Shots and Angles


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Shots and Angles

  1. 1.  Camera Shot: Something you take with a camera that can be viewed.  Picture Credits: Camera Shot: Todd
  2. 2.  A photo of a scene that is taken from a really far but reasonable distance ml Picture Credits: noramic_view_and_Castelo_dos_Mouros,_Sintra,_Portugal.jpg Extreme Long Shot: Cláudia Almedida
  3. 3.  A photograph where the person or object is tightly bordered and presented at a large scale.  Picture Credits: Extreme Close Up: Soe Lin
  4. 4.  Where the camera is positioned to the eye level so it seems like you are actually looking at the scene.  Picture Credits Eye Level: Lana_ AKA_ Badgrl
  5. 5.  The relationship between the camera and the object that’s being taken of.  Picture Credits: Camera Angles: Mono Chromatism
  6. 6.  A photo of a scene that is taken from a reasonable distance gshot.html  Picture Credits: g Long Shot: Kenny Louie
  7. 7.  A shot where helps place a person, and get the feel of looking at a person from another person point of view  Picture Credits: Over the Shoulder Shot: Anne Fitten Glenn
  8. 8.  A shot where its taken from a high elevated place, usually above the object or subject  Picture Credits: High Angle Level: Muhammad Ghouri
  9. 9.  To combine parts or elements to create or form the image photography/  Picture Credits: Composition: Helen Cook
  10. 10.  A camera shot from waist up that allows you to see some of the background.  Picture Credits Medium Shot: Mike Cicchetti
  11. 11.  A camera shot, close-up that contains two people  Picture Credits: Two-Shot: Scott Jacksonx
  12. 12.  A camera shot taken at a slanted/sloping angle  Picture Credits: Oblique Shot: Kıvanç Nis
  13. 13.  When photos are divided into thirds containing two imaginary lines vertically and two lines horizontally to make three rows and three columns or nine parts in the photo  Picture Credits: Rule of Thirds: Alan Cleaver
  14. 14.  The position, height and direction that the camera is being held at to be able to see the scene or subject. tm  Picture Credits Point Of View: Kate Ter Haar
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