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Thunder Press Sep02 page104

  1. 1. 104 September 2002 Full Stocking Dealer for Spyderco Knives and Other Manufacturers 235 Route 46, Fairfield, NJ 07004 ’02 Husky (mirror silver) ’02 White Husky ’02 Mirror Silver Prosport ’02 Hand-Built Custom Show Bike ’02 Teal Bulldog ’02 Orange Pitbull ’02 Black Mastiff ’02 Red/Flame Pitbull ’02 Black Pitbull ’02 Red w/ Razor Pitbull 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE SHOW CHROME PLATING ’56 Swingarm Panhead ’89 Softail, Rubber Mount Custom ’66 FLH ’67 FLH ’75 XL Chopper ’77 + ’78 FXE ’80 FXE ’80 FLH ’90 FLHS ’92 Springer ’94 1200 Sportster ’94 883 Hugger ’96 1200 Sportster ’97 Dyna ’98 FLSTF ’99 XLH 883 ’00 Custom Rigid Evo ’02 Black/Flame Boxer ’02 Black Cherry Wolf ’02 Candy Red Prosport (973) 227–7477 * NEW *OVER THE COUNTER CHROME EXCHANGE FOR ALL MODELS WIDE TIRE CONVERSIONS ALL MODELS Come and see why Chrome & Custom is New Jersey’s premier custom shop 5 Incredible selection of used bikes 5 Custom built machines from the ground up You’ve got to see it to believe it! BIG DOG MOTORCYCLES NOW IN STOCK FINANCING AVAILABLE Wide selection of current models. Day, Weekend, Weekly. “Try before you buy” program available 155 Research Dr., Stratford, CT ( I-95 Exit 30, across from Ramada) 203-380-2600 Bridgeport Harley-Davidson./Buell is a Harley-DavidsonSM Authorized Rentals Operator NEW! RENTA HARLEY® IN CONNETICUT Sept.15, at10am Ride to Fight Cancer From Bridgeport Harley to Sherwood Island. Police Escort. Music, food & more. All Bikes Welcome. by Shadow MAXTON, N.C., MAY 25–26— “Hold on!” This brief exclamation summarizes Jim Snyder’s riding tech- nique for his virgin race on Roadkill, the Sportster that took the Land Speed Record in the Altered 2000cc Pushrod (A/PF-2000/4) class at Maxton, North Carolina, this past Memorial Day weekend. “After racing the smaller- engine standard Sportsters,” said Jim, “I developed a technique about riding positions, shift points, subtle nuances about body placement to minimize drag and squeeze the most out of ’em. But after riding Roadkill, my technique can be summed up in two short words. Hold on! That’s it. No subtle anything. This bike is fast. Scary fast!” Prior to Snyder’s wild ride at 176 mph, George Crim, one of the owners and riders of #4007 Roadkill, pushed the 1650cc Sportster to a record 180.025, an incredible feat for a bike that established her speed cre- dentials less than a year ago at September’s World of Speed on the Bonneville Salt Flats. This new record allowed the Sportster List Race Team to capture the top point rank- ing at Maxton. The season began with Roadkill ranked at #7 in March. The Team coaxed her up to a #4 ranking at the April meet, and #4007 is well on her way to ending the Maxton racing season in the overall top point position. Crim has always had the “need for speed,” but as he explained, his father prohibited him from getting involved in any type of racing activity throughout his youth. This helps explain some of the motive behind his drive to achieve higher speeds and break more records. It all began when a Moto Guzzi took the 1000cc Production Frame/ Production Pushrod (P/PP) Land Speed Record away from a Sportster at the Bonneville Salt Flats World of Speed in October, 1999. Crim posted this query to a Sportster-focused Internet e-mail list: “Are we gonna let them get away with this shit?” That was all it took to spark an interest in reclaiming the record on behalf of the Sportster List members’beloved Sportsters. The Sportster List Team and Yahoo! Sportster Owner’s Club togeth- er began to raise money for this racing effort. The first bike the Sportster List Team built was Nola, a 1983 XR1000, owned by Gene Brauninger and piloted by Timbo Horton and Ray Kimbro. Modified by Lone Eagle Motor Co. of Conyers, Georgia, Nola seemed to have a black cloud following her around. Though the XR1000 was the hot rod Harley of its day, XR1000s aren’t well suited for the constraints of the Production class of racing. Nola ate a lot of pistons but achieved no records. After her second trip to the Salt Flats in 2001, she was retired. Inspired by the competition, Dale Amsden of Springfield, Ohio, decided to build his own 1000cc production racer with help from HeadQuarters Heads for cams and Nallin Racing Head Service. This bike, dubbed the Mystery Evo, a 2001 standard 883 Hugger model specially constructed to 995ccs, crushed the 137.9 mph Moto Guzzi record at the October 2001 World of Speed with a two-way aver- age speed of 143.079. The most amazing thing about the Mystery Evo, however, may be the fact that its owner, Dale’s wife Tami, rides it as a street bike in between races! George Crim of Wintersville, Ohio, and Art Northrup of Terrell, North Carolina, built a third bike named Neon Don wrenching Destiny in the pits SPORTSTER LIST RACE TEAM AT MAXTON Surfing for speed Information highway spawns new breed of racers See “Sportster,” page 108, column 1