we do it? Its 90% hard work. And the rest is Smart work!
    4. 4. The Truth (about Agility) is Multi Dimensional Its depends on more than one domain and their maturity levels ! Information Architecture Infrastructure Org Maturity Infrastructure Application
    5. 5. Organisation Maturity Agility Harvester Dick Fuld Empowering the team is the key. And hence, the management style ! Not every battle need to be won...some battles you concede…. the main ones you take full-on……. I want to reach down their throats and rip out their heart and eat it – BEFORE THEY DIE
    6. 6. IT Maturity Assess and train the team on methodologies, technologies and Best practices ! SOA NGOSS OOAD CBD CIM
    7. 7. Design Principles SOA 30+ Web Services Registry BPM Engine Application Containers Service Oriented Architectures work – if done right. It takes time too ! Abstraction Encapsulation Loose Coupling High Cohesion
    8. 8. Right Technology & Tools Escape from the ‘Golden Hammer’ anti-pattern. Right tools for the right problems ! BPEL ? POJO ? J2EE ? C++ Batch ? SHELL Script? Streams? AsseMlbly ? TCP Socket ? MASHUP ?
    9. 9. Applications (Telecom Specific) Fulfillment Assurance Billing Inventory Catalog Use Industry frameworks to assess the existing Applications maturity. Act on filling the gaps !
    10. 10. Information Hey! There is a %$#$#^ falling on your ^&E^EIU( Common Information Model – is as important as the language for civilisation !
    11. 11. How to Accelerate BPM on SOA BPM on Dynamic SOA Business Services & Policies NGOSS SID & Transformations eTom based Processes NGOSS TAM ,mapped Applications Layered Architecture! Externalise logic, information & rules. Use the right engines !
    12. 12. Infrastructure Cloud Infrastructure! At the maturity level as in this picture. In the mean time, flexible sales contracts (like enterprise license agreements) can help too 1. Request 3. Develop 4. Deploy DIY Blocks BPM Social computing Etc. Cloud Management (Virtualised) Hardware 2. Provision Scale Patterns, Images, Inventory Developer Interface Access & Billing Monitor & Scale Transactional
    13. 13. <ul><li>Thank You </li></ul>