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Marketing Automation voor beginners


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Marketing Automation is een begrip waar steeds meer marketeers mee in aanraking komen. Het is een technologische oplossing waarmee je leads kunt volgen en nurturen. Een tool dat het werk van een …

Marketing Automation is een begrip waar steeds meer marketeers mee in aanraking komen. Het is een technologische oplossing waarmee je leads kunt volgen en nurturen. Een tool dat het werk van een marketeer vereenvoudigt en kan zorgen voor een betere stroomlijning en samenwerking van marketing en sales.

Deze presentatie zijn slides van het webinar Marketing Automation voor beginners.

Wil jij weten:
- Wat Marketing Automation precies is?
- Hoe het maken en versturen van emailshots effectiever wordt?
- Hoe het maken van landingspagina's eenvoudiger wordt?
- Hoe Marketing Automation het werk van een marketeer vereenvoudigt?
- Hoe het gebruik van Marketing Automation kan leiden tot een hogere omzet?
- Welke verschillende aanbieders van belang zijn?
- Hoe ziet zo een systeem er uit?

Bekijk dan de slides en de webinar recording.

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  • 1. Webinar! Marketing Automation for beginners! 10th July 2013! Presented by:! Shimon Ben Ayoun! @shimonbenayoun! Hosted by:! Ingrid Archer! @ingridarcher! !
  • 2. Any Questions/Comments! Use GoToWebinar “Chat” or “Ask a question”! OR! Twitter us with #b2bnl tag! ! ! @spotONvision
  • 3. Not only webinarsJ !
  • 4. Voor in je agenda:! Masterclass: van Lead naar Klant! Leer meer over Content Marketing, Lead Management en Marketing Automation! Woensdag 4 september! Tijd: 10:00 – 15:00! Sprekers: Ingrid Archer,! Shimon Ben Ayoun! Kosten: 395,- p.p.! Inschrijven kan via!
  • 5. Drivers for Marketing Automation -! B2B Marketers challenges! USG Marketing, Communication & Sales Ondezoek
  • 6. Challenge #1:
 Our buyers are changing !
  • 7. “[T]he hunter has become the hunted. Buyers are more informed and seek information independent of sales. ... How sales people want to sell has little impact on how buyers are choosing to buy.”! Source: SiriusDecisions, “Marketing Needed for Sales 2.1”
  • 8. B2B buyers are increasingly turning to online sources, on their own, earlier in their process, to research purchases before ever calling a 'live' sales rep!
  • 9. B2B buyers pursuing their buying process more 'massively multi-channel' than ever before; however, channel weightings and their sequence vary by the phase of the buying process !
  • 10. Sending the right message at the right time to the right persona Communication Effectiveness “Campaigns that target based on Website user clickstream data outperform untargeted broadcast campaigns by nearly 4 to 1.” Forrester Research Right-Time Right-Message True Personalization One to One Best-in-class lead scoring programs increase pipeline thickness by 27% v. the average of 12%. Aberdeen Group Behavior-Driven “Segmented lists yielded an 11.7% CTR v. unsegmented lists of same size yielding only a 0.6% CTR. Marketing Sherpa Segment Customer-Driven Batch and Blast Product-Driven v Eloqua Best Practices: The Revenue Lifecycle™ #b2bnl
  • 11. Challenge #2:
 Sales is pushing for more.. quality !
  • 12. Sales wants “leads!” Marketing hits the “more” button Sales doesn’t follow up Sales: The “leads” are no good Marketing: “Why no followup?” Marketing: Wasted effort, poor performance, bitterness, despair 1 2
  • 13. The Leaky Funnel !
  • 14. Challenge #3:
 We need to do more…with less !
  • 15. The need for efficiency and productivity ! •  Most marketers delay campaigns because of their (IT) dependencies •  Creative assets are not being re-used •  A/B testing is out of scope despite the need •  Sales are not aware what their leads/customers has done with marketing and when
  • 16. Challenge #4:
 We need to base our decisions on analytics & customer insights!
  • 17. Challenge #5:
 We need to show the marketing revenue-impact !
  • 18. HELP!!!
  • 19. What is Marketing Automation? ! SAAS Solution which enables integrated, analytical approach to marketing operations and creates a stronger ties with sales by tying marketing activities to revenues !
  • 20. Top of the funnel – Lead Generation !
  • 21. Email Marketing
  • 22. Landing Pages & Forms !
  • 23. Website Visitor Tracking !
  • 24. Website Visitor Tracking !
  • 25. Dialogue – Architecture of Nurturing Listen Offer Content Measure Tune next offer
  • 26. Automated Lead Nurturing !
  • 27. Lead Scoring !
  • 28. List Management !
  • 29. ROI Reporting !
  • 30. ROI Reporting !
  • 31. What are the benefits? ! 1.  ! 2.  ! 3.  ! 4.  ! 5.  ! 6.  Improve lead quality! Increase Marketing productivity and efficiency! Reach customers and prospects through multi-channel campaigns! Gain deep insight into prospect interaction! Deepen and solidify client relationships! Make marketing revenue-impact visible!
  • 32. Do’s & Don’ts of Marketing Automation ! 1.  Do think first about lead management processes! 2.  Do cleanse and plan your data before importing! 3.  Do keep it simple!! 1.  Don’t think that marketing automation will create content for you! 2.  Don’t think technology will be your silver bullet! 3.  Don’t set & forget!
  • 33. Coffee & Cake with spotONvision
 ! Is marketing automation something for us?
 What system should I choose?
 How do I develop a proper RFP?
 How do I implement successfully?
  • 34. To know more, please visit: !! ! @spotONvision @b2bmktforum #b2bnl