Marielle 8-73E.L.A - Writing AssignmentMy Story – Final Copy        Your life is a story, like a novel. Every year somethi...
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My Story-Final Copy


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My Story-Final Copy

  1. 1. Marielle 8-73E.L.A - Writing AssignmentMy Story – Final Copy Your life is a story, like a novel. Every year something memorable (or would change your life)could happen, like a chapter. I am Marielle Manlulu. I am 12 years old. November 18, 1998 was the datemy story begins.... My full name is Marielle Nicole Mendoza Manlulu. The name Marielle came from my dad’sname,Mario. Everyone in my family has Mar, except for my mom, her name is Aida. My parent saidNicole is a nice name to partner with Marielle. Mendoza was my mom’s last name when wasn’t marriedand Malulu is my dad’s last name. I have one younger brother, his name is Marc Allen. He is 2 yearsyounger than me. I spent my 9 ½ years in the Philippines with my family. Everyone has happy memories, but don’t forget that we also have some sad moments. One ofthe negative memories in my story was when we migrated to Canada, March 1, 2009. We have to leaveour aunties, uncles, cousins, friends, the summer hot days, and the beautiful places in the Philippines.One of the hardest part of that memorable moment was to start a new beginning, make new friend, getuse to the cold weather/winter, learn different subject at school and most of all, learn how to speakEnglish. Even though it was hard, it was fun and I enjoyed it. Another negative memory I had is when Iinjured my elbow. My cousins and I were riding a bike with 2 side seats, they call it “side car”. I wassitting on the side. My two other cousins were chasing us. They ran until they caught us, they hang atthe back. The sidecar went upside down, backwards. My elbow hit the ground and got scratched. Theblood was all over me. Luckily my cousins was a nurse and that time she visited us. She put medicationsand made me feel better but when it got worst, they had to bring to emergency hospital. The worstthing was,I didn’t get to attend my friend’s pool party. My friend’s family owned a new resort and theywere having a opening celebration that time. Until now I still have that large ugly marked on my elbowand when I see it reminds me of that hurtful memories happened to me in the age of seven. Like anygood book predictions can be made. My future is yet to be unfold. . . I have lot of goals to accomplish in my future life, but these goals are the important goals that Ican say because if I say all of them, it would take days and hours to finish. My goal in my life is to finishschool and to have a better job, like many people want. I would like to be an artist, engineer, or anarchitect as a job because I have lots of good ideas and I am good at designing things, like a house,buildings. I will achieve that by focusing on my studies. I want to be a successful mother of two children.My life would be better if I had a chance to experience one or even more of these things: I want tomeetfamous people, singers, dancers. Actress or travel all over the world, if I get a chance to make thishappen, I would go to one or more of The Seven Wonders of the World. My main goal of my story is tohave a successful, happy, safe life with my family. I am in the 12th chapter or my novel and I hope it willlast longer than I can imagine. I can’t wait to see my future life!