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Introduction to SplashCube UK -
Social Media Software.

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  • WelcomeMy name is Steve Allen and I will be your host today. SplashCube UK – Developed by SplashMedia an Emmy award winning, veteran Web / Social Media industry based in Dallas Texas
  • The Social Media market is now recognised as as a potential source of commercial business, either Business to Business or Business to customer. The problem for business is the management of the social media market is costly and time consuming.SplashCube solves this problem!!. Widley regarded as the best value Social Media marketing program, currently available on the market today. Put simply its social media manager in a box!!Manage your business or businesses from one Splashcube account.
  • There has been an apparent shift on how businesses market today. Traditional marketing like TV, Radio, Newspaper or even Yellow pages have proven to not be as successful as they have in the past. Businesses are migrating to online marketing, SEO, and social media.
  • Strong growth in 2011 was partly due to an explosion in advertising on mobile devices and tablets, which rose 157% to £203m last year.
  • Figures as at September. Now Linkedin has 10m UK users. Growing market
  • Twitter is like a telegram. Short, quick messages 140 characters or less. But instead of a message going to one person it can go to several thousand.Open network impact times is approx. 30 mins -Facebook – closed network, posts have impacts for upto 6 hours on average and have upto 60,000 charactersLinkedIn is like virtual tradeshow. Can you imagine having a captive audience to demonstrate your product or svc to.?
  • Now looking at this chart, ask your self. Who is your target audience? Do they fall within this chart?Are your customers here? There are over 8 MM users between 25 – 34 aloneTo quote James Caan – Social Media for Business is not a ‘nice to have’, it is an essential part of your marketing
  • The social landscape can be vast with lots of big sites – generally speaking only 3 main playersMarketing Philosophy - “If it doesn’t move the needle it isn’t worth doing!”
  • In order to implement a successful social media marketing campaign you need some tactics in place… Consider this your roadmap through social media.
  • Now going back to the example I just went through with the hotel in Key West. Which is more powerful? The brands marketing message of 14% or the recommendations of others?
  • SplashCube UK

    1. 1. Chris RichardsCertified Social Specialistcrichards@splashcube.co.uksplashcube.co.uk
    2. 2. WHATIS MEDIASOCIALMARKETING Official Definition:marketing A new way of in which a company engages in a two-way conversation with their target audience.
    3. 3. WHATISSOCIALMEDIAMARKETI SplashNG Definition: Turning strangers into friends… friends into customers… customers into evangelists.
    5. 5. ADVERTISINGTRENDS- UKFrom Traditional Media to New Media30% Drop in revenue over the UK Media Sector outlook
    6. 6. ADVERTISINGTRENDS- UKFrom Traditional Media to New Media Online Sales 6 5 Online 4 adverti£B 3 sing has 2 soared 1 from 0 £2.5B 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 to thegardian.co.uk
    7. 7. UK MARKETINGTRENDS Interactive Spendi Total Twitter Users 7 000 000 (approx) Online Population 13.6% Coverage
    9. 9. 21CENTURY“... we found that our online investmentsprovided a return that was substantivelyhigher than our more traditional, TVmedia investments.”
    10. 10. AREYOURCUSTOMERSusingSOCIAL MEDIA? If your 13 - 65 - 25 - 16 - 17 15 100 34 customer 4% s fall55 - 64 between 6% 26% 25 – 54then 12%45 - 54 social 18% 23% media should 35 - 18 - be an 24 44 marketin g
    11. 11. SOCIALSKYLINEJames Caan – Social Media for Business is not a ‘nice to
    12. 12. COMPANYNEEDS Social Media can make an impact on each of these
    13. 13. TACTICS Buildin Monitor ing g Communi ty Convert Broadcast ing Content
    14. 14. 14%OFPEOPLETRUSTaBRAND’sMarketing
    16. 16. TWITTER Be human Tweet 3-7 times per day Always personally reply to new fol The ‘life’ of a Tweet is less then
    17. 17. FACEBOOK Set up Business Page Post 3 or more times a day Add like feature to website The ‘life’ of a post is about 6 – 1
    18. 18. LINKEDIN Update your personal status 3-5 ti Create company profile with key wo Start a group tailored to educate
    19. 19. SUMMARY STRATEGSOCIAL MEDIA Y Have a plan, identify, define and docume Broadcast multiple times per day in Twit Don’t wait to get involved Above all don’t say anything you wouldn’t
    20. 20. SplashCubeTM SoftwareSplash Media UTM $99per * monthCoaching and Support * UK Price Approx. £61 (dependant on rates) www.splashcube.co
    21. 21. SPLASHCUBEBENIFITS Best Value for money social media software Fully automated marketing campaigns Marketing strategies scheduled for the year Manage unlimited accounts Suggests daily social media tasks Largest On-line collection of online social media training videos
    22. 22. Chris RichardsCertified Social Specialistcrichards@splashcube.co.uksplashcube.co.uk SplashCubeUK @SplashCubeU Kwww.splashcube.co.u k