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Western expansion
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Western expansion


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  • 1. USI.8 EXPANSIONUSI.8A describe territorial expansion and how itaffected the political map of the United States, withemphasis on the Louisiana Purchase, the Lewis andClark expedition, and the acquisitions of Florida,Texas, Oregon, and California.USI.8B identify the geographic and economic factorsthat influenced the westward movement of settlers.USI.8C describe the impact of inventions, includingthe cotton gin, the reaper, the steamboat, and thesteam locomotive, on life in America.
  • 2. WESTWARD MOVEMENT USI.8A-D“Oh, Susannah” (5)
  • 3. USI.8B WHY MOVE WEST? • Population growth in the eastern states • Cheap, fertile land • Economic opportunity (gold rush, logging, farming, freedom (for runaway slaves) • Cheaper, faster transportation (rivers and canals {Erie Canal}, steamboats, etc.) • Knowledge of overland trails (Oregon & Santa Fe) • Belief in Manifest Destiny (idea that expansion was good and right for the country)
  • 4. USI.8C NEW TECHNOLOGIES • Cotton gin (Eli Whitney) – increased production of cotton & increased the need for slaves to grow & pick it • Reaper (Cyrus McCormick) – increased production of the farmer • Steamboat (Robert Fulton) – faster transportation from Southern plantations to factories of the North • Steam locomotives – faster land transportation
  • 5. USI.8A WESTWARD EXPANSION • Louisiana Purchase • Florida • Texas Annexation • Oregon Country • California (Mexican Cession)
  • 6. USI.8A LOUISIANA PURCHASE • Jefferson purchased land from France • Doubled the size of the United States • Lewis & Clark were hired to explore from Mississippi R. to Pacific Ocean • Sacajawea was a guide “Cajun music” (2)
  • 7. Louisiana Purchase• 1803• Cost 15 million dollars• Purchased by Jefferson from Napoleon• Doubled the size of the U.S. Slide borrowed from the internet
  • 8. USI.8A FLORIDA • Spain gave Florida to the United States through a treaty “Swanee River” – FL State Song (2)
  • 9. Florida •1819 Florida was purchased from Spain •Adams-Onis TreatySlide borrowed from the Internet!
  • 10. USI.8A TEXAS • Stephen Austin • Sam Houston • Alamo – Davy Crockett – Jim Bowie • Texas Republic • Mexican War – Santa Anna “Yellow Rose of Texas” – TX State Song (2)
  • 11. The Annexation of Texas • Texas breaks from Mexico and declares it’s independence in 1836. • The U.S. annexed Texas in 1845. • Led to the Mexican/American War.Slide borrowed from the Internet!
  • 12. USI.8A OREGON COUNTRY • Divided with Great Britain – Britain got British Columbia • Contained states of Washington, Oregon, and part of Idaho • Oregon Trail helped people settle there Oregon State Song – “?” (2)
  • 13. Oregon Territory• “54°40’ or Fight”.• British withdrawal in 1846.Slide borrowed from the Internet!
  • 14. USI.8A CALIFORNIA • John C. Fremont • Part of the Mexican Cession after the Mexican War (1845) • Sutter’s Mill – Gold Rush of 1849 – Forty-niners – Sacramento “All the Gold” (3) “Let Me Be There” (3)
  • 15. Mexican Cession • Treaty of Guadalupe- Hidalgo. • 1848 Mexico gave up California, New MexicoSlide borrowed from the Internet!
  • 16. The Gadsden Purchase • 1853 • Purchased from Mexico because we thought that we would build a transcontinental railroad there.Slide borrowed from the Internet!
  • 17. Actual Map of Expansion “River of Dreams” (4)Here is how it looks overall.
  • 18. Expansion of the United StatesCan you find the misspelled word?
  • 19. 13 Colonies COLOR YOUR MAP:Old Northwest Not shown or colored on this map! Gadsden Alaska HawaiianOld Southwest Purchase Purchase AnnexationLouisianaPurchaseFloridaTexasAnnexationOregon CountryMexicanCession
  • 21. USI.8D ABOLITIONIST MOVEMENT • Most abolitionists demanded freedom for slaves • Abolitionists believed that slavery was wrong – Morally wrong “Go Down, Moses” (1) – Cruel and inhumane – A violation of the principles of democracy • Leaders Harriet Tubman – Harriet Tubman – William Lloyd Garrison – Frederick Douglass Frederick Douglass The Liberator
  • 22. USI.8D SUFFRAGE MOVEMENT • Supporters declared that “All men and women are created equal.” • Supporters believed that women were deprived of basic rights. – Denied the right to vote – Denied educational opportunities – Denied equal opportunities in business – Limited in rights to own property • Leaders Sojourner – Sojourner Truth Truth – Susan B. Anthony – Elizabeth Cady Stanton “I am Woman” (1)
  • 23. Exit Slip• 1. describe the impact of inventions, including the cotton gin, the reaper, the steamboat, and the steam locomotive, on life in America.• 2. identify the geographic and economic factors that influenced the westward movement of settlers.
  • 24. • 13 Colonies• Oregon Territory• Mexican Cession 8• Annexation 3 of Texas 6 5• Louisiana 2 Territory• Florida 7• Old 4 1 Southwest• Old Northwest