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Joy's Word of the day

  1. 1. Word of the Day Flatfoot FLAT-foot (noun) Definition: slang for police officer; especially a patrol man walking the beat.Example: In his latest movie, the actor plays on earnest flatfoot who is bested by some clever crooks. The flatfoot chase the thieves who stole a candy from the baby. Mnemonic nih-MAH-nik (adjective) Definition: assisting or designed to assist memory. Example: To help remember the levels of biological classification, Jim taught his students the mnemonic sentence “King Philip came on over for Good Spaghetti” (Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genius, Species). The teacher told a mnemonic sentence which is Brackets, Exponent, Division, Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction. Broadside EK- suh- clus (noun) Definition: a strongly worded attack. Example: The intern was surprised when her supervisor answered her simply question with a broadside against the company’s treatment of employees. I ask a question to my friend and she answered with a broadside. Exodus EK-suh-dus (noun) Definition: a mass departure: emigration. Example: When the concert ended, the exodus of attendees clogged up traffic for miles. When there was a tornado in the city the residents exodus and causes a very long traffic. Solidarity saw-lih-DAIR-rih-tee (noun) Definition: Unity that produces or is based on community of interests, objectives, and standards. Example: When Neha last her hair during her battle with cancer, her classmates shaved their heads to show their solidarity.
  2. 2. Today is Vow of Silence we are solidarity to the children who can’t speak. Merciless mer-si-les (adjective) Definition: having or showing no mercy or pity.Examples: The president candidate was merciless in his criticism of his opponents.The guys wasmerciless when they challenge the girls for badminton in phys-ed class. Kudos KOO-dahss (noun) Definition: fame and renown resulting from an act or achievement-pretige. Praise given for achievement.Example: Kudosare given to the Garden City Gophers for beating the Kelvin Clippers, in the HighSchool Boys Varsity West men championship game.Kudos to the people who earned their bonus mark in Math. Dysentery dis-en-ter-e (Noun) Definition : an infection of the intestines, producing diarrhea with blood and mucus that is cased by consuming contimated food or water.Example: The month an attack of dysentery obliged us to use the little place behind the curtainmore often that we liked.In the middle of the summer there was the dysentery because the kids use a filthy bathroom. Headlong HEAD-long (adverb) Definition: without deliberation recklesslyExample: He often rushes headlong into relationships with little thought given to their long-termeffect.Sometimes I rush headlong when I’m doing my homework. Epilogue e-pe-log (noun) Definition: 1. A concluding section that rounds out a literary work. 2. A speech given at the end of a play to the audience by an actor.
  3. 3. 3. Concluding section of a musical composition. Example: The actor in the Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet, delivered the epilogue to the audience. When we all went in a filed trip last Tuesday the actorof the show explain the epilogue. Lint lint (noun) Definition: fuzz consisting especially of short fibres of yarn and fabricExample: The clothes dryer in my cousin’s apartment was clogged with brightly coloured balls of lint.Every weekend my mom keeps doing the laundry when she dry them there was a lint always stuck onmy t-shirt and pants. Freedom free-dem (noun) Definition: quality or state of being free from slavery or restrant or from the power of another political right.Example: He thinks children these days have to much freedom.Many political prisoners struggle to win their freedom.When I was in grade 5 I was doing a project on Harriet Tubman who was a slavery who tried to free theother slaveries. Prosperity praw-SPARE-ih-tee (noun) Definition: the condition of being successful or thrivingExample: The result was Panem, a shining Capitol ringed by thirteen districts, which brought peace andprosperity to its citizens.In February my life became prosperity when my little sister came in my world. Equality i-KWA-le-te (noun) Definition: the quality or state of being equal (same rank or status).Example: It’s absorb to suggest that there was equality between all the citizens in the United States inthe early 1960’s.
  4. 4. In grade 6 we were watching the History of Canada I watch that a woman doesn’t have the rights tovote. While I was watching I thought to myself that women and man are equal. Kibosh KYE-bosh (noun) Definition: something that serves as a check or stop.Example: The economic downturn put the kibosh on their renovation plans.Mrs. Wilson put the kibosh on her son’s plan to go out at midnight with his friends.My mom put the kibosh on my plan to sleep late at nights.