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Kyia Child rights - the unbelievable
Kyia Child rights - the unbelievable
Kyia Child rights - the unbelievable
Kyia Child rights - the unbelievable
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Kyia Child rights - the unbelievable


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  • 1. Child Rights – The unbelievable Did you know that in the poorest countries of the world 50% of the girls do not attendsecondary school? Also did you know that to stop child labour it will take 20 years and cost $760billion? , Would you never are able to handle the crazy things a child labourer goes through eachday? But did you know that WE children or adults can make a difference and change that?Children around the world are denied their rights for many reasons. Maybe because they are agirl, invisible child labourer or you just have no say in your life. We need to help these hopelesschildren before they lose hope in themselves. Girls are the answer and so are you, be apart of the movement and you can make adifference to. Around the world because they are girls they are forced to get married and act likean adult even though they are still children. Many girls around the world in developing countriesget married against their will before the age 18. “A married girl can not refuse sexual relationwith her husband she is at risk of having HIV virus that causes AIDS”: (Because I Am A Girl).The only reason why some of these children get married is so they can get money for theirfamily. Away we can stop children marriage is to make sure children are registered at birthbecause if not you can prove your age. Because they are girls they don’t get the same rights asboys. They are denied of playing sports, getting an education like there brothers and when theyare older they would not be able to get a job. If they are lucky to get would not get the same payas a male. Did you know if a mother had a child and it was a girl sometimes they would throw it
  • 2. always!? , because boys can help out the family way more than a girl could ever do. Do youthink it is right that girls are treated worse than girl, but the only thing different is there sex?Think about it! Have you ever heard of child labour; do you know what is it? Come step into the shoes ofa child labourer’s life. Child labourers are invisible to the world no one knows who they are andthe massive troubles they go through. They are invisible because the people that know about it ,“the carpet merchants and the kiln owners are very powerful. The moneylenders are influentialand the police tend to protect them”: (D’Adamo 92). So the children are forever invisible untilsomeone finally takes a stand, that’s why Iqbal is the symbol of the battle to free million of thechild labourers all around the world from violence and slavery. Iqbal knew that child labour wasnot right and if we did not try to stop carpet mafia I wonder where the children would be at now.“All children should be protected from economic exploitation and from performing any workthat interferes with the child’s education or is harmful to the child’s health or physical mentalspiritual moral or social development” (Children Rights). You have the right to be a child whenyou are a child. A daily life of a child labourer is way different from ours and it is unbelievable the unfairawful conditions they go through each and everyday. The children wake up at dawn to makecarpets the whole day. Plus underfed at lunch, and all the children go to the same nastywashrooms without washing their hands or even taking showers. If the children are lucky they
  • 3. get some of their debt paid off and finish at dusk. Does that seem like a fair life style? Each day Iget an education, I am allowed to play sports , eat when I am hungry , take showers , dohomework , play with friends and have some free time to myself. Does are two lives evencompare? All children just like me should be equal! Now these children have no hope they gothrough life going through the mentions because they do not believe anything is going to change.All the children at the carpet factory have stopped dreaming. I think have had stopped dreamingbecause if they dream about the life they once had or they life they want to have want they wakeup there back at the factory and they are would be heartbroken . Now that you got the main ideaof child labour and the rights they have would you ever like to live in their shoes? If not spreadthe word to everyone. Even though we are kids if we just believe we can make a difference in this world and help thehopeless children so we can finally end this and be equal at last. Away we can help a girl in adeveloping country is by sponsoring a girl each month which will help her and her family in anenormous way. Also away we can help a child labourer is fundraise and donate the money toFree The Children so we can fight to end child labour. If we are lucky find away to tell thesechildren that we care for them and want to help them and to stay strong because in time they willbe free. Another way of taking action is making a Facebook page about children in developingcountries and how they are denied their rights. Also since we are always on the computer whynot get “Free The Children” and “Child Rights” trending on twitter to get people more aware.We can make videos to get people thinking and understanding. If you love your world and wantto be equal take action. It does not matter if your kid or an adult, big or small, which or black,
  • 4. from England or from US stand up for what you believe. You only live once so you should liveout loud with no regrets.