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  • 1. Ancient Greece Mythical Creature By: Arlene Gavino 8-41
  • 2. Introduction The Greeks used Mythical creatures in their stories. The Ancient Greeks used monsters in their stories. The stories were used to warn the people of dangers beyond their homes.
  • 3. Medusa Medusa had beautiful hair She always bragged about her hair. She was a mortal Gorgon (Any of the three sisters who had snakes for hair and eyes that looked into turned the person into stone. She says that she's beautiful than Athena. Athena changed her hair into snakes.
  • 4. Sphinx Has a head, shoulders and a chest of a women. It has a body, claws of a lion, and a huge wings of a bird. And she killed herself.
  • 5. Chimaera She's a terrifying creature. Half lion, half mountain Goat with snake tail. She could breathe fire Her skin was tough Her skin couldn’t be pierced Bellerophon of Corinth killed it.
  • 6. Hydra Multi - headed reptile It can regrow it’s head fast. It has fangs Has a poisonous tongue. Has sharp claws. Hercules cut off it’s head.
  • 7. Scylla Lurked strait of Messina. Head and turso as a women. Fins and a tail as a fish. Waist had 6 wolf heads Charybdis was a giant whirlpool.
  • 8. Minotaur A half man , a half bull. Imprisoned labyrinth (Labyrinth – Maze) It ate human flesh . Labyrinth was dark and confusing and had many dead ends. Theseus the prince of Athens was able to kill the minotaur and escape from the Labyrinth.
  • 9. Conclusion