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Issip 2014028 v3


Published on for professional development, IBM is a dues paying institutional member of for professional development, IBM is a dues paying institutional member of

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • FSS Storyline:
    IBM Research was founded 1945 in New York, with the express mission to be famous for science and to create a 10 year technology outlook to make sure that IBM would not be surprised by sudden shifts in technology.
    Since then we have spread around the globe into 9 labs and about 3000 Researchers worldwide.
    Over time we changed from this early academic ivory tower of science and we started to operate to a new credo “Being famous for science and vital to IBM”. First we worked with other IBM divisions directly on transferring our technology to products and services. In the 90s we started working with our customers, by applying our technology knowledge to help solve their business problems. Jointly we build prototypes and pilot them in their business. These “First Of A Kind” projects with our clients have lead to about 250 technology demonstrations being on our Industry Solution Lab’s show floor at any given time.
    Despite all these changes and additions to IBM Research’s role – we are still creating a yearly technology outlook – which is part of IBM’s overall strategy process in which we combine technology trends, business trends as well as social and large scale economic trends.
    Research facts (now just a sticky editable in PowerPoint)
    Stick the following text into the advanced to create the tag cloud
    IBM Research: 100:3333FF
    Innovation that Matters: 80:333366
    $6B R&D Budget: 50:999933
    10 Labs around the World: 80:333333
    Watson: 20:666666
    Almaden: 20:666666
    Austin: 20:666666
    Zurich: 20:666666
    Haifa: 20:666666
    Delhi: 20:666666
    Beijing: 20:666666
    3000 Researchers: 75:66FF66
    5 Nobel Laureates: 60:33CC33
    6 Turing Awards: 55:339933
    18 years of Patent Leadership: 70:33FF33
    IBM Research Worldwide
    IBM researchers are united in our passion to make the world work better— dedicated to creating an impact for our clients and IBM, collaborating to change the way the world works, and discovering the answers to our greatest challenges. Along the way, we benefit from the talent and commitment of research engineers, scientists and technical professionals who rank among the very best in the world. We are Nobel Laureates, prolific inventors and recipients of the world’s highest honors in science and technology. Together, we are IBM Research—a team not only playing a leading role in improving the world today, but charting a smarter future in which we all can thrive.
    IBM's first research facility, the Watson Scientific Computing Laboratory, opened in a renovated fraternity house near Columbia University in Manhattan in 1945. In 1961, IBM moved its research headquarters to the Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, New York. The Watson Research Center is located in Westchester County, New York (both the Watson site and the Hawthorne site) and in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Considered "Research Headquarters," the Watson locations in New York conduct broad-ranging research in areas including Physical Science, Computer Science, Systems Technology, Semiconductors, Services Science and Business Analytics, while Cambridge is primarily known for its cutting-edge work in Collaborative User Experience and Visualization.
    IBM Research – Almaden was dedicated in 1986 and is our focal point for storage, database, and data-related research. Almaden is just a short ride from IBM's development labs in San Jose and Santa Teresa.
    IBM Research - Austin was launched in 1995 seeking to break new ground in the field of microprocessors - and demonstrate new kinds of interactivity between Research and IBM's development teams. Focus areas include: high performance/low power VLSI design and tools, power aware systems and exploratory architectures, and simulation tools modeling for IBM large systems.
    IBM Ressearch - Zurich, founded in 1956, has about 210 employees and is noted for its Nobel prizes in 2 areas: superconductivity and scanning tunneling microscopy. It is the focus for our research into communications technology. The token ring communications protocol was invented and developed here--an important innovation and the entree to expanding our business. More recently, Zurich is a center for our nanotechnology efforts.
    At IBM Research - Haifa; 25 percent of the technical staff have doctorate degrees in computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, or related fields. Employees are actively involved in teaching at Israeli higher education institutions and supervising post-graduate theses. Many employees have received IBM awards for achievements and excellence. Since it first opened as the IBM Scientific Center in 1972, the IBM Research Lab in Haifa (HRL) has conducted decades of research that has been vital to IBM’s success. R&D projects are being executed today by HRL for IBM labs in the USA, Canada, and Europe, in areas such as storage systems, verification technologies, multimedia, active management, information retrieval, programming environments, optimization technologies, and life sciences. “
    IBM Research - Tokyo was established in 1982. Researchers at TRL are active in analytics and optimization, software engineering, middleware, system software, security and compliance, electronic and optical packaging technology, engineering and technology services, text mining and speech technology, and accessibility technology.
    IBM Research - China opened in Beijing in 1995. The event symbolized IBM's commitment to ushering in a new age of shared technology and partnership for the development of China. China has about 132 employees. CRL is located in Shangdi, in the northwest of Beijing. CRL has been growing steadily. Researchers at CRL are active in multi-modal interactions such as voice and visual, intelligent information management, pervasive computing, e-business technologies and Service computing. An additional research location in China was opened in Shanghai in 2008.
    IBM Research - India was established in 1998 in Delhi, India. Researchers in IRL work in the areas of distributed computing, software engineering, information management, pervasive computing, bio-infomatics, speech recognition for Indian languages and autonomic computing, among others. In 2005, an additional Research location was opened in Bengaluru.
    IBM Research - Brasil currently being established in 2010. Expected focus areas: Natural Resources, Events, Devices
    Evolution of Role
    Our role has evolved to reach our goal and gives an indication of where we are headed.
    In the early days of Research, we were substantially inwardly focused; we tended to "mind the science" and assume that IBM's developers would pick up the best of our work. That mode of operation had its virtues when we were young -- for one thing, it made us very attractive for the best young scientists, some of whom are now among our senior executives.
    Nevertheless, we found that moving an idea or even a prototype from "research" to development was not simple, and we eventually agreed with the developers to put in place "joint projects". These are programs in which a substantial part of the work force is researchers working in research sites, but funded by a product group. Working with them are other researchers, funded out of our base budget, and -- most important -- developers, in their own sites. Thus, by establishing links early in the programs, and by starting with a shared vision and a shared agenda, we have been able to greatly smooth the transfer of ideas into development.
    In the 90s we began a journey we are still on today, of looking outside of IBM to our customers and the world. This journey has been motivated by two important facts: 1) IBM’s customers need and deserve access to the best innovative thinking around, and 2) By working with our customers we expand and challenge our own thinking and can focus on research that matters. We supported this work with initiatives like our First-of-a-Kind program through which S&D and Research sponsor collaborations with our customers to work on cutting edge solutions.
    Over the next ten years, we continued this journey and taking advantage of the company’s transformation, we increasingly focused on Services. With this came the introduction of IBM Research Services (formerly called On Demand Innovation Services) – where we work with our services brands (Global Technology Services – GTS and Global Business Services – GBS) on client engagements. This both expands our engagement with customers AND improves our understanding of what is needed to deliver services and products. This insight helps us improve the assets we deliver to our brands, making them easier to use, more standard and user friendly. It is also during this period that we have seen the creation of our newest Strategy Area in Research – Research Services.
    More recently, we are expanding our view still more, with the idea of developing joint-program-like activities with customers. Collaborative partnerships with customers, universities and governments.
    And, throughout this journey, we have continued to work with leaders in our fields of science from academia and governments and our scientific communities and standards organizations.
    CAPTION: the foil shows the progress over time from an organization that worked mainly with colleagues in the world of science and technology to one that also worked with other IBM units, to one that works, with customers, and today, lead our customers as well.
    First of a Kind: Once IBM Research feels a technology has reached a level where practical benefit can be achieved, it partners with a leading-edge client that is prepared to try the technology in a real-world situation. One early example of a highly successful "first of a kind" project was IBM's teaming with New York’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. The project resulted in MedSpeak, a specialized speech recognition application for radiologists, whose distinct technical vocabulary made recognition easier. As the technology improved, IBM expanded into legal dictation and then general products, establishing its ViaVoice line as a leader in the speech recognition marketplace.
    EBO (Emerging Business Opportunities):
    speaker notes updated 2010-11-29 /jvk
  • There is a conference nearly every week, and approx. ten publication every day…
    Service Science Knowledge Environment
  • Bastiat: Economic Harmonies
    Ricardo: Principles of Political Economy and Taxation
    Clark: Conditions of Economic Progress
    Riordan: Stochastic Service Systems
  • Service Thinking
    Value co-creation and capability co-elevation
    Digital Design Thinking
    More capabilities exist in software form
    Compliance capabilities as well
    Systems Thinking
    Balancing productivity & quality
    Balancing compliance & innovation
  • 281 total
  • This SIG is in its infancy compared with the education sig.
    The futures sig is focused on aiding service innovators to both understand possible futures as well as create that future environment and understand how to get their organizations to embrace it.
    We have initiated monthly meetings and each month it starts with one of the SIG members presenting information they feel will be relevant to the attendees. For example in January I presented on the scarcity of attention and the role of technology in maximizing value generation of this scarce resource.
    Some of the objectives we have planned for the future are a white paper about assessing innovation adoption, with the goal of understanding the capabilities of an organizations and techniques that can be used to help.
    Since gamification is an area I’ve done quite a bit of work, we’d also like to have a gamification orientation session, to expose service innovators to its role and use.
    We hope to have 15 members in the organization by the end of May at the latest and continue to reach out to Service Futurists.
  • I’d like to spend a few minutes of the boards time to mention an area of concern for the futures SIG in particular and all the SIGs in general.
    We need to more effectively get the word out about the activities underway and empower the ISSIP members (or the marketplace as a whole) to get more involved in the SIGs. We need to have defined plans and targets for media tools and communications.
    We also need to cross pollinate more effectively between the SIGs. All the SIGS have a future element to them, but I don’t know how to incorporate their efforts into the Future’s SIG (or vice versa).
    Finally we need to identify deliverables that can effectively hook participation into ISSIP itself. The SIGs are a primary driver of membership but I am not sure of how to proceed at this time in a coordinated way that doesn’t appear to be out-of-sync with the rest of ISSIP.
    I am asking the board for some assistance in addressing these areas.
  • Transcript

    • 1. IBM Research Evolution Research Agenda Collaboration for a Smarter Planet © 2013 IBM Corporation Integrated Solutions Services Software Hardware
    • 2. International Society of Service Innovation Professionals A Collaboration for Smart Service Systems “Service = Provider-Customer Value Co-Creation” Dr. James C. (“Jim”) Spohrer IBM Innovation Champion & Director, IBM Global University Programs IBM Service Science Innovation COP 2014 KickOff Call , Jan 28 2014,
    • 3. ISSIP (Pronounced I-ZIP) • Weekly SIG Calls – Service Science and Service Innovation Speakers – Promoting T-shaped Professional Development – Conference & Publication Opportunities & Partnerships • Monthly Newsletter (with free membership) – • Quarterly Board of Directors Update Meetings – • After one year, 450 members & growing steadily – 30+ Companies, 30+ Universities (including some dues payers*) – 20+ Professional Associations – 20+ Service Research Centers • = some of the top co-creators dues pay for operations and awards to members recognition for best papers, best practices, etc.
    • 4. Service Systems & Innovations in Business & Society: Business Expert Press Collection (ISSIP members get 50% discount) • Service Thinking: Seven Principles To Discover Innovative Opportunities • Business Engineering and Service Design with Applications for Health Care • Service and Service Systems in Unsettled Times • Lean Sigma Methods and Tools for Service Organizations: The Story of a Cruise Line Transformation • Designing Service Processes to Unlock Value • Achieving Service Excellence: Maximizing Enterprise Performance through Innovation and Technology • Business Engineering and Service Design with Applications for Health Care Institutions
    • 5. Service Thinking Saperstein & Hastings: Book, Course, ISSIP Certificate All value is co-created All value is co-created Service systems we live and work in Service systems we live and work in Componentized business architecture Componentized business architecture Global-mobile-social scalable platforms Global-mobile-social scalable platforms Run-Transform-Innovate Run-Transform-Innovate Multi-sided metrics Multi-sided metrics CVC Group, LLC 5
    • 6. National Science Foundation - Smart Service Systems Program A feature of a service system is the participation and cooperation of the customer in the service and its delivery. A service system then requires an integration of knowledge and technologies from a range of disciplines, often including engineering, computer science, social science, behavioral science, and cognitive science, paired with market knowledge to increase its social benefit. Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno
    • 7. ISSIP Ambassadors • More than 15 Ambassadors and growing… • Link ISSIP to other professional associations, research centers, conferences, etc. • Help ISSIP co-sponsor activities in other conferences more... etwork/
    • 8. Service Systems Fundamental Abstraction of Service Science: ISSIP portal to Disciplines (23), Professional Associations (39), Journals (20), Conferences (31), Workshops (7) Discipline Association Marketing AMA Operations Research INFORMS Information Systems AIS Computer Science and Engineering ACM, IEEE Human Factors AHFE Operations Management POMS Systems Science ISSS Design SDN Systems Engineering IIE … … Serviceology SfS (SSME+DAPP) ISSIP IBM SSME Centennial Icon of Progress
    • 9. The Well-Read Service Scientist (The top 300 papers – together over 100,000 citations) •
    • 10. Service-Dominant Logic Prof. Stephen VARGO Prof. Robert LUSCH Vargo, S. L., & Lusch, R. F. (2004). Evolving to a new dominant logic for marketing. Journal of marketing, 1-17. (Oct. 2013, ~4500 citations) Richard Normann Claude Frédéric Bastiat David Ricardo Colin Clark John Riordan
    • 11. T-Shaped People: Boundary-Spanning Adaptive Innovators for a Smarter Planet Many disciplines Many sectors Many regions/cultures (understanding & communications) Deep in one region/culture Deep in one sector Deep in one discipline “No one knows everything, but a well-chosen team of T-shapes has empathy to learn anything.”
    • 12. Key Question: Knowledge Half-Life • What percentage of a companies product and service offerings to customers change every year? • What percentage of the courses that students get change every year?
    • 13. ISSIP BOD Meeting 4th Quarter, FY 2013 December 12, 2013 Presentation: Twitter Hashtag: #ISSIP 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 13
    • 14. ISSIP Meeting Agenda Honoring ISSIP Founding President, Welcoming 2014 incoming President and VP, Jim Spohrer High-level Accomplishments: Ammar Rayes, ISSIP President; Director & Distinguished Engineer, Cisco Introduction of New ISSIP Advisor, and first ISSIP Industry Emeritus Ammar ISSIP 2013 CSL Conference, and 2014 events – Haluk Demirkan, ISSIP BOD Member, Chair, ISSIP Conference Committee; Professor, U of Washington NSF Smarter Services Program Update – Jim Sophrer ISSIP Entrepreneurship Corps – Jim Spohrer, ISSIP Co-Founding BOD Member; Director Global University Program & Innovation Champion, IBM ISSIP Industry Emeritus Program– Rick McMaster Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Updates Education & Research: Jim Spohrer SIG Chair, Haluk Demirkan, SIG Co-Chair Energy and Power: Oliver Yu, SIG Chair; President Stars Group, Professor, SJSU Service Futures: Charlie Bess, SIG Chair, ISSIP BOD Member; HP Fellow User Experience: Don Allen, SIG Chair; Sr. Tech. Lead, Cisco Software Defined Networking : Zach Seils, SIG Chair; Technical Leader, Cisco Cloud Mobility: Ammar Rayes, SIG Chair Operations Update: Yassi Moghaddam, Executive Director, ISSIP Open Discussion: Ask of the Board 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 14
    • 15. ISSIP Honoring ISSIP Founding President  Ammar Rayes, ISSIP Founding President, June 2012- Jan 2013  Distinguished Engineer, Cisco System  ISSIP first Past President, effective Jan 1, 2014  Chair of the Nominations Committee, Chair of Cloud Mobility SIG  Under his presidency in a short period of time ISSIP… - Grew > 420 members, representing > dozen of major companies> 100 universities, > 40 countries, > 5 government agencies. - One ISSIP Co-sponsored conference - First ISSIP Fellow award. - Ambassadors appointments: 18, - Committees formed: 8 - ISSIP German Chapter kicked off 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 15
    • 16. ISSIP Welcome!  Charlie Bess, ISSIP Incoming President (Jan 1, 2014-Dec 31, 2014) - HP Fellow, Chief Technologist Application Business Services Americas - Chair of ISSIP Service Futures - BSEE, Purdue, MBA Southern Methodist University - Licensed professional engineer, certified distinguished architect by The Open Group, and a senior IEEE member  Jeff Welser, ISSIP Incoming Vice President (Jan 1, 2014-Dec 31, 2014) - Director Almaden Services Research Center and Accelerated Discovery Lab, IBM - IEEE Fellow, ISSIP Ambassador to IEEE Technology Management Council, Electronic Device Society 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. - BSEE, MSEE, and PHD, Stanford University 16
    • 17. ISSIP High-Level Accomplishments Since August 30, 2013  First ISSIP Fellow Award granted to Mary Jo Bitner  ISSIP Conference/Workshop, Nov 2013 in partnership with Center for Service Leadership (> 200 attandees)  ISSIP Symposium in collaboration with California Center for Service Science (CCSS) being planned for March 2014.  NSF Smarter Service System Program launch has been strong.  Exploring ISSIP entrepreneurial education program with UC-Berkeley Haas School of Business.  ISSIP Industry Emeritus Program starting in Jan 2014.  Membership – Individual: ~14% growth; Institutional: making good progress with Ciena, OpenText, EMC, Yahoo, FedExand several others.  Four new Ambassadors appointed.  Financials on Track 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 17
    • 18. ISSIP Welcome!  Paula McCarty, ISSIP Advisor - President of Tech Talk Marketing, urrently, Paula leading Solutions Marketing efforts as a Senior Consultant for Ciena, Inc.’s new Services Offerings. - Over 20 years of international marketing, research and finance experience with Fortune 100 companies and several premier private equity and investment firms including Motorola Global Services, Litton Industries, Western Atlas, and Unova.  - B.A. Political Science, Tufts University, M.B.A , Loyola Marymount University, Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society, Ph.D., Information and Computer Science from Claremont Graduate University. Rick McMaster, Ph.D., P.E., ISSIP Industry Emeritus, Chair of the ISSIP Emeritus Committee - STEM and entrepreneurship advocate to K1-12 and universities, IBM’s University Programs Worldwide with broad range of experience in technology development, microprocessor design, technology marketing, business process development, and education development and delivery. - Chair of Central Texas Discover Engineering (CTDE), advisor to WGBH's Design Squad Nation and WNET’s Cyberchase, and contributor to MIT’s BLOSSOMS and MIT STEM Pals Newsletter, on the Corporate Management Council of the ASEE as well as their K-12 SIG, and a member of the NSTA. - Ph.D. in Physics, University of Connecticut, PMP 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 18
    • 19. ISSIP Industry Emeritus Program  Recognition of retired industry professionals who want to stay active as role models and mentors - Must be an active member of ISSIP  Emeritus to be sponsored by a member of the ISSIP Operations Committee - Plus support from former employer if available  Renewable two year term - Based on activity plan  Optional university/professional society ambassador - If the Emeritus maintains an ongoing relationship of mutual benefit  Managed by new ISSIP Industry Emeritus Program Committee 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 19
    • 20. 2013 ISSIP Conference Activities (since August 2013) 1. ISSIP ISSIP@CSL: The W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University (Phx, AZ, Nov 2013): - Workshop on T-Shape assessment led by Louis Freund - ISSIP Service Analytics Panel moderated by Haluk Demirkan; • Participants: Don Allen, Charlie Bess, Ammar Rayes, Jim Spohrer, Yassi Moghaddam - 1st ISSIP Fellow Award was given to Mary Jo Bitner from Arizona State University ISSIP@ASSRI: Third Australasian Symposium on Service Research and Innovation (Sydney, Australia, Nov 2013): Haluk Demirkan-Program Chair, Best Paper Award 3. ISSIP@INFORMS: The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (Minneapolis, Oct 2013): [Ralph Badinelli, Informs Service Science Business Meeting] 2. 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 20
    • 21. ISSIP 2014 ISSIP Conference Activities 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. ISSIP@HICSS: Hawaii International Conference On System Sciences (Big Island, HI, Jan 2013): [Haluk Demirkan-Analytics, Service Science, Mobile Services Track; Paul Maglio-SSME Mini-track] ISSIP@IBM: T-Summit 2014 (March 2014, San Jose): 1 day workshop ISSIP&California Center for Service Science ISSIP@ServDes2014 ( April 9-11, Lancaster, UK, Daniela Sangiorgi,- Conference Chair) ISSIP@AMCIS: Americas Conference on Information Systems (Savannah, GE, Aug 2014): [Jim Spohrer - Service Systems Track] ISSIP@INFORMS: The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (San Francisco, Nov 2014): [Ralph Badinelli, Informs Service Science Business Meeting, ISSIP Sponsored Best Paper Awards; ISSIP Sessions) and more… 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 21
    • 22. National Science Foundation - Smart Services Program Update ISSIP A feature of a service system is the participation and cooperation of the customer in the service and its delivery. A service system then requires an integration of knowledge and technologies from a range of disciplines, often including engineering, computer science, social science, behavioral science, and cognitive science, paired with market knowledge to increase its social benefit. 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno 22
    • 23. ISSIP ISSIP- UC Berkeley Entrepreneurship Corps  Proposal under Consideration: - A collaboration between the Institute for Business Innovation and Haas Digital at the Haas School of Business and other partners at University of California, Berkeley and ISSIP - Goal: To increase service innovation capacity through entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship education and learning. - UC Berkeley including Haas School of Business, the College of Engineering and the School of Information, will create a robust teaching, mentoring, and networking platform based on strengths in technology, entrepreneurship, innovation and dynamic capabilities, business thought leadership, and external ecosystem. - ISSIP will scale the program through the support of ISSIP sponsored institution members. - How: apply and disseminate a set of research proven strategies, tactics, and mindset and infrastructure techniques through adaptive digital courses and online mentoring and networking services to drive the successful creation of technology-based startups including incubations out of universities and companies. 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 23
    • 24. ISSIP SIG Education & Research Mission: Increase quantity and quality of service science related educational materials, courses and degree programs as well as open data sets for service systems research, to increase the number of T-shaped service innovators globally. SIG Established: October 2012 Total #of Members: 76 (grew from 42 in May 2013 = 66 % increase) SIG Accomplishments for Knowledge Co-creation:  Completed 36 education/research member & guest presentations  Formed 8 SIG Actions/Sub-sigs formed (total 8 sub-sig activities) - Community development: Established weekly SIG calls (2 calls on Wednesdays) - Education survey has been completed & published (Version 1) - SIG Whitepaper is being developed (Draft 1) - A list of open data sets has being developed (Version 3) - T-Shape diagnostic tool has been developed (version 1) - Professional education program - Smart Cities (2 guest presentations) - A process for ISSIP Recognition Program (Version 1) 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 24
    • 25. ISSIP SIG Education & Research 2014 SMART Goals & Objectives :  Community development & membership expansion from 70 to 100 by March 2014  Continue our weekly conference calls (three types of calls) - type 1: new member intro calls - type 2: updates by leaders of SIG action items - type 3: general discussions to review SIG objectives/actions items/activities  Professional development (e.g. career paths) with initial certification materials  Start implementing the ISSIP Recognition Program  Establish a collaboration agreement with “Service Innovation” book series  Recruit 3 authors to contribute booklet on “service innovation”  Education (e.g. diverse life-long learning) with ten sample courses  Complete whitepaper on existing courses (from members presentations)  Conference sessions planned, plus T-shaped summit - T Summit@IBM Almaden for March 24-25, 2014 - Sessions to advertise ISSIP SIG EdRes at service science conferences in Portugal, China, Italy 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 25
    • 26. ISSIP Energy & Power SIG Mission: Promote service innovation in the Power and Energy Sectors. SIG Established:  June 2013 #of Members: 8, including 5 from the US, 1 from China, and 2 from Taiwan. SIG Accomplishments: Total A panelist discussion on Major Challenges and Opportunities of Service Innovation in the Power Industry is planned for the IEEE Power & Energy Society general meeting in 2015. Goals For 2014: A potential session sponsored by the SIG is contemplated for the T-Summit in March 2014. Prof. Lin Zhang of Tsinghua University will explore service standards for the power industry. 2013 Because Oliver Yu will be overseas for 3 months in 2014, Dr. Bob Entriken of Electric Power Research Institute has been approached to be the next SIG chair. ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 26
    • 27. ISSIP Service Futures SIG Mission: To identify, define and describe innovative service approaches, increasing the ability to proactively deliver on the business value potential at the intersection of business and technology trends. Established: Dec 2012 #of Members: 16 (+25% since August) Accomplishments: Ongoing monthly meeting taking place on schedule 2013 SMART Goals & Objectives ( as defined last December):  Operational assessment framework definition  Gamification orientation session 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 27
    • 28. ISSIP Service Futures SIG Challenges  Getting the word out - Have developed a joint approach with the education SIG for meetings on overlapping topics – happening once a month  Presented a futures vision for the 24th Annual Compete Through Service Symposium  Mentioned ISSIP at STEM conference for community colleges in Frisco, TX  Will also mention in keynote at MidPacific Information and Communication Technologies Educator Conference in San 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 28
    • 29. ISSIP UE-SIG Mission: Improve the user experience of customers, providers, and stake holders in the service industry through the promotion of the application of leading design methodology to service science and innovation. SIG Established: November 2012 Total #of Members: 6 - 2 from the US and 4 from Europe SIG Accomplishments: Updated Whitepaper out line to change focus to empathy and HCI Developed 2 case studies in support of Whitepaper Participated in the CTSS Panel Session Goals For 2014: Complete the UE-SIG Whitepaper – Human Centered and Empathic Design: Their Role in Design For Service Innovation Sponsor ISSIP Panel session in ServDes 2014 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 29
    • 30. ISSIP SDN SIG – December 2013  Successful SIG formation and kickoff completed December 2013  SIG Membership: 9 Active; 4 Pending  Bi-weekly calls start 2nd full week of January 2014  Work streams & deliverables to be finalized February 2014  Actively recruiting more industry involvement  Working to establish SIG web 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 30
    • 31. ISSIP Cloud Mobility SIG  6 Members: - Cisco, NEC Labs, ATT Research, Ericsson, Univ. of Michigan & Oregon State Univ.  Accomplishments since May 2013: - Draft white paper  High Level Goals for FY2014: Publish an industry wide white paper, influence standards 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 31
    • 32. ISSIP Individual Members Update  Total Individual members: 425 - Growth: >14 % Q-o-Q - Average new members/ week ~ 6 - On track to meet our 2013 goal of 450 Individual Member Representation Cisco+HP+IBM Universities Others Others include: Amazon, Ciena, Microsoft, EMC, Tata, Dell, Xerox, Capgemeni, BT, Deloitte, Deutsche Bank, SAP, PT Telecom, Waggener Edstrom, Activo Bank, Small Companies/Startups 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 32
    • 33. ISSIP Institutional Members Update  Ciena – Finalizing decision become a member  OpenText – in active discussions  Exploring with more than 20 organizaitons in the pipeline • Microsoft, EMC, Yahoo, Fujitus, NetApp, SAP, Xerox, Agilent, Citi Group, Intel, Autodesk, Northrup Grumman, Tata Consulting, Boeing, Corning, Dell, Qualcomm, Dow Chemical, Nielsen, Applied Materials, GenPact, and others.  Asking the Board to help connect ISSIP with others including: - AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Accenture, Deloitte, McKinsey, and others…. 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Curious how Curious how your company your company could join could join ISSIP? ISSIP? Contact Contact execdir@issip.o execdir@issip.o rg rg 33
    • 34. ISSIP New Ambassadors Davor Meersman, ISSIP Ambassador to European Cooperation for Science and Technology, COST,, Head of the European Research Strategy at iLab Marja Toivonen, ISSIP Ambassador to Finnish Service Alliance, works as Research Professor at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and is also an Adjunct Professor at Aalto University Helsinki 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Parminder Kocher, ISSIP Ambassador to Cisco Services Technology Innovation Incubation Center, Head of STI Dundar Kocaoglu, ISSIP Ambassador to Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology, PICMET, Professor and Chairman of the Engineering and Technology Management Department, Portland State University , President and CEO of PICMET 34
    • 35. ISSIP ISSIP Germany – An Update Achievements Launched June 2013 Members 17 members •7 Scholars •5 Practitioners •5 Graduate students Siemens IBM DB (Railway) University of Nuremberg Deutsche Bank KSRI Deutsche Telekom University of St. Gallen 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Activities / Communication Call Weekly Chapter (Wed. 5.30pm CET) ISSIP Newsletter article (10/2013) @ISSIP_DE ISSIP Germany Next Steps Grow •Focus on Scholars and Practitioners •Grad. students by nomination only Interconnect •ISSIP Switzerland (C. Heitz) •Reach out to Austria •Closer link to ISSIP Global SIGs Next Chapter Calls (Jan. 2014) •Dr. Gogoll “Service Innovation at Siemens” Info Booth & Flyer at •Peter Bruhn “German 5-year anniversary Telekom’s ‘Developer Garden’” of KSRI •ISSIP Overview by Yassi Moghaddam, ISSIP Executive Chapter Chair: Niels Feldmann (KSRI, IBM) Director (TBD) Page on the ISSIP Global Website 35
    • 36. ISSIP Industry-Academia Student Mentorship Program ISSIP Goal: Provide a service platform to Co-creation between academia, industry, government, other professional associations and ISSIP to increase the quantity and quality of service innovation related mentorstudent interactions worldwide.  Launched: May 2013  Total # Students completed: 19 (+3 since last quarter)   Participating Organizations YTD - Universities: • SJSU, Professor: Bill Devincenzi • Hult International Business School, Professors Jeff Saperstein, and Hunter Hastings. - Companies: IBM, Cisco, HP  Current Focus: - Increase innovation capacity around “Regions 2.0”, i.e. smart regional economic development efforts globally - Team of 3 Student from SJSU Sbona Honors Program developing mentorship templates and industry project pipeline 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 36
    • 37. ISSIP Committees Update New Committee ISSIP Industry Emeritus Program Committee Objectives Membership Oversee the Industry Emeritus Program Chair: Rick McMaster Members: Jim Spohrer, Alessio Giuiusa Existing Committees Publications Committee: Conferences Committee Elections Committee Nominating Committee: Operations Committee Certification (Education) Committee Mentorship Committee Membership Committee 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Objectives Oversee all ISSIP subscription publications (whether online or printed) Oversee annual conference related activities Coordinate and supervise the conduct of elections. Nominate members for elected positions Run the day to day operation of ISSIP Lead and define criteria for ISSIP certifications and badges for services, solutions, systems, courses and workshops, develop, BOK, develop testing and auditing criteria Oversea ISSIP Student Mentorship Program Increase quantity of both Dues Paying members and Individual members 37
    • 38. ISSIP Other Recognitions  Christoph Briedbach, Newsletter Editor - Continued contributions to improve the quality and quantity of ISSIP NL content  Professor Haluk Demirkan - being an exemplary ISSIP Ambassador  Alessio Guiusa, Digital Service Design - Ongoing contributions to enhance ISSIP Website and other social media channels  Professor Lou Freund, ISSIP Advisor - Contributions for the development T-Shape measurement  Carlos Pignataro, ISSIP Advisor - Connecting and Evangelizing ISSIP with formal innovation channels in the industry and in Cisco  Professor Andrzej Rucinski, ISSIP Ambassador- Establishing a T-Shape Curriculum in University of New Hampshire and evangelizing ISSIP globally  Mike Wang, Digital Design - Continued contributions to the website, newsletter and logo design 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 38
    • 39. ISSIP Financials  As of 12/10/13 Total Balance: $43,008  Receivables: $15,000  Operating Expenses total YTD   Pro Forma for FY2014 Pro Forma for FY2014 - Salaries ~ $50,000 Conferences and awards ~ $2,500 Travel and Miscellaneous ~ $5,000 Total ~ $57,500 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Estimated Income: $60,000, Plus Estimated Income: $60,000, Plus additional 2~4 sponsors additional 2~4 sponsors   Salaries - -$50,000 Salaries $50,000   Consulting & Operations (tools, Consulting & Operations (tools, licensing, web, etc. ) )- -$5,000 - licensing, web, etc. $5,000 $15,000 $15,000   Travel and Miscellaneous Travel and Miscellaneous $5,000- $10,000 $5,000- $10,000   -   Awards - -$2,000-$5,000 Awards $2,000-$5,000 39
    • 40. ISSIP Board Approvals Since last BOD meeting (August 30, 2013)  Paula McCarty joining the Advisory Board  New Committees: Emeritus Program Committee  ISSIP Fellow Award to Dr. Mary Jo Bitner 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 40
    • 41. Thank you! ISSIP BOD Meeting 4th Quarter, FY 2013 December 12, 2013 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 41
    • 42. ISSIP Update: One Year Old Jim Spohrer, IBM University Programs Yassi Moghddam Executive Director, ISSIP twitter: @yassi_moghddam (408) 318-0332 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. January 21, 2014 42
    • 43. Why…  Social, Mobile, Big Data, Cloud, IoT,… making our world more instrumented, interconnected, and complex  Yet most organizations struggle with complexity Most professional organizations do a great job of focusing on one discipline, function, or industry sector, but not on the inteconnections. ISSIP is a professional society designed to ISSIP is a professional society designed to  DEPTH focus on the interconnected nature of focus on the interconnected nature of value co-creation for smart service value co-creation for smart service systems (tech, biz, social, etc.) systems (tech, biz, social, etc.) BREADTH T-Shape professionals can innovate across traditional boundaries 43 2014 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 43
    • 44. Our Mission “To promote service innovations for our interconnected world.” - Individual Members: > 400 - Individual Members: > 400 - Institutional members: 3 and - Institutional members: 3 and growing growing - Service Systems: ICT, Education, - Service Systems: ICT, Education, Healthcare, Transportation, Healthcare, Transportation, Financials, Energy, Government Financials, Energy, Government - Universities: 55+ - Universities: 55+ - Countries: 37+ - Countries: 37+ Through:      Professional Development Education Research Practices Policy Making 2014 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Ambassadors Committe es Special Special Interest Interest groups groups Chapters Chapters Students Students Mentorshi Mentorshi p p 44
    • 45. ISSIP Ambassadors  More than 15 Ambassadors and growing…  Link ISSIP to other professional associations, research centers, conferences, etc.  Help ISSIP co-sponsor activities in other conferences 2014 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. more... etwork/ 45
    • 46. Existing SIGs SDN Leverage the Software Defined Networking momentum to accelerate the transition of SDN for service professionals and spark innovative approaches to service delivery. Lead: Zach Siels 2014 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 46
    • 47. ISSIP Open Innovation Coaching Program Coaching Coaching Internsh ip Jo b  Goal: Co-create a superior coaching expience for ISSIP Student Members, academics, industry professionals, policy makers, and members of other professional societies  Focus: Open innovation projects that address real business and societal challenges  Platform: pipeline of smart service projects of mutual interest to: • Students that make them more competitive for smart service jobs • Academicians, for smart services case development, and research • For industry partners to test a vetted pool of talent for hiring  Participating Universities so far: Hult SF, SJSU  Participating Companies so far: IBM, Cisco, HP 2014 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Regions 2.0 San Jose State University, IBM, Cisco, HP, and ISSIP now designing new templates for regional development through service innovation! 47 47
    • 48. Professional Development  ISSIP Certification, Badges, and Seals - Certification Committee Chair: Professor Haluk Demirkan, University of Washington, - Committee Goals:  Lead and define criteria for ISSIP certifications and badges for services, solutions, systems, courses and workshops, - In the short term: • “ISSIP Reviewed” already granted through Hult International School of Business  Courses, workshops, books, etc. - In the long term: • Develop BOK • Develop testing, certification, and auditing criteria  • Offer professional certifications  Professional Book Series – BEP, Co-editors: Dr. Jim Spohrer, Dr. Haluk Demirkan  Developing T-shape assessment instruments Professor Lou Freund, SJSU 2014 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 48
    • 49. ISSIP Chapters  Geographic chapters are proposed by members and approved by the Board of Directors.  First Chapter: ISSIP Germany  ISSIP Germany Chapters for Switzerland, Japan, UK, Italy, Jordan, Australia, and others are planned. 49 2014 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 49
    • 50. Committees  Conferences Committee  - Oversee ISSIP Conference activities  - Leads and define criteria for ISSIP certifications and badges for services, solutions, systems, courses and workshops, develop BOK, develop testing and auditing criteria  Elections Committee - Administers ISSIP Elections  Nominating Committee: - Administers ISSIP nominations for various elected positions   Operations Committee Publications Committee: - Set guidelines for and manage ISSIP publications 2014 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Mentorship Committee - Oversee ISSIP-industryacademia Student  Mentorship Program - Manages the tactical operations of ISSIP  Certification Committee  New Members Committee - Increase quantity of both Dues Paying members and Individual members 50
    • 51. Leadership…. Ammar Rayes, President, ISSIP; Distinguished Engineer, Cisco Services Ana Pinczuk BOD Member, ISSIP; SVP Transformation, Cisco Services 2014 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Charlie Bess, BOD Member, Vice President, ISSIP; HP Fellow, and VP Haluk Demirkan BOD Member, ISSIP; Professor University of Washington Jim Spohrer BOD Member, Secretary, Treasure, ISSIP; Director Global University Programs, IBM Yassi Moghaddam Executive Director, ISSIP; Formerly Bell Labs, AT&T, Lucent, Wells Fargo, & several startups Ralp Badinelli BOD Member, ISSIP; Professor Virginia Tech Jeff Welser Vice President Elect, ISSIP; Director Services Research, IBM 51
    • 52. Join …. 52 2014 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 52
    • 53. Thank you! Yassi Moghddam Executive Director, ISSIP twitter: @yassi_moghddam (408) 318-0332 Nov 13, 2013 2013 ISSIP and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 53