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You are the author peter

  1. 1. You Are the Author: Creating Chapter Titles Name: Peter Sison 8-73When an author creates chapter divisions, they must make several choices. Sometimes theychoose to simply number the chapters. This might be because they want readers to think forthemselves. Other times they use chapter titles to set the scene, create curiosity or foreshadowupcoming events.In this activity, you will take on the role of the author and create a title for each of the 15chapters in Iqbal. Your titles should be what you think Fatima would have chosen as anappropriate title to reflect and represent her experiences. Then you need to make 2-3 point formnotes which explain the events which made you think of this title.Chapter Title Point Form Notes 1 The Dreamless Night • Fatima describes where and why she works. • Introduced the numbskull • Iqbal arrives 2 The Beginning • Introduced Iqbal and Salman • Hussain calls Iqbal “Mr. know it all” • Iqbal was chained to his loom 3 • Story of the Past • Iqbal told story about his family Explained that Karim is loyal to Hussain Khan • Iqbal planned to escape 4 Special Carpet • Karim told the children about Hussain’s secret • Fatima is peaceful • Foreign buyers arrives 5 • Hussain Khan’s Worst • Foreign buyer to arrive at the carpet factory. Iqbal destroys the Blue Bukhara Nightmare • Iqbal was dragged to the Tomb 6 The Dried Throat • Fatima, Salman, and Ali to the Tomb to give Iqbal food and water • They almost got caught • They successfully gave the water to Iqbal 7 The Escape • Iqbal came back from the Tomb • Hussain made Iqbal do the same pattern • Iqbal escaped
  2. 2. 8 • Bribery Crime Iqbal went back to the carpet factory and brought back policemen • Hussain made all the children to hide in the Tomb • Policemen takes bribe from Hussain 9 • Beginning of Hope • Iqbal talked about what it was like in the city Iqbal went to the market and find a white shirt man • Maria spoke 10 • The End of Hussain Khan • Maria taught the children how to read The children caused a scene • Iqbal escaped for the second time 11 We are Free • Iqbal went back to carpet factory with Eshan Khan • Children were free • The children flew a kite as a sign of freedom 12 • Warning for the Future Plan Iqbal send other children free • Iqbal spoke at the square • “they” threw bombs at HQ 13 • Gun Fire • Iqbal went o illegal brick factory He meet a family working in the brick factory • Master shot gun 14 The Final Goodbye • Eshan talked about the US • Iqbal received the Youth and Action award • Iqbal is going to Boston and Sweden 15 The Letter Information • Maria wrote a letter to Fatima • Talked about Iqbal’s trip • Fatima didn’t believe that Iqbal diedEpilogu •e Goodbye my Friend • Iqbal passed away He passed away Easter Sunday of 1995 • He was believed to be murdered by the carpet mafia