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IBM University Programs, 6 R's, Regional Economic Development

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  • Scope:IBM University Programs works with 5000 universities world-wide with a global matrixed team of about 500 IBMers... Where to find more info:IBM has many programs for working with universities that can be found at Spohrer, Director IBM UP & Innovation Champion
  • Synopsis:All the programs fall within the 6 R's of IBM University Programs (IBM UP)... R = Research (Awards: University Relations) R = Readiness (Skills: Academic Initiatives) R = Recruiting (Internships & Jobs: IBM Global Centers) R = Revenue (Solutions: Super-Computers to Asset/Risk Management) R = Responsibility (Volunteers: On Campus IBMers & Smarter Cities Challenge) R = Regions (Startups & Jobs: Smart Camp Challenge)Examples:Our best university relationships are when all 6 R's are active - some examples... NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress: OSU Big Data Analytics Center: KIT Karlsruhe Service Research Institute: University Programs (the 6 R’s of IBM UP) include:1. Research ( Readiness ( Recruiting ( or Revenue ( and Responsibility (, and Regions ( “On Campus IBMers”(where available) help with the above…
  • Examples: NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress: OSU Big Data Analytics Center: KIT Karlsruhe Service Research Institute: Technology Center:
  • It is IBM vision of the future that allows us to successfully compete for collaboratorsReal value:It is Ideal when we have one or more IBMers on Campus, who work to mature the 6 R's relationship between IBM, the university, and the regional economic development board; Foresight is required to continuously renew the high skill high pay jobs in a region by wisely investing in infrastructure and talent. IBMers on Campus are local partners to understand the regions social-economic-technology development plans and to provide foresight input, including GTO (Global Technology Outlook) presentations. For example, Personalized Education GTO topic should be seen by all college presidents, deans, and faculty.SSME+DAPP = Service Science Management Engineering + Design Arts Public PolicyUniversities have convening power that helps regions compete for collaboratorsIBM provides foresight and a global network for scaling up innovations
  • From I to T to Pi-shapes … and beyond! IBM needs graduates who can work on multidisciplinary, multisector, multicultural teams… T-shapes have depth and breadth … Disciplines from computer science to marketing to social sciences to arts & humanitiesSectors from transportation to energy to healthcare to governmentCultures from US to Europe to China to India to Latin America to Africa to Middle East and more!!
  • Ibm up external 20130407 v4

    1. 1. IBM University Programs What’s UP at IBM? University Programs! The 6 R’s helping to build a Smarter Planet: Research, Readiness, Recruiting, Revenue, Responsibility, Regions Jim Spohrer, Director IBM University Programs (IBM UP) April 7, 2013 © IBM 2013 IBM University Programs worldwide 4/9/2013 1 accelerating regional development (IBM UPward)
    2. 2. IBM University Programs 6 R’s • Research (Awards) • Readiness (Skills) • Recruiting (Jobs) • Revenue (Solutions) • Responsibility (Volunteers) • Regions (Startups & Smart Camps) PRODUCTS COMMUNICATIONSWORKFORCE SUPPLY CHAIN TRANSPORTATION BUILDINGS © IBM 2013 IBM University Programs worldwide 4/9/2013 2 accelerating regional development (IBM UPward)
    3. 3. IBM University Programs 6 R’s Examples IBM and Ohio State University collaborate to boost IBM Smarter Cities & analytics skills in State of Ohio NYU CUSP Center for Urban Science and Progress Projected to create 500 new jobs and become an  Big Cities + Big Data Faculty Awards education and training hub for advanced data research,  MS in Applied Urban Science & Informatics big data and cognitive computing  Academic, Government, Industry IBM worked with Ohio’s economic development organizations - aims to benefit than 30 regional  NYU and NYU-Poly, Carnegie Mellon University, The companies in health care, financial services, government City University of New York, The Indian Institute of and retail. Technology (Mumbai). The University of Toronto, The University of Warwick State of Ohio providing incentives for the center. IBM and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology IBM partners with State of Louisiana & City of collaborate on Service Science in Germany Baton Rouge, & Louisiana State University The Karlsruhe Service Research Institute at KIT (Karlsruhe  Creation Of 800-Job Technology Center Institute of Technology) aims to be the leading European In Downtown Baton Rouge research institute in the field of Service Science.  Gov. Jindal, Baton Rouge Mayor/President Develop concepts, methods, and technologies relevant for Kip Holden, Baton Rouge Area Foundation innovators and decision-makers to create and capture President and CEO John Davies, and value in an increasingly services-led economy.. Louisiana State University (LSU) College of Engineering Dean Richard Koubek. Holistic interdisciplinary approach to solve business problems along the dimensions of  The State will provide $14 million in funding over 10 years for people, organization, information, and expanded higher-education programs designed primarily to technology increase the number of annual computer science graduates. © IBM 2013 IBM University Programs worldwide 4/9/2013 3 accelerating regional development (IBM UPward)
    4. 4. IBM University Programs 6 R’s Examples IBM and University of Mauritius collaborate to IBM University Programs supports IBM’s Delivery boost computer skills in the Indian Ocean Islands Center at Brno in the Czech Republic Region off the coast of Africa IBM and University of Mauritius struck a academic  IBM’s Delivery Center at Brno employs about 3,000 IT partnership to provide technology and training resources professionals and supports over 600 clients from for computer science professionals at the University around the world IBM also launched an IBM Africa Technical Institute in  Best practices have been established by local Mauritius offering education about IBM technologies and University Relations personnel for internship how these solutions solve some of the challenges facing programs that support IBM’s resourcing needs businesses and the public sector in Africa.  This local expertise is now planned to be extended and IBM technical staff will provide guest lectures to students applied to the resourcing requirements of the Brno and IBM will also offer research collaboration for UM Delivery Center researchers IBM and Stellenbosch University collaborate for IBM UP / SWG supports IBM’s new Delivery Center computer skills development in South Africa in Costa Rica with faculty training  IBM’s Delivery Center in Costa Rica opened in May with 1,200 IBM and Stellenbosch University (SU) have partnered to employees & intends to hire up to 1,000 new IT professionals by open a Software Center of Excellence to assist students 2014 in building strong SW development skills  Part of IBM’s agreement includes working with 6 local The COE is a first-of-its-kind in South Africa including a universities to help build the future workforce and training them post-graduate computer laboratory with advanced software on IBM’s Cloud, Cyber Security & various other technologies (including Rational) to provide a full-fledged software  IBM UR & SWG team members along with NC State University production environment for students to hone their skills. faculty are conducting curriculum workshops for local faculty in country to “train the trainors”. IBM is the first company to offer The Center seeks to integrate the latest technologies into such a creative approach to helping establish the latest in SU’s curriculum to prepare students for high-value job technology skills in Costa Rica opportunities © IBM 2013 IBM University Programs worldwide 4/9/2013 4 accelerating regional development (IBM UPward)
    5. 5. IBM University Programs 6 R’s Examples IBM Research, CC&CA & IBM UP Supports IBM Russia & Bauman Moscow State Technical Brazil with 3 PhD Fellowships for 2012 University launch Smarter Cities Dev’t Education Center  BMSTU launched the Smarter Cities Education Center as a strategic initiative w/ IBM to help students  Flavio Figueiredo from Universidade Federal de Minas and city leaders develop expertise and apply innovative Gerais studying in filed of content popularity growth on online technologies to create smart solutions to tackle issues social networks that have high social and economic impact for cities around the world.  Ivan Mechado from Universidade Federal da Bahia studying  Aligned with the Russian governments priorities for the in field of variabilities in product lines and the most suitable modernization and technological development of urban testing strategies centers, the center will support the development of IT  Gabriel Nazar from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do skills crucial to Russias innovation agenda Sul studying in the filed of cost-effective fault tolerance techniques for filed programmable gate arrays IBM India Univ Relations Receives IBM SWG, IBM China UR and Leading Universities Award from Zinnov Consulting in China Team Up on Joint EMBA Program  India University Relations was presented w/ the  As part of the Smarter Commerce China Summit, IBM announced the joint Smarter Marketing Course “Ecosystem Enablement for Universities” award from Program with Chinese University of Hong Kong and Zinnov Consulting for the 3rd consecutive year Shanghai Jiaotong University  The award recognizes IBM’s contribution towards the  The collaboration helps students learn more about the development of the University R&D Ecosystem through enormous opportunities brought by Smart Commerce and technology marketing and promote the local talent depth of research and breadth of reach across Tier 1, 2 education and 3 universities  The program will train students & industry leaders with  Zinnov is a consulting firm providing services in the advanced smarter marketing mindset and solutions and area of offshore advisory, market research, competitor build ecosystem for Smarter Commerce business impact analysis, business research, data analytics and HR consulting to Fortune 1000 companies © IBM 2013 IBM University Programs worldwide 4/9/2013 5 accelerating regional development (IBM UPward)
    6. 6. IBM University Programs Regional Economic Development: Competing for Collaborators • Universities & Regional Economic Development Boards – Talent and infrastructure investments • More high skill, high pay jobs to boost quality-of-life – Regional progress & continuous improvement upward spiral • Smarter systems = Instrumented + Interconnected + Intelligent – Science of Service Systems: Nations, states, cities, universities • Nested, networked holistic service systems co-create value (SSME+DAPP) • IBM Global Innovation Network – Foresight: IBM Innovation Centers (IICs) & Customer Briefing Centers • Global Technology Outlook (GTO) Report Regional Economic Development • Institute for Business Value (IBV) Studies • IBM Centers for Advanced Study (CAS) – IBM Global R&D and Service Delivery Centers Government • Hardware, Software, Solutions & Service R&D • IT Data, Call, Analytics Service Delivery Centers Industry Academia © IBM 2013 IBM University Programs worldwide 4/9/2013 6 accelerating regional development (IBM UPward)
    7. 7. IBM University Programs IBM Platforms for Entrepreneurs • Smarter Cities Intelligent Operations Center Platform • IBM helping university startups to scale up (growth) © IBM 2013 IBM University Programs worldwide 4/9/2013 7 accelerating regional development (IBM UPward)
    8. 8. IBM University Programs From I to T-shape for Smarter Planet: IBMers with more depth and breadth Many disciplines Many sectors Many regions/cultures (understanding & communications) Deep in one region/culture Deep in one discipline Deep in one sector © IBM 2013 IBM University Programs worldwide 4/9/2013 8 accelerating regional development (IBM UPward)
    9. 9. IBM University Programs 7th R? Reputation SKILLS STUDENT RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT ENGAGEMENT What Watson How can What role can How will Watson related skills do individuals get universities play technology students need involved with in Watson’s redefine the future in the 21st Watson? development? of smarter century? systems? © IBM 2013 IBM University Programs worldwide 4/9/2013 9 accelerating regional development (IBM UPward)
    10. 10. Scalable Services EcosystemsGlobal Technology Outlook 2013 - Do Not Distribute © 2013 IBM Corporation 10