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An earlier attempt at explaining how works for reporters.

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For reporters

  1. 1. Spot.Us For Reporters How and why to use it.
  2. 2. A Freelancers Marketplace Journalism that counts •Pitch the public to support your work. AND •Pitch multiple editors at a time. •Build your online presence to garner more work in the future.
  3. 3. A Freelancers Marketplace Journalism that matters •Report stories you are passionate about. •Build a new connection with readership. •Help create and support a community.
  4. 4. What Pitches Work best? •Stories that invoke a sense of civic good. Public service journalism returns!!! •Giving a community news/information that would otherwise remain hidden. FOIA the local university for fun ;) •Relates to or has potential to build a community of support. Be an honest reflection...
  5. 5. On Creating a Pitch Click “start a story” (it’s that easy to start) •Give us the nut graph. Why should we care? •Create a YouTube video (example). •Story telling is your greatest asset. Show your passion and expertise. They are funding you as well as the story. Never hesitate to contact info[at]spot[dot]us
  6. 6. On Creating a Pitch It’s the details that’ll make you shine •A compelling Spot.Us profile. •Link to a personal website/blog in the pitch. We want to know who you are! •Show examples of your reporting. •Include any pre-reporting.
  7. 7. Pitch News Orgs too! can work with news publishers •SendEspeciallytraditional editors orrelationship pitch to publishers if you already have a •If they fund just 50% of your pitch.... We will let them publish it first! You get a great byline With a shrinking freelance budget - this will make your pitch more enticing.
  8. 8. How to be Successful!! The “community” in community funded reporting •Partner with bloggers, nonprofits, news civic organizations, organizations. •Identifyemails andaudienceare the best way to reach out. target Personal phone calls •Get social Facebook, Twitter, list-serves and other usual suspects. Start within your own networks and move out. Be creative and have fun with this part. You are working for the public and they love you for it.
  9. 9. Good Stuff Potential •Content could be published in multiple places - giving you a connection to more editors and more work. •If a news organization ever refunds original donors - the community will love you and probably fund your NEXT pitch too!
  10. 10. Did you know that... •You can browse community tips for story ideas? •You can apply to be a fact- checker, entitled up to 10% of what a pitch raises. Never hesitate to contact info[at]spot[dot]us
  11. 11. Never give up, never surrender ONWARD!!!!!!!