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Rain's Shots and Angles Powerpoint
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Rain's Shots and Angles Powerpoint


Rain's shots and angles powerpoint assignment for GCT.

Rain's shots and angles powerpoint assignment for GCT.

Published in Education , Business , Technology
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  • 1. Rain Cahigas 904 SHOTS & ANGLES
  • 2. CAMERA SHOTS The amount of space seen in a single shot/frame. Behind the Camera by Miroslav Petrasko
  • 3. CAMERA ANGLES The way a scene is composed and shot. Getting the Right Angle by Ron Lute
  • 4. EXTREME LONG SHOT A shot taken from a far place, that shows scenery. It’s usually used to set a setting. The shot normally shows an exterior, and will show very little detail. Central Pier long exposure by scyrene
  • 5. LONG SHOT Shows “life-like” dimensions; a woman looks as tall as she would be. It usually shows the whole body of the character, and still has the details of the background. Walk on by by Laurence Barnes
  • 6. MEDIUM SHOT Shows the subject from the waist up, and is used often during dialogue, or to show details of action. Variations are the two shot, and three shot. The background has little detail, mostly because location has already been shown, and the viewers want to see dialogue and characters. 96/ 3 by Chibi Chii
  • 7. RULE OF THIRDS A “photography rule” in which the photographer imagines/sets up a grid that has 9 sections. They then place points of interest along the intersections of the grid, making the image see more balanced and natural. Rule of Thirds by Marie Coleman
  • 8. EXTREME CLOSE UP A shot that gets close enough to show extreme detail that normally cannot be seen with the human eye. Usually used for dramatic effect. The shot requires a tight focus that could easily turn out wrong with the slightest shake or error. Extreme close-up by victoriafee
  • 9. OVER THE SHOULDER SHOT A shot taken from behind the shoulder of the character looking at the talking subject. The character in which the camera is looking over should take up less than half of the shot. It’s used during conversations, and switched between characters. Over the shoulder Shot by nicole_annetan1997
  • 10. TWO-SHOT A scene shot with two people facing side-by- side that introduce them comfortably. It is often used for interviews or when two people are presenting or hosting a show. Two-Shot by Yu Morita
  • 11. EYE LEVEL A shot that positions the camera at the height of a human as if they were the ones observing the scene, so that the angle is level with actor, etc. The camera is placed about 5 to 6 feet off the ground I got nothing to do, and nowhere to be. This seems like a pretty good place to hang out for the afternoon By Ed Yourdon
  • 12. HIGH ANGLE LEVEL Less extreme from the bird’s eye view, the camera is lifted high to give a general overview of the scene, usually using a crane to do this. This shot makes the main object being photographed look less significant and merge into the setting to become part of a wider picture. The Pension Building by Patrick and Preston Thomas
  • 13. OBLIQUE SHOT A shot which is taken with a tilted camera. When it is actually seen, the subject appears to be on its side. Oblique Tunnel Shot by Tom Blackwell
  • 14. POINT OF VIEW The height, position, and direction all define the point of view in a shot. LookUp by Margot Gabel
  • 15. LINKS Camera Shots