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  • Regardless of how you deploy Openbravo, you can beConfidentThat your solution will be Flexible and Easy to Adapt to meet your real business needs,Confident That your users will get a user interface that is very easy to learn and productive to use every day,Confident That your system will be accessible from any modern web browser, and finallyConfident That your CFO will be very, very happy with the affordability
  • Openbravo on demand eu en(1)

    1. 1. OpenbravoOn Demand© 2012 Openbravo Inc. All rights reserved.
    2. 2. AgendaDeployment OptionsWhy Openbravo On Demand?Solution DetailsQ&A Openbravo On Demand
    3. 3. All Openbravo deployments offer… Flexible and Easy to Adapt Productive User Interface Web-Based & Cloud Ready Affordable
    4. 4. All Openbravo deployments offer… Procurement Management Minimize acquisition costs Analytics Improve decision making and strategy Financial Management & Accounting Financial control and payment processing Warehouse Management Optimize inventory and purchasing Production Management Streamline production and lower costs Sales Management Drive revenue & increase customer satisfaction Project Accounting & Billing Increase profitability Master Data Management
    5. 5. Three Deployment OptionsOn Demand In the Cloud On Premise – Complete IT service – “Self-serve” IT – Increased choice – Lowest initial – Annual of system investment subscription for components (OS, – No risk - cancel any software only database, app time server)
    6. 6. AgendaDeployment OptionsWhy Openbravo On Demand?Solution DetailsQ&A Openbravo On Demand
    7. 7. Why Openbravo on Demand? Lowest initial IT experts Extensible investment Automation Control appNo risk - cancel Transparent HW updates / any time upgrade upgrades Add / remove Migrate any time users at any time Pro IT Operations
    8. 8. AgendaDeployment OptionsWhy Openbravo On Demand?Solution DetailsQ&A Openbravo On Demand
    9. 9. Solution Details – Pricing Model Simple, based on Named Users Directly manage users (add, inactivate, remove) as you see fit On a monthly basis, the billing platform assesses the active named users and bills your credit card You are always in full control, and the billing flexes up or down based on the number of named users Full visibility into your billing history via browser access to the On Demand platform Cancel at any time, system access remains until the end of your monthly billing cycle
    10. 10. Solution Details – Pricing Low monthly fee per named user 39€ per month per named user (European customers) $49 per month per named user (non-European customers) Minimum of 3 named users required Visa, MasterCard, American Express are supported (PayPal coming soon)
    11. 11. Solution Details – System Secure, scalable virtual server Provisioned with a tuned instance of Openbravo 3 Professional Edition 3Gb per named user (more available as needed) Encrypted browser access to Openbravo and On Demand platform Encrypted access to server command line and PostreSQL database Elastic infrastructure to ensure consistently good performance – totally eliminates the need for a complex hardware sizing exercise! Best in class computing infrastructure, provided by Amazon EC2
    12. 12. Solution Details – IT Services Premium IT Operations Delivery Continuous monitoring by dedicated data center professionals assures SLA-based system availability & performance Transparent hardware allocation based on the continuous monitoring Automated daily backup with recovery support Periodic update to system components assures secure & efficient operation
    13. 13. Solution Details – Application Openbravo 3 Professional Edition Full access to private instance of Openbravo 3 Professional Edition by all named users Ability to install open source and commercial modules Ability to customize and extend as needed Full control over application updates and upgrades Premium second level application support of the partner by Openbravo Unlimited access to web services Ability to migrate the application and its data to another deployment option
    14. 14. Q&A