Marketing and Promotion for the Self-Published Author

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Marketing and promoting your self-published book. …

Marketing and promoting your self-published book.

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    Presented by Gini Graham Scott
  • 2. My Background for E-Books
    Published over 50 books
    20+ POD (Print-on-demand) books
    12 e-books drawn from POD books
    Appearances on major media, including Oprah, Good Morning America
    Author of books on marketing, sales
  • 3. Why E-Books Now
    Decline of traditional publishing
    Publishers downsizing, editors laid off
    Growing distribution networks
    Ease and low-cost of publishing
    Growing market – over 200,000+ e-books each year
  • 4. Multiple Platforms for Book
    E-Book in a PDF format
    Print-on-Demand (POD)
    Kindle reader
    Other book reader platforms
    Article excerpts
  • 5. Advertising and Promoting Your E-Book
  • 6. Ad and PR Approaches
    Classified ads – Craig’s list, news media for subject area
    Banner and text ads on Websites
    Google AdWords
    Seminars and Workshops
    Articles in print media or on Websites
    Radio/TV interviews
  • 7. Creating a Website or Webpage
    Setting up page on your Website or a mini-Website
    Using a landing or “squeeze” page
  • 8. Creating a Squeeze Page
    One long sales page (about 1000-20,000 words
    Compelling sales copy
    “Buy Now” buttons
    Autoresponder to collect e-mails
    Payment arrangement with PayPals, Amazon, credit card service
    Fulfillment page for downloading book file
    Stand alone Website or Website pages
  • 9. Using the Social Media
    Major social media sites
    Linked In (links)
    Facebook (friends)
    Twitter (followers)
    Specialized social media (ie: Tribe Hollywood)
    Build up links, friends, followers
    Post announcement, events in groups
    Become part of ongoing conversations
  • 10. Creating Workshops/Seminars
    Set up your own programs
    Promote through social networking sites like Meetup
    Do your own PR, marketing
    Offer program to other organizations
    Professional groups in your field
    Local organizations, like churches, business groups, community groups
    Various arrangements for programs(from free to a percentage of sales to paid gig)
  • 11. Contacting the Media
    Using PR releases
    Using a query letter to invite interviews
    Sending an offering letter to offer articles(preference for free information)
    Using a PR Service, such as PRWire, BusinessWire, NewsMediaConnection
    Option to hire a publicist vs. doing your own PR
    Contacting the local and national media by phone
  • 12. Contact Information
    Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D.Changemakers425 Broadway, #115, Santa Monica, CA 90401 (310) 943-7541 6114 La Salle, #358, Oakland, CA 94611 (510)