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  • how do I integrate a POS terminal with Open bravo POS software?
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  • Hello and thank you for investing your time today to learn about Openbravo’s unique, integrated Agile ERP solution for retailers. We’re excited to discuss the current requirements of your business, and Openbravo can meet your needs today and beyond as your technology requirements change over time.
  • Over the course of this introductory presentation, we’ll cover - A brief introduction to Openbravo and the company’s success in the Retail space Common POS, store, and enterprise level challenges that Openbravo’s Retail solution meets How and why Openbravo’s delivers an ideal combination of affordability, flexibility and integrated functionality to give retailers visibility into the performance of products, employees, stores, regions and more - We’ll also provide a quick overview of Openbravo’s pricing for the company’s retail solution, so you can see how compelling Openbravo’s combination of functionality, flexibility and affordability is Then we’ll conclude with a general Q and A session to cover anything that we didn’t touch on during the presentation time.
  • So, let’s briefly review how Openbravo can help you manage vendors, warehouses and distribution facilities… Openbravo’s larger retail customers have in excess of 500 physical stores and also have a highly integrated multi-channel sales infrastructure. In many cases, this is a multi-currency, multi-language technology infrastructure that is localized on a country by country basis for tax and accounting purposes. One of the most fundamental benefits these retailers achieve with Openbravo is a single-source of visibility into the performance of vendors, the availability of products, and the time to market products require from a centralized warehouse. Some retailers view their POS application as a ‘management’ tool. But in reality, a POS is a commodity application, and the true value and insight that retailers derive from an integrated solution like Openbravo is that the solution provides a full-featured back office suite of applications and analytics that leverage near real-time data from every connected POS system. So, for retailers with their own distribution services, Openbravo delivers out-of-the-box comprehensive warehouse and inventory management to help you lower shipping costs, reduce inventory loss, eliminate stock overruns or spoilage, and effectively track bulk shipping speed. Openbravo also eliminates the need for siloed applications like spreadsheets and accounting packages by delivering complete accounting capabilities integrated with inventory management at both the store and enterprise level.
  • As you move from an enterprise view to more specific performance metrics, Openbravo’s integrated retail solution provides you with the ability to compare and analyze differences in the performance of individual countries, regions, stores, products and more. With role-based access to reporting metrics and support for multiple business units in a single installation, Openbravo delivers retail managers and line of business owners with a single source of truth about product sales and store sales as well as the ability to compare the profitability of different products and different stores in real-time. Openbravo also includes easy to use graphs and reporting so country, regional, and store managers can easily review performance metrics and work together as a team to ensure that from an overall perspective, your overall retail product mix and marketing strategy can continually be refined based on real and accurate sales data.
  • As a final point of our overview, the new reality of retail is ‘Multi’. Multi-everything for some of Openbravo’s larger customers. An integrated view of all Multi-Channel sales is a tremendously valuable capability for retailers. Because Openbravo was a pioneer in the web-based application space, as well as an innovator in developing a truly modular application architecture, the company’s retail solution is uniquely suited to meet the demands of true multi-channel commerce – extending beyond a simple combination of online plus brick and mortar sales, Openbravo provides an integrated solution for both channels of commerce and the company will deliver integrated mobile commerce capabilities this year. Given the pressures on margins that competing retailers exert on each other, we believe that a single, consolidate view into retail performance at the functional (warehouse, division, warehouse), operational (store, channel) and channel (in-store, on-line, mobile) is the key to success. As proof that Openbravo can deliver on this type of success, let’s take a brief look at some Openbravo adoption statistics…
  • My organization invested in creating an Openbravo implementation practice because the Openbravo’s ERP solution is a run away success. Without a doubt, Openbravo is the leadingopen source ERP solution for small and medium enterprises. In the next few slides I’ll explain why Openbravo is the #1 open source ERP in the world.
  • To date, Openbravo’s EPR solution has been downloaded well over 2.5 million times and our POS solution nearly 500,000 times. With that number of downloads, it’s one of the most popular business applications in the world. What’s exciting about Openbravo is that this wave of adoption is also a significant contributor to innovation within the product itself. Every organization that downloads the Community edition has the ability to add new modules to the overall Openbravo ecosystem. There are now thousands of developers that contribute code to Openbravo for both free and commercial use. Additionally, companies like mine have the opportunity to build modules that add functionality to Openbravo that can be reused by other customers and partners to help speed the addition of functionality at very cost-effective rates. In addition to Openbravo’s dominance in the ERP space, the company’s POS code base is also one of the most widely adopted open source POS systems in the world (if not the most adopted). One point worth mentioning here, is that unlike any competitive open source applications, Openbravo’s ERP and POS systems are designed to work together out of the box – a significant advantage over all other open source combinations and almost every proprietary ERP+POS system except for those from the largest and most expensive/inflexible vendors. As a result, if you chose Openbravo for an integrated ERP+POS solution, you will own your code top to bottom, from EPR to POS – plus, you’ll have 1,000s of developers that contribute functionality to both code bases every year to ensure your solution can grow with your needs.
  • Based on reports from active users of Openbravo’s ERP solution through most of 2011, more than 6,000 organizations worldwide are relying on Openbravo to run their businesses. I’d like to call your attention to the dip in adoption that happened in April/May of 2011. It was during that period that Openbravo introduced Openbravo 3, a major development for the company’s flagship product that delivered a fully modular, and easy to upgrade solution. As you can see in the months following that time period, the quality and ease of use of Openbravo 3 has been more than validated by market adoption. We’ll touch more on modularity later in this presentation, but I thought that this data would be a useful reference point for you when we get there.
  • Not only is Openbravo successful in delivering innovative products, but the company has successfully built a global network of implementation partners to sell and deploy the Openbravo Professional Edition for customers like you. Regardless of the size of your retail business, Openbravo has the technology, partners and track record of success that allows retailers ranging in size from a few stores to over 500 stores to find a fast, affordable solution that fits their needs but is also agile enough to grow with you over time. When we last checked, there were well over 100 certified implementation partners representing Openbravo in more than 35 countries. The success of Openbravo partners like ourselves is another reason you can select Openbravo with confidence, because not only do we provide local expertise, but Openbravo as a company invests training and resources in our staff to ensure the success of our shared customers. When you work with Openbravo and our company, you gain the benefit of two organizations that work closely with each other to make sure you are satisfied and happy. As proof of how this works, I’d like to call your attention to the last statistic…Openbravo and partners like ourselves have had so many successful implementations during the 2011 calendar year, that Openbravo as a company experienced 143% in year over year growth. After you see how affordable Openbravo is, you’ll truly understand how remarkable that achievement is compared to the competition.
  • Because of Openbravo’s international reach and global partner network, there are significant retailers throughout the world that rely on Openbravo’s integrated retail solution to power the success of their business. Because of the international nature of the logos on this slide, I would expect that there are some unfamiliar companies. Over 1,000 retail organizations rely on Openbravo to manage their business, and the logos you see here are some of the more prominent mid-market retailers in their respective regions. Autogrill in Europe and Decathlon in Asia are some of Openbravo’s largest retail customers, while Oxfam in North America is a prominent global brand and BabyMink in South America is a dominant retailer in Mexico’s vibrant economy.
  • Openbravo’s solution has also been recognized by press and analysts as it gained several international awards. Among them, I would like to highlight the prestigious Bossie, awarded by Information Week to the best open source solutions in their class. Openbravo has been recognized as best open source ERP four times. Most recently we have been recognized as an “Recommended Solution” by Byte magazine that independently analyzed our product and rated it “Excellent”.
  • Now that we’ve covered the basics on Openbravo, unless you have any questions, I’d like to begin exploring Openbravo’s retail solution in more practical detail to see how it might map to the needs of your business.
  • In our experience working with retail companies, we’ve found that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach – this is because different retailers have different criteria for success. In the slide here, you can see that I’ve pulled out three samples, and while these samples aren’t intended to be exhaustive (because there is tremendous diversity in retailers and how they define success) – they are illustrative because in each case, each model for measuring success is valid. In the first example, we have business that tracks spend by visitor. These types of retailers could be markets or pharmacies that don’t rely on repeat foot traffic to determine the success of their sales strategies. In the second example, we have a business that tracks daily overall sales. These types of retailers could be coffee shops, restaurants, or bars. In the last example, we have a business that tracks profit by product. This type of retailer could sell furniture, cars, or other higher end products. The point in highlighting these different strategies is to acknowledge that there is no single form of measurement that is right for evaluating the success of *every* retailer. Rather, retailers like yourself need a system that is agile and flexible enough so that you can quickly define and input your definition of success, and then easily track it with simple dashboards and reporting. Within this context, I think it will be helpful for us to take a deeper look into the common retail business processes that retailers need to monitor and optimize.
  • Because retail processes span a wide spectrum of functions from Management and Merchandising to Supply Chain and Operations, there is an array of complexity that quickly outpaces the ability of small stand-alone accounting packages, but these functions also tend to be specialized based on the needs of an individual retailer that the ‘one size fits all’ approach of larger legacy ERPs can be an expensive and time consuming investment. Openbravo was specifically designed to provide retailers with a flexible and cost-effective way to build a solution that meets your needs today, but can also grow with you to meet your needs tomorrow and beyond. This agility and flexibility was accomplished by building Openbravo capabilities to span three main arcs of retail performance that cross the main functional silos of most retail companies.
  • If you recall, I mentioned at the outset of this presentation that Openbravo provides a single, comprehensive source of truth about the performance of retail operations. Imagine if your company had a single application that provided role-based information including graphs and metrics for you, your senior staff, your business analysts, your store managers, your IT team and anyone else you wanted. Then, imagine if that application provided relevant stakeholders with comprehensive information about multi-channel customer loyalty, promotion success, store profitability and the seasonality of sales. On top of that, imagine if the application also delivered a wealth of back office functionality including integrated managerial and financial accounting, vendor performance management, warehouse management and more. Whether you need only some or all of those capabilities, Openbravo can deliver all of them and more. Because Openbravo is so flexible, you only need to implement whatever capabilities you need today, and you can affordably add more with confidence if and when the needs of your business change. Let’s drill into each of the three performance areas identified above: Store, Supply Chain, and Enterprise performance
  • Openbravo’s retail solution helps you answer that question and solve a number of other store level challenges. The solution provides centralized control of key business information such as price lists and discounting policies. In addition, it provides a master inventory listing for fast accurate stock checks. From the customer experience perspective, with a central data repository that securely captures every individual customer transaction, completing complex transactions such as returns and exchanges happens quickly and easily. Openbravo also provides a single source of visibility into the performance of products, stores and employees with easy to use dashboards and reporting to managers can compare and contrast the success of their business at multiple levels with a few mouse clicks.
  • With an integrated ERP and POS like Openbravo, you gain a centralized pricing system that automatically communicates policies and changes in policy to individual stores, regions and countries as decided by central management. With extensive multi-currency and multi-language support, Openbravo is also uniquely suited to the needs of multi-national retailers because of the solutions ability to create a master data repository that can be extended to support nearly any language based off of a single product SKU. Openbravo also provides one stop shopping for managers, planners and executives so they can gain almost real-time visibility into the availability and location of any product to help avoid over-ordering or stock shortages. Openbravo also provides rapid feedback on the performance of products at a granular level, so if a product succeeds quickly in one store or region, the sales strategy for that product can be replicated throughout your network of stores. Conversely, if a product performs poorly in a store or region, that sales strategy can be avoided in your other stores or regions. For managing suppliers, Openbravo provides you with a centralized database of all your suppliers and their employees that do business with you. It also leverages centralized data regarding discounting, shipping terms, payment terms and more, to help your staff streamline the ordering process in a controlled and auditable way. Plus, Openbravo collects supplier performance data based on product quality, accuracy of order, time of delivery and more, so you can continually optimize your supply chain with the best suppliers for your business.
  • Openbravo is clearly superior to specialty retail solutions when it comes to supporting the needs of larger retailers as they expand into ever more critical multi-channel activities. Openbravo provides a single, easy to manage central repository for tracking and optimizing the performance of products, countries, channels, regions and more. The power of this single, integrated system eliminates a tremendous amount of potential IT headaches required by integrating siloed systems and also helps management make smart, informed decisions regarding competitors or opportunities to expand based on easy to use graphs and reporting capabilities. Openbravo also excels at managing a complex and diversified customer experience for your entire customer base because it supports integrated in-store, on-line and mobile transactions. With a multi-lingual centralized customer repository available at any connected store, you can have a customer buy a dress in Hong Kong, exchange it for a different size in San Francisco, and ultimately return it in London without ever having to change currencies, provide a receipt, or consume the time of a store manager. Imagine the positive brand reinforcement of that experience! As the prospect of increased global and local competition looms, Openbravo provides retailers like you with the business agility to quickly attack competitors in new regions or rapidly respond to new competitors in regions where you are already successful. With an optimized supply chain and near real-time reporting on product performance, inventory and more, Openbravo enables retailers to use aggressive pricing or discounting if and when it is warranted due to competitive activity. The ability of Openbravo to scale to meet the complex needs of multi-channel retailers also impacts the solutions ability to deliver competitive advantage for larger global retailers. Openbravo accomplishes this by providing complete visibility into your global supply chain. The solution also has a wealth of localization modules for both language and tax/accounting so that when you’re ready to expand into a new region or market, Openbravo can quickly and cost-effectively grow with you.
  • With the challenges facing retailers at the store, supply chain, and enterprise level, an integrated retail solution like Openbravo will provide immediate value, but it will also scale with your company as it is extended throughout your company, adopted by more employees and partners, and optimized to maximize the performance of your suppliers and your customers. First, Openbravo helps you standardize key business activities to help you provide a consistent and accurate platform to standardize pricing, discounting, sales management processes. Second, Openbravo empowers you to optimize the performance of essential selling activities including more consistent and automated order reconciliation, centralized inventory management, and increased employee productivity by the elimination of redundant manual work. Third, Openbravo allows retailers to become more demand driven in terms of your product mix by using real data regarding from sales trends and business intelligence with easy to use reporting tools to track weekly, seasonal or annual sales trends. With this insight, retailers can minimize order errors, overstock, and help you capture more sales. Finally, with end-to-end insight into customer behavior, retailers can use near real-time data from Openbravo to better understand and monetize consumer preferences so you can provide your return customers with the products they want, when they want them, and at the right price based on their historical preferences.
  • So, to make our discussion about the challenges that Openbravo can help you meet at the store, supply chain and enterprise level more concrete, I’d like to highlight a prominent international retailer and Openbravo customer with over 1.6 Billion Euros in annual revenue and more than 200 stores throughout Western Europe. BUT integrated Openbravo’s POS extension to provide comprehensive visibility throughout the company to optimize the sales performance of products and stores throughout it’s network of stores that include over 1000 Openbravo POS terminals. As a highlight of how BUT improved customer satisfaction, you can see how the company reduced the average time for customer check out by 80% which has a tremendous impact on business performance. Additionally, the company was able to reduce labor costs during peak hours by avoiding the expense of needing to hire contingent workers.
  • Now that we’ve covered the high level benefits of Openbravo’s integrated retail solution, let’s take a look at some of the more specific capabilities Openbravo provides at the POS, Store, and Enterprise level.
  • At the POS level, Openbravo provides a sepaerate open source code base integrated out-of-the-box with Openbravo’s award-winning ERP solution. Downloded over a quarter of a million times, Openbravo POS is a feature-rich POS application from a stand alone perspective – and when integrated with Openbravo’s ERP solution it delivers greater value at the POS level than any comparable application. Openbravo POS provides comprehensive functionality that supports all customer transactions. With mobile-enabled touch screen capabilities and broad support for mobile devices including tablets and smart phones via a browser interface, Openbravo eliminates the need for expensive, proprietary hardware/software combinations that lock retailers in to expensive maintnance congracts. For implementation and deployment options, Openbravo can be used on premise through distributed clients, or via the web with hosted or SaaS options available. Importantly for retailers, if an Openbravo POS terminal ever looses internet connectivity, the terminal can continue to function offline to ensure you capture every sale possible.
  • At the store level, Openbravo delivers extensive monitoring and management capabilities to help store managers to improve sales and inventory management as well as providing a centeralized point of control for all in-store POS terminals with a single, web-based tool set. Openbravo’s intuitive usability features familiar, spreadsheet-like interfaces and common desktop navigation elements like multi-tab views and contextual help accelerates employee adoption of Openbravo. This rapid adoption also helps customers realize a more rapid return on our Openbravo investment. The solution also includes easy to use reporting and data analysis capabilities to help store managers make more informed decisions. Openbravo is also highly adaptable because of it’s modular architecture, so if you ever want to modify components in your Openbravo deployment, you can make customizations to individual modules without time consuming upgrades and extended testing periods. Additionally, with an open API and pre-built integration with other leading open source solutions like SugarCRM, Magento, Pentaho and more – Openbravo quickly and affordably integrates with most other leading open source enterprise applications.
  • For mid-market retailers, Openbravo hits the ‘sweet spot’ between functionality and affordability by delivering a single, centralized, web based solution to manage your data, inventory, and customer transaction history. By moving beyond common retail operations and including warehouse management, advanced accounting, supply chain visibility and other key company functions, Openbravo empowers customers to optimize your business based on real performance data. With a single, centralized point of control Openbravo also allows retailers to eliminate the confusion commonly caused by multiple price lists, different inventory reporting processes, inconsistent vendor policies and more. As your retail operations grow, Openbravo’s modular architecture allows the solution to grow with you. With a library of over 300 pre-built modules available, there is a wealth of functionality available for you to add as needed including tools, localizations, and functional additions. The solution also includes out of the box eCommerce integration with Magento, a leading ecommerce platform. Finally, Openbravo offers customers a choice of deployment options, including on-premise (where you purchase and manage your own hardware), hosted with a service provider of your chosing, or in the cloud with services such as Amazon Web Services.
  • The following slides allow you to support an architectural discussion with a technical staff. We do not recommend to include them in the initial presentation to a prospect but they can be used to answer questions.
  • The followong slide lists some of the business issues that customers can resolve with Openbravo. You should not include them in your presentation but use them to guide the discussion on the analysis of business requirements and validation that Openbravo for Retail is the right solution for this customer.
  • The following slide can be used to answer questions about PCI compliance. We do not recommend to include it in your initial presentation.
  • You may integrate the appropriate slide, depending on the customer geography, at the end of the presentation.
  • Openbravo retail solution overview final march 2012

    1. 1. Openbravo for Retail © 2012 Openbravo Inc. All rights reserved.
    2. 2. AgendaOpenbravo OverviewThe Benefits of an Integrated Retail SolutionCapabilities Page 2
    3. 3. Vendor, Warehouse and Distribution Management Page 3
    4. 4. Country, Region, Store, Product, and Employee Management Page 4
    5. 5. Integrated Multi-Channel Page 5
    6. 6. The leading web-based,open source retail solution for mid- market retailers Page 6
    7. 7. Proof of ERP Success >3,000,000 ERP + POS Downloads to date Page 7
    8. 8. Adoption Momentum 6,000+ Organizations Rely on Openbravo Page 8
    9. 9. Global Reach and Success 107 Partners 37 Countries with Customers 143% YoY Openbravo growth Page 9
    10. 10. Global Excellence in Retail EMEA N. America L America APAC Page 10
    11. 11. Awards Page 11
    12. 12. AgendaOpenbravo OverviewThe Benefits of an Integrated Retail SolutionCapabilities Page 12
    13. 13. No ‘One Size Fits All’ in Retail How do you measure success? Page 13
    14. 14. Retail Processes Management Merchandising Supply Chain Operations Comprehensive Planning Replenishment POS Visibility Employee Hours Strategy Forecasting Inventory Mgmt Finance Price List eCommerce Warehouse Mgmt HR Discounting Catalog Transportation Real Estate Store Inventory Mix Management Supplier Assortment Marketing Relationships Inventory Mgmt Planning Franchising Allocation Forecasting Loss Prevention Page 14
    15. 15. Efficient Processes Cross Silos Management Merchandising Supply Chain Operations Comprehensive Planning Replenishment POS Visibility Store Performance Employee Hours Strategy Forecasting Inventory Mgmt Finance Price List eCommerce Warehouse Mgmt Supply Chain Performance HR Discounting Catalog Transportation Real Estate Store Inventory Mix Management Supplier Assortment Marketing Retail Planning Business Performance Relationships Inventory Mgmt Franchising Allocation Forecasting Loss Prevention Page 15
    16. 16. Openbravo Meets Store-Level Challenges Page 16
    17. 17. Openbravo Meets Supply Chain Challenges Page 17
    18. 18. Openbravo Meets Enterprise-Level Retail Challenges Page 18
    19. 19. Retail Solution Value Evolves for Retailers Consumer-Driven React to customer trends Capitalize on customer behavior Demand-Driven Value What you need before you need it Optimize Eliminate waste, loss, and manual work Standardize Infrastructure, policies, and processes Stage of Solution Sophistication Page 19
    20. 20. Openbravo Retail Case Study “A key factor in reinforcing our brand quality was to offer a best-in-class shopping experience, and Openbravo was the foundation for this successful initiative.” Openbravo manages retail operations including: Revenue: 1.6 Billion € (2008) •Order & delivery management (in-store and online) •Delivery schedule and route management Stores: 200+ •Customer and loyalty management •Store stock management Registers: 1,000+ Openbravo connects to the central ERP to: Retails: Furniture & Appliances •Reduced average check-out time from 2:30 to :30 Country: France •Improved customer satisfaction •Lowered staffing costs during peak hours •Exchange information synchronous or asynchronously •Allows stores to be fully operational any time of day Page 20
    21. 21. AgendaOpenbravo OverviewIntegrated Retail SolutionCapabilities Page 21
    22. 22. Retail POS Capabilities• Comprehensive Functionality – Supports all customer transactions: Sales, payments, cash management, returns, refunds, and more• Ease of Use – Mobile-capable touch screen UI boosts employee productivity and customer satisfaction• Broad Device Support – Peripherals such as barcode readers, ticket printers, cash drawers, displays, card readers, scales, etc.• Deployment Flexibility– Available as a Java-based application on- premise that synchronizes with a central servers, or as a HTML5- based web application with real-time access to the back-office.• Web-based – In Q2 2012, Openbravo will support a 100% web based POS deployment that enables retailers to use popular tablets and phones to process transactions.• Online or Offline – Store performance and autonomy is guaranteed with the ability to operate the POS without back office connectivity. Page 22
    23. 23. Retail Store Capabilities• Sales and inventory management – Pricing, discounts, promotions, replenishment, quotations reports of orders, shipments, invoices and more• POS Management – Single web-based point of control for instant maintenance / upgrade of POS UI• Intuitive Usability – Multi-tab views, spreadsheet interface, column filtering, notes, etc. combine power and ease of use• Reporting – Quick reporting and graphs that output to HTML, PDF, Excel, XML and CSV• Adaptable– Modular architecture enables easy adaptation and functional extension• Interoperable – Open architecture with REST web services allows easy integration with the existing IT infrastructure. Page 23
    24. 24. Retail Enterprise Capabilities• Multi-channel Retail – Centralized, single database retail solution with fully integrated POS and mobile support and e-commerce integration enables an integrated shopping experience across all channels.• Business Optimization – Warehouse management, integrated financial and managerial accounting, supply chain management, HR management, and more• Master Data Repository – Hierarchical organization-level data model enables easy, granular control over products, price lists, inventory, customers, suppliers, users, etc.• Modular – Add pre-built capabilities to core web-based ERP to extend functionality quickly and cost-effectively for functionality, tools, localizations and integrations such as Magento, SugarCRM, etc…• Interoperable – Out of the box eCommerce integration, with standard REST web services to enable easy application integration• Deployment Flexibility – On-premise, hosted or cloud Page 24
    25. 25. Conclusions  An integrated customer experience across all your channels  Total visibility and improved efficiencies  A complete solution for all of your IT needs  Agile and flexible  Open source  Affordable Page 25
    26. 26. Page 26
    27. 27. Page 27
    28. 28. Appendix A: Deployment Options Page 28
    29. 29. Single Store Deployment Option – POS Only … POS Terminal 1 POS Terminal 2 POS Terminal N Mobile POS Master Page 29
    30. 30. Single Store Deployment Option – Full Retail Capabilities (Java POS) Openbravo 3 Store Server POS Synchronization Module … POS Terminal 1 POS Terminal 2 POS Terminal N Mobile POS Master Page 30
    31. 31. Single Store Deployment Option – Full Retail Capabilities (Web POS) Openbravo 3 Store Server … Mobile POS POS Terminal 1 POS Terminal 2 POS Terminal N Master Page 31
    32. 32. Multi Store Deployment Option – Full Enterprise Capabilities (Java POS) Openbravo 3Magento Retail Chain Server(Ecommerce Magento …& web store) Connector POS Synchronization Module Store N … … Store 2 Store 1 Page 32
    33. 33. Multi Store Deployment Option – Full Enterprise Capabilities (Web POS) Openbravo 3Magento Retail Chain Server(Ecommerce Magento …& web store) Connector Store N … … Store 2 Store 1 Page 33
    34. 34. Appendix B: What can Openbravo do for you? Page 34
    35. 35. What can Openbravo do for you? Examples of business problems addressed with Openbravo for Retail  Providing a low cost POS solution for a new or rapidly expanding retail chain  Renewing an aging portfolio of store management software applications  Changing the image of my brand by providing an outstanding in store shopping experience  Providing a unified shopping experience to my customers across all channels  Empowering store staff to assist shoppers with product selection and check out with mobile devices  Deploying a simple retail CRM solution to stay in touch with my customers  Supporting the international expansion of my brand  Managing logistics between regional distribution centers and stores  Managing the extended supply chain and measuring supplier performance  Enabling collaboration with franchisee  Providing a complete IT solution to franchisee to mange their business  Managing the finance and accounting operation for my store or my retail chain  Deploying a complete and flexible solution that support all the processes of my retail enterprise. Page 35
    36. 36. Appendix D: PCI Compliance Page 36
    37. 37. PCI Compliance What is PCI? PCI DSS is a comprehensive set of security requirements agreed upon by the PCI Council to protect consumer payment account data What is PA-DSS? PA-DSS is a standard to help software vendors develop secure payment applications that do not store prohibited data, such as full magnetic stripe, CVV2 or PIN data, and ensure their payment applications support compliance with PCI DSS PCI DSS and PA-DSS principles include: • Build and maintain network security • Protect cardholder information • Run vulnerability assessments • Maintain access control protocols • Enforcement of data security policies How does Openbravo help with PCI? • Openbravo has taken broad measures to ensure both the retailer and consumer payment data is protected in accordance with PA-DSS standards • Openbravo software is routinely monitored and validated by Payment Application- Qualified Security Assessors (PA-QSAs) • Openbravo customers benefit by knowing Openbravo and connected applications (such as Magento) protect the transmission and storage of their credit card information Page 37
    38. 38. Appendix C: Pricing Page 38
    39. 39. Pricing Zones Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Page 39
    40. 40. ERP Pricing – Zone 1 Zone 1 ERP Solution Pricing Standard Enterprise UnlimitedERP 1st year price €500/Concurrent user €750/Concurrent user €75,00Minimum # concurrent users 3 10 UnlimitedWeb services €500 per 500 per day* Unlimited Unlimited *first 500 calls per day free Zone 1 POS System Pricing Standard Enterprise UnlimitedPOS price €1,500/Store €1,500/Store €75,000Included # of Terminals 3 10 UnlimitedAdditional POS Terminals €50 €75 Unlimited Renewal, Support and TermsRenewal discount 15% 15% 15%Support Regular Premium Premium Confidential – Do not distributePayment terms Pre-paid 30 days Page 40 30 days
    41. 41. ERP Pricing – Zone 2 Zone 2 ERP Solution Pricing Standard Enterprise UnlimitedERP 1st year price $500/Concurrent user $750/Concurrent user $75,00Minimum # concurrent users 3 10 UnlimitedWeb services $500 per 500 per day* Unlimited Unlimited *first 500 calls per day free Zone 2 POS System Pricing Standard Enterprise UnlimitedPOS price $1,500/Store $1,500/Store $75,000Included # of Terminals 3 10 UnlimitedAdditional POS Terminals $50 $75 Unlimited Renewal, Support and TermsRenewal discount 15% 15% 15%Support Regular Premium Premium Confidential – Do not distributePayment terms Pre-paid 30 days Page 41 30 days
    42. 42. ERP Pricing – Zone 3 Zone 3 ERP Solution Pricing Standard Enterprise UnlimitedERP 1st year price $650/Concurrent user $975/Concurrent user $97,500Minimum # concurrent users 3 10 UnlimitedWeb services $650 per 500 per day* Unlimited Unlimited *first 500 calls per day free Zone 3 POS System Pricing Standard Enterprise UnlimitedPOS price $1,950/Store $1,950/Store $97,500Included # of Terminals 3 10 UnlimitedAdditional POS Terminals $65 $95 Unlimited Renewal, Support and TermsRenewal discount 15% 15% 15%Support Regular Premium Premium Confidential – Do not distributePayment terms Pre-paid 30 days Page 42 30 days
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