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140114_Services_Geo Marketing Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Spire Research and Consulting Geo-Marketing 1
  • 2. Spire Research and Consulting The leading research-based consultancy in emerging markets We were founded in the year 2000. We have 100 employees in ten full-service offices. We serve Global Fortune 1000 firms, governments and other leading organizations. Our opinions frequently appear in print, television and radio media. We provide a broad spectrum of research and consulting solutions for market growth and entry. 2
  • 3. Why Spire? Our competitive advantages An in-depth and broad view of the market ecosystem and how decision makers and influencers behave within it. Solutions that include relevant facts and practical advice on how to get best market results from least effort. 3
  • 4. Research and Consulting Solutions Geo-Marketing Geo-marketing is the integration of geographic parameters into market research. It enhances conventional market research in contexts where location is a key determinant of success. In spite of infrastructural immaturity, Spire believes that there is much potential in implementing geomarketing in emerging markets where there is intense market competition. Spire’s expertise in geo-marketing allows you to visualize and place key business information, research findings and analytics, as well as action plan scenarios, on a digital map. Our geo-marketing team can design, develop and provide the desired geo-marketing deliverables in several formats, such as web-based, mobile phone application and standalone application. 4
  • 5. Research and Consulting Solutions Geo-Marketing Market Potential Mapping Network Optimization and Evaluation •Analyze market potential in specific areas, including profiles, segments, competitor availability & market potential size •Measure network performance in relation to the market potential in targeted area, as well as the level of competitive presence Competitor Benchmarking •Analyze competitors’ network availability, efficiency, effectiveness and strategies in each targeted area Location Analysis for New Channel/ Site Planning Sales Territories and Distribution Route Planning •Assess network development or new site selection (including for M&A), analyze proximity to customer catchments & transport arteries •Formulate effective sales territories (avoiding cannibalism) and distribution routes to cover the targeted segments 5
  • 6. Research and Consulting Solutions Expertise in Geo-Marketing Country Coverage Name of Study Description Client Market Study on Internet and Broadband Services Analysis and mapping of internet and other broadband service availability and penetration for highend customers and SMEs. Greenwich Consulting Indonesia Market Feasibility Study for Gas Industry Analysis of potential customers’ needs versus their geographic locations, including cross-analysis against other factors like gas pipe infrastructure & power plant location Pertamina Gas Niaga (national oil & gas company) Indonesia Market Research Study on Retail Banking Habits, Retail & Supply Chain Management and Exploratory Study on Mobile & Branchless Banking Opportunities Analysis of small and medium traditional retailers’ store management and financial behavior. The location of traditional retailers was also mapped for further project analysis and follow-up IFC and e-MITRA Indonesia 6
  • 7. Spire’s case studies 7
  • 8. Case Study – Traditional Retail / MSE Retail Retailer Banking Habits, Retail & Supply Chain Management and Exploratory Study on Mobile & Branchless Banking Opportunities Client The IFC, the largest global development institution that is focused exclusively on the private sector in developing countries. It is also a member of the World Bank Group. Situation The client sought to understand the demand for mobile and branchless banking in the traditional retail micro and small enterprises sector, so as to formulate strategies for leveraging these technologies for poverty reduction. Project objectives To ascertain retailers’ demand and need for appropriate digital banking account services and payment tools To assess if the bank accounts and payment services are user-friendly To test incentives for businesses to promote implementation To test payment services for suppliers and management 8
  • 9. Case Study – Traditional Retail / MSE Retail Retailer Banking Habits, Retail & Supply Chain Management and Exploratory Study on Mobile & Branchless Banking Opportunities Methodology Spire undertook a program of consumer research: Quantitative Face-to-face interviews with business owners (micro and small retailers). 800 retailer interviews in Jakarta, Medan, Palembang, Semarang, Surabaya, Denpasar, Makassar, and Samarinda. Qualitative Focus Group Discussion (FGDs) s with business owners (small retailers). FGDs were conducted in four cities (Jakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar, Palembang). Report deliverables Spire delivered a report which included an analysis and evaluation on: Banking Habits Cash flow and cash management practices Retail operations management including sales management Distributor & Supplier management Payment services Mapping the distribution of retail areas in the survey 9
  • 10. Case Study – Traditional Retail / MSE Retail Retailer Banking Habits, Retail & Supply Chain Management and Exploratory Study on Mobile & Branchless Banking Opportunities Outcome Our research findings provided critical inputs to the client in creating programs that would help retailers transit ion into the formally banked sector. 10
  • 11. For more information, please contact us at info@spireresearch.com or visit www.spireresearch.com 11