Email Marketing & Social Media - A Match Made In Heaven


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Betekent de opkomst van social media de dood van emailmarketing? Volgens gastspreker Tamara Gielen in elk geval niet. In dit spotONvision webinar leer je hoe je in de B2B emailmarketing kunt combineren met social media marketing. Bekijk hier de slides van dit webinar.

Bovendien leer je hoe je social media kunt inzetten om de respons op je emailcampagnes te verhogen.

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  • 300,000 Fans

    Papa John’s example illustrates two keys to integrating these two powerful channels:

    Content must be relevant and engaging to the Social Network audience.
    • There is no simple tactic for accomplishing this task because each company must determine its own strategy for aligning value proposition with targeted Social Networking, but the time investment can produce substantial payoffs.

    Close the loop.
    Companies that report success with integrating email and social networks figure out how to bring fans back to their website. Once on the site, they draw those fans into an ongoing one-to-one relationship through email and create multi-channel subscribers who can interact on the social network, but can also receive targeted email messages.

  • Email Marketing & Social Media - A Match Made In Heaven

    1. 1. Email & Social Media: a Match Made in Heaven Presented by: Shimon Ben Ayoun & Tamara Gielen
    2. 2. What we do at spotONvision Strategy Execution Tools Results Content Development Copy Web Messaging Video/Multimedia Email Marketing Positioning Lead Generation Social Media Buyer Persona Lead Nurturing Search Engine Interviews Product Launch Marketing Customer Retention Passion Key to success
    3. 3. Any Questions/Comments Use GoToWebinar “Chat” or “Ask a question” OR Twitter us with #spotONvision tag @spotONvision
    4. 4. Email & Social Media: a Match Made in Heaven With Tamara Gielen  Independent email marketing consultant  Blogger www.b2bemailmarketing.c om  Community manager www.emailmarketersclub.c om  Based in Belgium
    5. 5. Is email dead or dying?
    6. 6. Econsultancy’s most popular 7
    7. 7. Average value/visit 8
    8. 8. Average value/visit 8 Paid Search
    9. 9. Average value/visit 8 Social Media Paid Search
    10. 10. Average value/visit 8 Referrals Social Media Paid Search
    11. 11. Average value/visit 8 Affiliate Referrals Social Media Paid Search
    12. 12. Average value/visit 8 SEO Affiliate Referrals Social Media Paid Search
    13. 13. Average value/visit 8 Email! SEO Affiliate Referrals Social Media Paid Search
    14. 14. Heavy social media users are heavy email 75% of daily social media users said email is the best way for companies to communicate with them, compared to 65% of all email users 49% of Twitter users said they made an online purchase because of an email, compared to 33% of all email users
    15. 15. Social media depend on email
    16. 16. Is email dead? Not according to US
    17. 17. Email in the age of social media  Email is commercially still very powerful and will remain so for years  We’re still not doing email marketing very well so plenty of room for improvement  Email is the ‘glue’ that helps connect and facilitate interactions and transactions online and offline  “Email” will evolve – as a protocol, as a platform
    18. 18. So, how do you integrate
    19. 19. Publish your campaigns to
    20. 20. Publish your newsletter on
    21. 21. Allow readers to share your
    22. 22. Allow readers to share your
    23. 23. How people share trends-2009
    24. 24. Don’t forget to add a sign-up
    25. 25. 3 reasons to encourage sharing  Extends the reach of your message  Pinpoints influential brand ambassadors  Grows your email database
    26. 26. What gets shared?
    27. 27. Use social networks to grow your
    28. 28. Offer an incentive
    29. 29. Track which networks are most
    30. 30. Track which readers share your
    31. 31. Social continues the  When they subscribe to your mailinglist, ask them to follow you on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook etc  Invite readers to comment / interact with you via social channels  If they are already following you, you have another way to communicate with them when they unsubscribe
    32. 32. Special offer
    33. 33. How could this work for you?  spotONvision & Tamara Gielen are organizing private half-day email marketing workshops:  We will look at your email programs  We will evaluate your content strategy  We will give you advice on how to:  Grow your email list  Increase response to your campaigns  Integrate social media with your email marketing program  Improve your content for better lead generation
    34. 34. Book a workshop before end of  Normal rate: 1200 euro  Special rate until 31 March 2010: 800 euro  Use promocode “SOCIALEMAIL”  To book a workshop, send an email to: mentioning “email marketing workshop” in the subject line
    35. 35. Additional resources
    36. 36.
    37. 37.
    38. 38. Thank You! Email: Phone: +32 477 666 930 Website: Linkedin: tamaragielen
    39. 39. To know more, please visit: @spotONvision @b2bmktforum Shimon Ben Ayoun eMail: LinkedIn: Twitter: @shimonbenayoun Ingrid Archer eMail: LinkedIn: Twitter: @ingridarcher
    40. 40. To know more, please visit: @spotONvision @b2bmktforum Shimon Ben Ayoun eMail: LinkedIn: Twitter: @shimonbenayoun Ingrid Archer eMail: LinkedIn: Twitter: @ingridarcher