Kyia Chapter 7 quotable passage quiz


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Kyia Chapter 7 quotable passage quiz

  1. 1. Iqbal Novel Study Name: Kyia GilesQuotable Passages Date: January 31 2012 TOTAL: ________/15 marks* PASSAGE 1“It means that this kind of life isn’t right. We should return to our families; weshouldn’t be chained to our looms and forced to work like slaves.” Page 50RESPONSE: The significance of this passage is that when Iqbal is saying this life isn’t righthe’s saying child labour isn’t right. Children shouldn’t be working from dawn the duskbecause there just kids they should being doing kid activities. When Iqbal says weshould be return to there families because there families care for them and love themand well treat them like kids. All children should be able to be with a loving and caringfamily that well protect them. Children shouldn’t be chained to there looms becausethey are not animal or object we chained bikes and dogs not people because they areliving human beings that should be free ,playing with friends ,going to school not havingto work because there families are in debt. No child or even an adult should be forced towork as slave because people don’t own other people and children. We are all equal noone should be someone else is slave because they have more money than you that’s justnot right. We should be going to school and learning, flying kites with are friends weshould all have freedom.PASSAGE 2‘There was a precise rule among us: Never talk about the future. Not a single one of usdared to say, “next summer,” or “in a year,” or, “when I’m grown up.” Oh yes, wetalked about things we liked to do, and we talked about the day our debt would becancelled. We talked that hope into the ground. But nobody really believed it. It wassort of litany, a way to feel good. Otherwise what was left to us?’ Page 53PASSAGE 3“Fatima,” he said in a low voice, “next spring you and I are going to fly a kite.Remember that, whatever happens.” Page 54RESPONSE: PASSAGE 2At the carpet factory no one never talked about the future because it was too hard totalking about because the children don’t want to get there hopes up thinking about thefuture than wake up the next day and see that nothing is changed. If you had a full dayto think about the future and how you can dream about your life being when your out
  2. 2. of the workshop all the wonderful things that would happened to you going to see amovie for the first time, Waking up being at home with your families who loves you tothe fullest, going to school with your friends, flying a kite in the beautiful open blue shy.But when you wake up and your life hasn’t changed your still working from dawn todusk, you don’t get fed enough, you’re treated like a nothing like your not important toanyone. Wouldn’t that just be too painful to think about. But yes indeed they talkedabout there debt being erase because it gave the children some hope to keep onworking to keep on trying because at the end of the day they are doing this for thefamilies and when all there debt is erased they can go back to that life they still kind ofhave. But that’s only if there debt is erased and if it isn’t they be stuck at the carpetfactory and only god knows how all that’s going to be.* Chapter 8 - PASSAGE 4‘Before Iqbal’s arrival I had been resigned to my life. I couldn’t even imagine adifferent one. Iqbal had sown the seeds of hope in all of us.’ Page 62RESPONSE: Fatima is saying that before Iqbal came she had no hope of her old life that itwas slowly going away she never thought she would go back there. But Iqbal being thatbrave kind of guy has sown the seeds in them and shown them that there is hope youjust got to believe. So now Fatima believes.