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Cincinnati Web Design

  1. 1. sp gh group spotlightdirect mark marketing our vision Spotlight Direct™ Marketing Group is a design and development company. We are committed to providing affordable business solutions for our customers. Because we know our customers have many choices in design and development sources, we pledge to provide high quality work and guarantee customer satisfaction. We will not compromise quality to save production or development time, and we will always try to provide our customers with the most for their money! We want to be your �irst choice in design and development solutions and we vow to give unparalleled service to honor customer loyalty and support. With our marketing savvy and expert graphic design skills, We will strive each day with every client to: Value We Provide For Our Customers: we can help you solidify your advertising and marketing • Become our client’s most valuable marketing source. • We deliver a high quality service which produces results strategy, re�ine your corporate identity and strengthen the • Develop concepts and solutions based on sound • We know that when we help our customers succeed, they branding of your product line. marketing strategies. will ensure our success • Provide unparalleled work that highlights our value at • We recognize that quality customer service pleases Moreover, with our integrated web design services we can competitive rates. customers more ef�iciently and cost effectively execute your total • Foster an atmosphere that encourages the open exchange • We seek customers who share our vision and wish to advertising and marketing needs. of ideas. work in a partnership with Spotlight Direct™ • Deliver high Return-on-Investment online marketing • We are committed to doing business fairly, honestly, and Together we’ll create visually-exciting, cost-effective solutions to the hospitality industry. with high integrity marketing solutions for your business. We specializes in providing internet marketing services Individually and as a team we leverage our varied skills in To demonstrate sound strategic thinking, execute bold, that are successful, innovative, professional, and of high order to provide solutions to challenges and with a view to creative solutions and provide a focused approach to client quality. Spotlight Direct™ focuses its attention and efforts make a strong, positive impact. service. on achieving a reputation for excellence. Respect is earned through leadership, and a commitment to service, quality We hold ourselves and our partners to the highest ethical and results. and moral standards, working to produce solutions to the very best of our ability and never settling for anything “We maintain a working environment where all ideas can be discussed freely and considered less than our �inest effort in each and every project we undertake. in a respectful manner. We ensure we take the time to listen attentively to our clients, understanding that it is our role to ful�il their needs. “
  2. 2. sp gh group spotlightdirect mark marketing our services WEB IDENTITY INTERNET MARKETING Personal, commercial, government and non-pro�it Complete branding solutions for start-ups, small business Research, deploy and monitor target organic keyword organization websites. Website styles include Static, and corporate re-branding. Multiple concepts and proofs. results speci�ic for your business, manage and maintain PPC Dynamic, Content Based and Product or Service based sites. Compatible �ile formats for printers and web with color (pay-per-click) advertising with custom banner advertising Websites may include links, admin area, article archives, scheme breakdown for color matching. Final design created included, Social networking services and blogs are just a few blogs, shopping cart, member community, java and Flash for all sizes from business cards to billboards. ways we can help promote your business online and attract effects, landing pages, ratings, reviews, comments, video, new visitors. search, search engine optimization tools, photo gallery, • Logo Design social networking widgets, and more. • Marketing Campaigns • Email Marketing • Branding • Google Adwords • Website Design • Search Engine Optimization • Content Management Systems (CMS) • Banner Advertising • Shopping Carts CONSULTANT • Social Networking • Flash Animation Knowledge is the key to success. We offer our expertise • Blogs • Blogs to help you grow your business with seminars, training • Social Net sessions, presentations, classes, white papers and tutorials. HOSTING • Research & Development Our professional Web Hosting plan include all the features PRINT • Demonstrations you are looking for at the best possible price and includes We work with your printer to make sure everything is • Seminars free technical support. designed to speci�ication and delivered in the appropriate • Presentations formats. We also work within a trusted network of printers • Tutorials • Domain Names to manage all your printing needs. Traditional media design • Unlimited Hosting Space including business cards, postcards, marketing materials, • POP/IMAP Email Accounts magnets, t-shirts, staionery, invitations/announcements, • CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MySQL vehicle wraps, large format printing, banners, brochures, and • SSH (Secure Shell), SSL, FTP, Stats more. • FREE Domain Transfers • Advertising • Business Stationery • Large Format • Vehicle Graphics • Media Kits
  3. 3. sp gh group spotlightdirect mark marketing estimated hours ESTIMATED HOURS This is a list of most common used services and estimated hours spent per service. This helps you understand the time involved and help you manage your hours to best �it the needs of your business. QTY SERVICE HOURS QTY SERVICE HOURS 1 Website re-design 40 1 Logo design 10 1 Email newsletter 3 1 Print advertising 2 1 Flash Animation 6 1 Business card design 1 1 Web page update (text/images) 2 1 Large format advertising design 6 1 New web page (text/images) 2 1 Postcard design 3 1 Hosting setup 1 1 Brochure design 4 OTHER SERVICES TO ALLOCATE TIME: • Social Networking • Marketing Materials Note: All projects are unique and need • Search Engine Optimization • Google Adwords (PPC) evaluation before determining the • Blogging • E-commerce Site hours needed for completion. • Research & Development • New Branding
  4. 4. sp gh group spotlightdirect mark marketing pay as you go PAY AS YOU GO The Pay As You Go Plan is a simple solution for smaller projects that may take less than 120 hours to complete. This plan is perfect for businesses with smaller marketing needs and would rather pay per project. No project is too big or too small. HOURS HOURLY RATE BILLING CYCLE Unlimited $85 50% down to start. Paid in full upon completion. PAY AS YOU GO INCLUDES: • Unlimited hours available for all services. • Free email support per project. • Hours available for any project from print to web. Did You Know? Spotlight Direct can help you save money with Basic, Premium and Elite Plans for all size businesses.
  5. 5. sp gh group spotlightdirect mark marketing basic plan BASIC The Basic Plan makes it easy for everyone and will ful�ill most marketing needs for a start-up or small business. We understand some businesses have a small marketing budget and can’t afford a full-time marketing team. HOURS HOURLY RATE COMMITMENT BILLING CYCLE PRICE 120 $75 12 Months Monthly $750 120 $70 12 Months Quarterly $2,100 120 $65 12 Months Semi-Annually $3,900 120 $55 12 Months Annually $6,600 BASIC PLAN INCLUDES: Did You Know? • 120 hours available anytime within 12 months. There are more people • Hours available for any project from print to web. conducting business on • Time sheet reporting per project to track remaining hours. the internet than ever before.
  6. 6. sp gh group spotlightdirect mark marketing premium plan PREMIUM The Premium Plan is designed for businesses serious about growing their business and needs help allocating their marketing budget and �inding out what works best for bottom line results. This plan will give you an edge over your competition. HOURS HOURLY RATE COMMITMENT BILLING CYCLE PRICE 200 $70 12 Months Monthly $1,165 200 $65 12 Months Quarterly $3,250 200 $60 12 Months Semi-Annually $6,000 200 $55 12 Months Annually $11,000 PREMIUM PLAN INCLUDES: Our Goal. • 200 hours available anytime within 12 months. Help grow your business • Hours available for any project from print to web. and re-evaluate your • Time sheet reporting per project to track remaining hours. marketing strategy to best �it the needs of today.
  7. 7. sp gh group spotlightdirect mark marketing elite plan ELITE The Elite Plan will give you the time needed to grow your business through attractive design and new technology. This is for medium size, successfully established businesses who have a steady need for design and want to stay one step above the competition. HOURS HOURLY RATE COMMITMENT BILLING CYCLE PRICE 400 $65 12 Months Monthly $2,165 400 $60 12 Months Quarterly $6,000 400 $50 12 Months Semi-Annually $10,000 400 $40 12 Months Annually $16,000 ELITE PLAN INCLUDES: Did You Know? • 400 hours available anytime within 12 months. Average salary for a new • Hours available for any project from print to web. graduate with a design • Time sheet reporting per project to track remaining hours. degree and no experience $35,000 salary
  8. 8. sp gh group spotlightdirect mark marketing conclusion Thank you :)