How to create a product that people love (in 12 weeks!)


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How do you take an idea from that eureka moment to a fully working product and scalable web business? This talk from our Lightbulb to Launch event in London covers a bit about the work we do, how we help startups get started and design great products faster. Discover tips and techniques from lean startup, lean UX, behaviour engineering and branding.

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How to create a product that people love (in 12 weeks!)

  1. How to create a product that people love (in 12 weeks!)! 6th September 2012, London!
  2. hello!A product innovation studio by the sea!
  3. we! startups!A product innovation studio by the sea!
  5. our blog
  6. our(lean) approach!
  7. business!design! technology!
  8. business!design! technology!
  9. “Life’s too short to build somethingnobody wants”!Ash Maurya, Running Lean!
  10. •! Innovation requires a new approach!•! Reduce unnecessary waste!•! Maximise efforts for:! •! Learning! •! Speed! •! Focus!•! Doing not documenting!
  11. •!Find a problem worth solving!•!Engage customers throughout!•!Continually test through iterations!•!Start today! !
  12. “Customers don’t care about your solution.They care about their problems.”!Dave McClure, 500 Startups!
  13. •! Have a clear vision !•! Be flexible about how you get there!•! Craft a killer value proposition!•! Focus, focus, focus!!
  14. "Almost every clientI’ve ever worked forwho is seekinggreater market sharehas had no clearvalue proposition.”!Leisa Reichelt!
  15. The Strategy Canvas!
  16. Invest in UX (but why?)!•! Happier, passionate customers!•! Positive PR = free marketing!•! Less customer support requests!•! Stronger brand!•! Long-term business value!•! Greater ROI the earlier it’s brought on board!
  17. Startup prioritizer!What’s most important for your startup? Context is key.!There’s only so much resource avail!
  18. “Build a remark-able product”! Seth Godin!
  19. •! Make your product human & addictive:! •! Define your product personality (technology with soul!)! •! Create guiding design principles! •! Develop your ‘desire engine’!
  20. Design persona template!
  21. Sample design principles! 1.! Start with user needs! 2.! Make the most frequent tasks easy & less frequent tasks achievable.! 3.! Design for the 80%! 4.! Make the default settings smart! 5.! Design with data! 6.! Do the hard work to make it simple! 7.! Iterate. Then iterate again.!
  22. ! “the desire engine is a framework for manufacturing desire by guiding users through a series of experiences designed to create habits. The more often users run through them, the more likely they are to self-trigger.”" Nir Eyal!
  23. 3 stages of a startup!
  24. 1! 2! 3!Problem/solution fit !
  25. 1! 2! 3!Problem/ Product/solution fit ! market fit !
  26. 1! 2!Problem/ Product/solution fit ! market fit !Focus: Validated learning!
  27. 1! 2! 3!Problem/ Product/solution fit ! market fit !Focus: Validated learning!Experiments: Pivots!
  28. 1! 2! 3!Problem/ Product/ Scale!solution fit ! market fit !Focus: Validated learning!Experiments: Pivots!
  29. 1! 2! 3!Problem/ Product/ Scale!solution fit ! market fit !Focus: Validated learning! Focus: Growth!Experiments: Pivots!
  30. 1! 2! 3!Problem/ Product/ Scale!solution fit ! market fit !Focus: Validated learning! Focus: Growth!Experiments: Pivots! Experiments: " Optimisations!
  31. 1! problem-!solution fit!
  32. Do you have a problem worth solving?!•! Who are your customers?!•! Who will be your early adopters?!•! How will you reach them?!•! Design for everyone and you design for no-one!
  33. Lean canvas!
  34. “I listen to my customers, then I go withmy gut instinct”!Richard Reed, Innocent Drinks!
  35. 2!product-!market fit!
  36. Have I built something people want?!•! “Fake it, before you bake it”!•! Test & learn:! –! Create a prototype! –! Landing pages! –! Test pricing/monetisation!•! Start with the core features (MVP)!•! Experiment, the web is your lab!•! What will you measure?!
  37. “I don’t care how smart you are. "Every design solution you put out there isa hypothesis.”!Jeff Gothelf, Proof NYC!
  38. •! Play around with different models for each customer segment!•! Prioritise risks!•! List riskiest assumptions!•! Plan experiments!
  39. “You don’t need code to test a softwareproduct”!Ash Maurya!
  40. Landing page tools!
  41. Usability testing tools!
  42. 3!scale!
  43. 3!scale! & optimise
  44. You’ve launched, now what?!•! Don’t be a feature pusher!•! 80% optimising, 20% new features!•! Keep iterating!•! Time to get investment/advisors/ mentors?!•! Ongoing resources & costs!•! Customer service/experience!
  45. “It’s not iterative if you only do it once.”!Stuart Eccles, Made by Many!
  46. What is the one metric that matters?!
  47. “Vanity metrics make you feel good butdon’t offer clear guidance on what to do.”!Eric Ries, The Lean Startup!
  48. What next?!
  49. Start today!!•! Do-it-yourself! •! Sign up to Steve Blank’s Lean Launchpad "! •! Create your own! •! Use these AWESOME tools http://! •! But don’t make the same mistakes as others !•! Or sign up to our Kickstart workshop kickstartworkshop!•! !