The War Of 1812
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  • 1. The War of 1812
    By: Dallas Hull, Kevin Tatro, and Cynthia Stevens
  • 2. What we had gained from the War
    After the war of 1812, the United States had gain many things. Like the Star-Spangled Banner, Uncle Sam, Old Ironsides, and Andrew Jackson had become a hero.
  • 3. Loses
    After the war we also had taken some blows to. The British had burned down the White House.
    Dolly Madison was able to save a full portrait of George Washington and some important documents.
  • 4. Fransis Scott Key
    Fransis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner was written in 1814. When Fransis had written this there were only 15 stars and also 15 stripes on the American Flag.
  • 5. Uncle Sam
    During the war the United States needed more recruits so they used a character to motivate them. Uncle Sam became a national emblem.
  • 6. Old Ironsides
    During the war the United States had occupied a ship called Old Ironsides. They called this ship this because cannon balls would hit the sides and bounce off. They used Old Ironsides to fight in ocean wars between the British and sometimes French.
  • 7. The Battle of New Orleans
    After the Battle of New Orleans Andrew Jackson had become a hero. When he arrived he quickly prepared defenses along the city's many avenues of approach. He quickly defeated the British.
  • 8. The White House
    During the war the US burned down what is now known as Toronto. So the British came to Washington and burned down what is now known as the white house. Dolly Madison, James Madison’s wife saved as much of his important documents as she could and she saved a full size portrait of George Washington.