Defining OER - SPLICe


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The first assignment for a virtual mobility course on OER

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Defining OER - SPLICe

  1. 1. task 1 Defining OER GROUP 3 • • • • • Danutė Bačinskienė – Lithuania Cristina Diaz – Spain Laura Menichetti – Italy Nuno Regadas – Portugal Nan Yang – China Open Educational Resources (Virtual Mobility Mode)
  2. 2. Repository 2 Repository for high school students. Here are biology, chemistry, physics, history, Lithuanian language and mathematics learning objects Danutė Bačinskienė Lithuania
  3. 3. Repository Cristina Diaz Spain 3 released with License Digibug is intended to collect, collate and organize digital documents of scientific, educational and institutional produced by the University of Granada, to support research, teaching and learning.
  4. 4. Repository Laura Menichetti Italy 4 FLORE (Florence Research-Florence Repository) is the institutional repository of the University of Florence. It was launched less than a year ago as part of the policy of the University for Open Access. It is designed to hold the scientific contributions and the results of researches of the entire staff of the University.
  5. 5. Repository Nuno Regadas Portugal 5 A government initiative that congregates a lot of materials that are produced, maintained and updated by teachers. These can be used on a classroom setting.
  6. 6. Repository Nan Yang China 6 released with License A repository about pedagogical patterns for academic teaching & learning This project is funded by ESRC/EPSRC
  7. 7. Wiki Cristina Diaz Spain 7 Wikiversidad is an educational platform, Online, open and free, with wiki philosophy. Here you can do learning projects, participate in a learning group or develop exams and didactics exercises.
  8. 8. Wiki Laura Menichetti Italy 8 released with License Wiki Loves Monuments Italia is a wiki and a photography competition, which enhances the Italian cultural heritage. It is the Italian section of the European competition promoted by Wikimedia. The winner photo of special prize Gran Paradiso in 2012 edition. Châtel-Argent di Villeneuve, by Alexis.Courthoud [Licenza CC-BY-
  9. 9. Wiki Nan Yang China 9 A Chinese wiki provided by : access to the wiki by searching or browsing the categories (including nature, geography, life, art, economics, sports, culture, society, person, science & technology )
  10. 10. Blog 10 Blog about science. This blog writes about physics and astronomy Danutė Bačinskienė Lithuania
  11. 11. Blog Laura Menichetti Italy 11 released with License Italian blog that teaches the technology applied to everyday life, or perhaps the technology that is no longer used: build electromechanical toys, grow corn and make the polenta, create a hydraulic circuit, sew on a button, etc. It is important, at school, focusing the path “needs, problem, resources, process, product, impact, control”, and the “old” technology can sometimes help to better follow the steps.
  12. 12. Blog Nuno Regadas Portugal 12 Blog about astronomy. It writes about not only astronomy “fun facts” but also news and interesting information that can be used by teachers and learners.
  13. 13. OCW 13 This is national project for Lithuanian library promotion. Here you can learn how to use a computer, or to know about online resources and new library services how to use them and et. Danutė Bačinskienė Lithuania
  14. 14. OCW 14 Open Course Ware in Uned, Madrid, Spain: Cristina Diaz Spain
  15. 15. OCW Nan Yang China 15 An open courses platform includes both Chinese universities open courses and other prestigious universities in the world with the official Chinese learning communities for Coursera
  16. 16. MOOC 16 Abiertaugr is a platform of University of Granada that offer free courses. An example: Digital Identity provide topics about comunication and social interaction on internet. Cristina Diaz Spain
  17. 17. MOOC Laura Menichetti Italy 17 Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi is the first Italian Distance Learning University officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education. It offers courses in both online and blended modalities, across six faculties, to about 14.000 students, enrolled in graduate and postgraduate programs. It is member of the OpenCourseWare Consortium. From August 2013 it provides MOOC courses.
  18. 18. MOOC Nuno Regadas Portugal 18 Mooc initiative from the Portuguese Open University. It started just a few months ago in April (2013)
  19. 19. MOOC 19 Provided by UNINETTUNO OpenupEd Nan Yang China