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Microsoft power point dg-mythical creatures of greecescylla.ppt



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  • 1. Mythical Creatures of Greece by: Danielle Gauthier
  • 2. Introduction • You may wonder, what are mythical creatures? Well, in my opinion, I think that they are creatures that don’t exist, but people have their beliefs and think they are real. If you read further in my PowerPoint, I’ll be giving you information about several different mythical creatures.
  • 3. Madusa • Madusa used to have beautiful hair. • She was a gorgon (which meant a mortal). • She said that her hair was more beautiful than the goddess Athena. • Athena punished her by turning her into a hideous creature and turned all her hair into snakes. • Madusa turned anyone into stone who ever looked her in the face.
  • 4. Minotaur • Was a half man, half bull monster. • Was imprisoned in the labyrinth(maze) under King Mino’s castle. • It ate human flesh. • Theseus (a brave prince of the Athens) killed the Minotaur and escaped the maze alive.
  • 5. Chimaera • The Chimaera was a half lion, half mountain goat, and had a snake tail. • It breathed fire. • It’s skin was so tough it could not be pierced. • A hero from Corinth killed the Chimaera.
  • 6. Sphinx • A creature with the head, shoulders and chest of a women and the body and claws of a lion with wings of a bird. • Killed anyone who could not answer her riddles. • She lived above the cliffs of Thebes. • A prince answered her riddle and then she killed herself.
  • 7. Scylla • She lurked in the strait of Messina. • She had the head and torso of a women, and the fins and tail of a fish. • Her waist was sprouted with 6 wolf heads who barked and devoured any sailors who passed by. • Her most frightening companion was the Charybdis, the gigantic whirlpool.
  • 8. Hydra • A snake beast who grew 2 more heads if one was cut off. • The Hydra was one of Hercules's greatest challenges. • It had fangs, a poisonous tongue and claws. • It was finally killed by Hercules when he cut off the first eight heads and burnt the ninth one.